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3 Reasons Why the Vikings Will Beat the Packers in Week 2

Positive Thinking is Never a Bad Thing, Right?

The Minnesota Vikings exacted dominance in a convincing week one home win over the San Francisco 49ers. Executing on both sides of the ball, they looked like the superior team, defended their turf and got off to a quick 1-0 start.

Those Super Bowl aspirations remain intact, while the Vikes prepare to take over the NFC North with a week two trip to Lambeau Field.

Green Bay wasn’t nearly as impressive in week one. The Chicago Bears man-handled them for three quarters, only to inevitably do a very Bears thing and choke away a 20-0 lead.

Part of that was the heroism of that annoying Aaron Rodgers guy. Actually, pretty much all of it was.

Regardless, the Packers again appear to be a one-man show and going into the second week of the season, they don’t look like safe bets to defend their home stadium.

Does that make Minnesota one of the safest NFL picks for week 2? Probably, but let’s go over four things that set them apart from the Packers before making a final call:

Green Bay’s Defense Still Isn’t Good

The Packers got better in one clear aspect on defense. They completely revamped their secondary and while they still inexplicably leave players open at the worst possible time, their tracking and play on the ball has improved quite a bit.

Improving slightly off of last year’s atrocious secondary doesn’t mean they’re good, though. In fact, a huge area of concern has to be their inability to contain on the outside as well as their propensity to arrive late to plays.

Vikings fans can take solace in the fact that Green Bay was facing a raw second-year passer who preferred to check down or bolt at the sign of pressure.

Green Bay won’t have it so easy in week two, when a much more polished Kirk Cousins goes to work with one of the NFL’s most dynamic offenses.

I do think the Packers have better defensive coaching and will show clear improvement on that side of the ball by season’s end. For now, though, this is still an area of weakness.

Minnesota’s Defense is Elite

On the flip-side, Minnesota still boasts one of the very best defenses in all of football.

They are much better and more dominant at home, but last week’s dismantling of a solid Niners offensive system probably tells us all we need to know.

The #2 pass defense in 2017 remains as stacked as ever, while the Vikes still have the goods to both get after the quarterback and sniff out the run. From top to bottom, Minnesota should have a defensive answer for everything the green and gold try to throw at them.

Green Bay’s defense was trash a year ago and might be marginally better, at best. Minnesota’s defense was among the best in 2017 and added even more talent.

Suffice, to say, it could take another bag of tricks from A-Rod for the Packers to squeeze out another lucky win in week two.

Aaron Rodgers is Gimpy

That brings me to the biggest issue for the Packers; Rodgers won’t be healthy for this game.

At the time of this writing, the Packers have been quiet about their plans with their freshly paid star passer, but most signs suggest he’ll be out there.

I’m wondering if that’s actually going to be a good thing.

Minnesota fans know full well to prepare for Rodgers being at his best, but he was flat out hobbled in week one. He still pulled a rabbit or three out of his hat, but Minnesota has a more proven defense than Chicago.

Whether Rodgers plays or not, he won’t be 100% and that may mean he hands Minnesota a huge edge. On the road against a stiff rival, the Vikings will take it.

Who Will Win?

There is a certain level of acceptable fear anytime you have to go into Lambeau and face Aaron Rodgers. However, he isn’t going to be the same guy, Green Bay hasn’t been able to establish the run and their defense doesn’t promote much confidence.

Minnesota remains the better team across the board until the Packers prove otherwise.

I doubt they manage to do that with a hobbled quarterback under center this week and if Rodgers is a surprise inactive, Minnesota will get the bibs ready to feast on the walking disaster that is Deshone Kizer.

One way or another, the Vikes pull one out and start off at 2-0.

Pick: Minnesota Vikings 23, Green Bay Packers 20

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  1. First off,the Bears D is WAY better than the 49ers D…Second off,Aaron Rodgers has WAY MORE weapons than Kirk Cousins…Oh,and he’s WAY better than Kirk Cousin….plus,ain’t NO VIKINGS coming into Lambeau,aka,The Frozen Tundra,and beating the Pack on their WORST day…. Pack 23,Vikings 17…

    1. When you get out of junior high you might be able to think straight.
      WR – Vikings by a million miles
      RB – Vikings by a million miles
      TE – Even if Graham can stay healthy
      OL – Even when Elflein is healthy
      QB – Even as long as AR is on one leg [he does not walk on water]
      Now factor in that the defense for the Vikings is ten times better means that you are truly delusional!

      1. You seem to be as well if you think the vikings receivers are better then GB lol. Devante Adams craps on all of them and GMO… stop it please. Ill give you running back and Tight end. OL you are crazy lol. GB O line is great except Justin Mcray, but he came along in the second half. Defense ill give you that for sure considering Zimmerman is a defensive minded head coach, but they can be carved up by an elite passing game which GB possesses.

