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Minneapolis Miracle wins 2018 Best Moment ESPY

The Vikings' walk-off playoff win voted best moment of the last year in sports.


Joe Buck isn’t loved by everyone, but that call is loved by every Minnesota Vikings fan.

The 61-yard walk-off touchdown pass from Case Keenum to Stefon Diggs to give the Vikings a divisional round playoff victory over the New Orleans Saints was awarded the 2018 Best Moment ESPY at Wednesday night’s ESPY Awards.

Both Keenum and Diggs were in attendance to accept the award.

There are a few moments in each of our lives that will capture us in a way the Minneapolis Miracle did. Vikings fans all over the world can probably recall the most minute details about their perspective of that moment — the shirt they were wearing, what they ate for dinner, and maybe the prayer they quickly uttered to the heavens before the final drive.

The Vikings had fierce competition for the Best Moment ESPY — the Notre Dame Women’s Basketball team winning its national title on back-to-back buzzer beaters, the UMBC’s upset of Virginia in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament and the NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights earning a Stanley Cup Finals berth as an expansion franchise.

While each was truly great, none had the twist of emotions quite like the Minneapolis Miracle.

The Saints’ field goal with less than 30 seconds remaining to take a 24-23 lead had Vikings fans in that familiar state of unsurprising shock that comes around seemingly too often. With their backs against the wall, Keenum kept his word and gave one of his receivers a chance. The rest is history.

Keenum may be a Denver Bronco, but his massive impact in a short stint with the Vikings surely does not go unnoticed, and the Minneapolis Miracle is icing on the cake. As for Diggs, we’ll be discussing his future with the Vikings soon, and hopefully that discussion is a positive one.

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  1. I love that play ~ I just wish the team had never let the Saints back in the game to start with ~ But like Kevin said ~ Watching that play never gets old ~

    If there is one thing that could make that play even better its Thielen had the same kind of play for a TD vs the Rams and it came at a time when the Vikings need a big play to help put the Rams away for good ~

    A healthy Diggs and Thielen give the Vikings one of the better starting duo at WR in the NFL ~

    However nothing I have seen in the left few years ((( outside of AP’s 2000+ yard season ))) has excited me as much as seeing Diggs catch and turn to open field and run for the winning TD ~

    I have to tip my hat to Case who looked at Thielen first and instead of try to force the ball to him came back across the field and threw the ball to were only Diggs could get it and to the Saints DB who looked lost on the play for going shot and low to allow that play to happen ~

    2017 was a great season in so many ways ~ This play just being at the top of best plays in the NFL for us Vikings fans ~ JMHO ~