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Saturday’s ICYMI: Mike Zimmer Has Eighth Eye Surgery, Discusses Michael Floyd

Saturday’s ICYMI: Zimmer Has Eighth Eye Surgery, Discusses Michael Floyd

VT’s “In Case You Missed It” intends to funnel every news report, the most general of informational notes, and a handful of the best analysis articles about the Minnesota Vikings into one all-encompassing write-up. If you don’t have the time to follow the Purple and Gold as much as you may like, allow Vikings Territory to do the dirty work for you with our catch-all Vikings recap of everything you may have missed.


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  • Bucky Brooks at talked about New York Giants rookie tight end Evan Engram and why the Seattle Seahawks, in due time, will sign quarterback Colin Kaepernick as their backup.
  • People know how good Tom Brady is, but few football fans realize how Drew Brees is quietly putting up all-time numbers. Who will become the king of career passing yards? (

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