        1. Douglas, there are no numbers mention at all just the facts. Your response is retarded.
          Stop sniffing the glue.

        2. The majority of the nation sees Thielen and Diggs as one of the best tandems in football. Most see Adams as crap. Nobody outside GB knows their WR core little less would consider them good. Maybe in a few years. One of their tackles is above average, one looked very rusty. Their interior line sucks. The Vikes OL isn’t that great yet. But they are just as good as the Pack. You saying different doesn’t show the ability to evaluate talent

          1. Nobody knew who either of the Vikings receivers were before last year. So, there’s that. The Vikings have a good defense and that’s about all I can see. Last week, the Vikings won by one score, with the aid of a defensive TD, and the Packers won by one score, while allowing a defensive TD. It sounds to me like you’re hyping up the Niners and in the same breath you’re dismissing the Bears. And, as I recall, Jimmy G is a 2nd year starter… Just like Mitch. Hmmm..

            Well, good luck with your biased takes. Hope it wins a lot of games for your team!

        3. Who’s Zimmerman? You sound delusional. Vikings receivers are superior (look at last year’s numbers) and how can you compare GB defense to Vikings #1 defense that added even more talent this year. Keep dreaming.

      2. WR: You have the edge
        RB: Cook may have the ultimate potential but is in year 2 with no year 1
        TE: Graham is superior
        OL: Packers with best LT in football (Top 3 at least)
        QB: Be real. Don’t try and compare Kirk Cousins who hasn’t won a playoff game against arguably the greatest of all time.

        Defense: Yeah, we all know who wins this one

        1. I agree with most of your post. I compared Cousin to AR with one leg and over their careers JG has better numbers, but over the last 3 years the stats are even.

    2. Rodgers is great but he does NOT have more weapons than the vikings. And winning 4 of the last 5 proves they can and probably will win in the not frozen tundra.

    3. Way more weapons than kirk ?Who are they I would like to know. Rodgers is better than cousins but our team has way more talent. We are gonna put a a$$ whoopin on you sunday!!!!! blow pack blow

    4. Cousins has WAY mote weapons – #1 Defense – better run game and superior HC.
      Vikings win 34-13

  2. No, we’re going to break his leg, take the penalty and route those stupid idiots.

  3. Btw, it was great to hear about the Vikings going to visit the police and fire department instead of constantly disrespecting them, like Kaperclown and the left that just lap that B.S. up.

      1. Damned keyboard!

        And here’s to next May’s 75th Anniversary of Minneapolis’ own Battle of Deputies Run

    1. Then how do you explain Vikings winning 4 out of last 5 and two of the last 3 division titles? Rodgers is ancient history.

      1. Tommy Mason says:
        Sep 13, 2018 at 6:05 am
        Dwelling in the past, just like your so called 13 championships. Yeah, you beat Duluth.

        Spoken like a true Vikings fan. Ha!!

      1. Packers have 4 super bowl victories… the Vikings have how many super bowl losses? You should be thanking Gary Anderson for saving you guys from a fifth SB defeat.

        1. Get a grip on something other than yourself. What do you think about this season or even this game?

          1. I think the odds of a Vikings victory is about 50/50. 50 percent no chance and 50 percent Rodgers doesn’t play. But let me ask you this.. What would the Vikings chances be without your qb?

            1. Slim with Siemian much better with Sloter. Siemian is crap. With the roster the Vikings have they don’t need a superstar to win this game. If Siemian has to play the Vikes are screwed. Pretty much what the Packer fans are saying about their #2.

  4. I always find it odd that every Packers website says things about how tough a game will be, the challenges certain players or groups will face, etc etc. But every Vikings and Bears thing is labeled “X Amount of reasons why we WILL beat the Packers”. Bears thought that too and played like trash the second half against a hobbled Rodgers with no run game. I wouldn’t count him out in the slightest.

    1. Back the tow truck up to pull your head out. Next time you have a thought – let it go. You obviously suck at it.

    2. Dwelling in the past, just like your so called 13 championships. Yeah, you beat Duluth.

  5. On the defensive side of the ball, few if any Packers players are better or equal to the vikings players. On the offensive side of the ball, Rodgers is arguably the top player at the position today. Even not 100% he’s still top 3 in my opinion. Packers have a better o-line though, again my honest opinion. Receiving corps and running back, advantage Vikings. To me it will come down to our defense stopping Rodgers and I believe our offense will out play their defense. Minnesota should win this, even in Lambeau, but we all know with the Vikings, they don’t always get what they should.

  6. Oh my ~ It feels good to have football back once again ~ Packer lose even with a healthy Rogers who had a little scare but looked just fine getting on the cart to go get checked out ~ His limp looked fake ~ It seems to many it was more about Me Me Me and some more me when it comes to Mr. Rogers ~ He is still trying to outlive the memory of Favre ~ Rodgers will play and most likely play well ~ But not well enough ~