Preseason Panic?! – VT Roundtable Episode 22 [VIDEO]

Austin Belisle (@austincbelisle), Ham Neumann (@NeumSamN), BJ Reidell (@RobertReidell), Brett Anderson (@brettAnderson87), Drew Mahowald (@DrewMahowald) and Sean Borman (@SeanBoarMan) discuss the Minnesota Vikings’ preseason performances against the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers before taking a look ahead with reasons for optimism and concern.

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Episode 22 — Preseason Panic?!

  • Sean gives us the latest on the Vikings injuries and how healthy the team is moving in to the regular season. [3:40]
  • What went wrong versus the Niners? Who looked bad? [5:20]
  • Is it time to press the panic button? [12:00]
  • Should the starters play in week four of the preseason given how poor their performance has been thus far? [19:13]
  • Offensive line woes [27:09]
  • Should Boone be benched? [39:05]
  • Time for some positivity: Who looked good? [43:41]
  • Roster predictions: Shocking cuts and surprise keeps [1:06:03]
  • Close-out – Thank you for watching! [1:18:10]

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BJ Reidell

Captain Content and Superior Half of About the Labor: A Minnesota Vikings Podcast. Human Flamethrower on Twitter @RobertReidell.

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  1. I really enjoyed this episode fellas! I laughed quite a bit. I am glad preseason is going to be over now lol…Lets get to the REAL games!