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Teddy Bridgewater Posts Video of Himself Throwing

When Teddy Bridgewater shredded his knee to pieces last preseason in a non-contact injury, the range of timetables for his return varied from the beginning of the 2017 season to never.

The devastating and gruesome injury included a torn ACL and a full dislocation of his left knee, among other things, and left little hope for his career in purple and gold.

Today, Bridgewater provided the first sense of optimism for Vikings fans regarding his recovery. He posted a video on his Instagram story of himself throwing.

The video is certainly a positive development for the Vikings faithful. While he is still timid in putting weight on that left leg, it’s proof that his recovery is moving along as planned, at the very least.

The video also contradicts the latest comments from head coach Mike Zimmer regarding Bridgewater’s recovery. Zimmer said Monday that Bridgewater’s latest progress included running in a pool and non-weight bearing activities.

General manager Rick Spielman’s latest comments on Bridgewater’s rehab have been very optimistic. In fact, he made a comparison to Adrian Peterson’s impossible ACL recovery in 2012.

Via Mark Craig of the Star Tribune:

“I know he’s been working extremely hard. As far as a timeline, I know he was in last week and continuing to rehab with our medical staff and [head athletic trainer] Eric Sugarman,” Spielman said. “I can tell you there is no one I’ve seen other than Adrian [Peterson] when he came back from his ACL that has worked as hard as Teddy is working. And this is more significant than just an ACL.

“But Teddy is incredible with the attitude and work ethic that he’s put in to get back on the field as quickly as we can.”

Despite all the optimism from Bridgewater’s most recent developments, there has still been no timetable given. The best way to describe Bridgewater’s status is that he might suit up in 2017, but it’s unlikely — and that has been his status the entire offseason.

We’re still a long way from dealing with any kind of quarterback competition in Minnesota. But this bit of good news probably means Bridgewater’s career is definitely not over.

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