Lindsey Young On Her Favorite Articles, 2010 Versus 2016, & U.S. Bank Stadium

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Today’s installment of our “Three Questions” series belongs to a former Vikings Territory writer whose jersey we should probably retire now that she’s become a daily must-read over at We welcomed Lindsey back to our little corner of the internet to answer some questions about her work for the Vikings, how 2016 compared to 2010 in her mind, and the best parts of U.S. Bank Stadium.

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Okay, now onto the Lindsey Young Show…

1. Our readers know you super well and surely have continued following your work at Still, what single article are you most proud of since leaving Vikings Territory and why?

[pull_quote_center]This is such a difficult question for me to answer because it seems like once a month I’m writing something that makes me think, ‘This is at the top of what I’ve written.’ The pieces that typically evoke those types of thoughts are ones that involved a 1-on-1 interview with either a player or a coach in which I felt that I really connected with a story and pulled something totally unique out. Those types of stories are the most rewarding for me. All of that being said, I think this year the story I’m most proud of is the “Island Influence” story I wrote this past summer for the 2016 Vikings Yearbook — it was the largest undertaking I’ve had since starting with the Vikings, involving five different player interviews that were then woven into a larger piece. That one was challenging for me, and I remember one afternoon spending hours sitting on my office floor and literally cutting up chunks of content and trying to piece it all together. When everything came together into one full feature, it was incredibly rewarding.[/pull_quote_center]

[pull_quote_center]If I had to pick a web story I’m most proud of, it would probably be the recent story I wrote on Danielle Hunter and the success he’s had. I especially like how conversations with defensive line coach Andre Patterson helped mold the background of that piece and show readers a glimpse of Hunter’s character off the football field in addition to his athletic abilities.[/pull_quote_center]
2. I’ll give you the obligatory question everybody has been dealing out: Was 2016 as crazy of a season as 2010?

[pull_quote_center]Haha, I suppose this question does have to be included, doesn’t it? Well, in stepping back and looking at the two seasons as a fan, I’d have to echo a lot of people’s thoughts that 2010 still takes the cake for craziest Vikings season. But as Brian Robison said following the final game, ‘If 2010 was a president, 2016 would be its running mate/vice president.’ There were so many crazy things that happened this year, but can any of them really beat the Vikings season in which the Metrodome roof collapsed? I honestly don’t think so.[/pull_quote_center]

[pull_quote_center]I’ll say it was definitely an interesting first season on the job, though! I have a feeling that I’ll look back some day and say that 2016 was the most bizarre season I worked – at least, I hope that’s the case. From being at practice when Teddy Bridgewater was injured to [thankfully!] not being on the plane in Appleton when it skidded off the runway, this season definitely held some moments that never could have been anticipated. While it was certainly an up-and-down year and didn’t end with the results everyone hoped for, the testament to Coach Zimmer and this team and how they handle adversity is undeniable.[/pull_quote_center]
3. What is your single favorite thing about U.S. Bank Stadium?

[pull_quote_center]Being able to be a part of U.S. Bank Stadium’s opening in my first year on the job was incredible and an opportunity that I never want to take for granted. Narrowing everything down to one favorite is tough, but I think I have to go with the roof and amount of light it lets in. Aside from having such a unique look aesthetically, I didn’t anticipate how much the roof would really affect the atmosphere inside on game day. After spending time both in the Metrodome (void of all natural light) and TCF Bank Stadium (outdoor football is great, but below-zero temps?!), the Vikings’ new home truly melds the best of both worlds. I love being inside on game day and seeing how incredibly bright inside it is — I genuinely think it increases the energy and positivity in the stadium. And at night, it just looks plain sweet — there’s nothing else like it in the league![/pull_quote_center]


[pull_quote_center]I’m making an executive decision to include a “runner up” to my single favorite aspect of U.S. Bank Stadium … the Vikings Voyage. I can’t help but include this unique space. The Voyage combines the older feel of a franchise history museum with cutting-edge, interactive technology to enhance the experience for fans. I especially love the art installment that honors Cris Carter’s 1,000 catches.[/pull_quote_center]
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