Nik Edlund On Kalil’s Injury Impact, A Possible Vikings Draft Target, & The Play Of The Year

Vikings need to cut Matt Kalil
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In case you missed it, we kicked of our “Three Questions” series with Matthew Coller yesterday, and we’ve got another round of similar fun today. Joining us to answer three questions today is Nik “Lupagus” Edlund. You might know his work from Draft Season which was heavily featured here at Vikings Territory leading up to last year’s NFL Draft.

Alright, enough introduction, here is where we jump right to it:

1. With a long list to choose from, which non-Bridgewater injury most impacted this Vikings season and most contributed to their disappointing record?  
[pull_quote_center]I have to go with Matt Kalil’s season-ender.  Not because Kalil was playing lights out or anything, but it allowed TJ Clemmings to become the starting left tackle for the Minnesota Vikings.  That move absolutely killed this offense.  Not only did he have his fair share of false starts that stalled drives, his horse crap pass protection routinely got Sam Bradford killed.  It is truly a miracle how Bradford survived the season.  Clemmings had some of the worst technique ever seen at the position, and really needs to have some alone time this offseason with offensive line coach Tony Sparano before he ever thinks of stepping back onto the field in a meaningful NFL game.[/pull_quote_center]

2. Call your shot early. Which 2017 NFL Draft prospect jumps out to you as the most destined to be selected by Rick Spielman, and why?
[pull_quote_center]I think the prospect most destined to be selected by Rick Spielman is FSU Offensive tackle Roderick Johnson.  Spielman can deny it all he wants, but the dude drafts for need, especially with his early choices, and it’s been proven every single year. It’s clear to even the most casual football fan that tackle is the biggest need for the team heading into the 2017 off-season.   Johnson is a pretty solid all around prospect with good size and nimble feet and could be the best tackle available when the Purple are on the board in the middle of round two.  Another factor in Johnson’s case is that Spielman likes drafting Seminoles almost as much as he enjoys taking Golden Domers. [/pull_quote_center]
3.  If you were forced to watch one 2016 Vikings play on an endless loop for all of eternity, which would you choose?
[pull_quote_center]This might be the easiest question to answer.  To me it’s Trae Waynes’ game clinching interception against the Packers in Week Two. Going into the season, one of my biggest wants for this team was to win that first game at home against the Packers.  I live in a border area where the Packers and Vikings rivalry is especially intense.  I would have hated hearing over and over again how the Packers beat the Vikings in the first game at U.S. Bank Stadium.  It was extra cool because Waynes had struggled for much of that game and got himself a little redemption in the end.  So, as frustrating as this season has been, thank you Mr. Waynes for coming down with that ball and at least giving me that little bit of satisfaction.[/pull_quote_center]