The Film “Wide Left” Is Now Available For Your Viewing Torture (And Pleasure)

“Wide Left” an unofficial Vikings documentary.

We pride ourselves on being an independent blog, a group of unaffiliated Vikings fans that do our little part to further the ongoing conversation that Minnesota football has an uncanny way of initiating. Therefore, it has been our genuine pleasure to help champion the ambitious project young independent filmmaker Bailey Cossairt decided to take on this offseason.

You read Sam Neumann’s interview with Cossairt, you listened to him talk about the project on the About The Labor Podcastand then you watched the trailer.

And now, as of 5:00 PM today, the full 80 minute feature is available on YouTube for your viewing torture (but, really, it is a pleasure). So, hop to it Vikings fans, and take a somewhat painful ride down memory lane with all of the familiar jersey numbers you grew to love over the last 20 years.

The stories of the great moments, along with all the jarring heartache, are told through the eyes of real Vikings fans and accompanied by an amazing array of archive footage that will have you constantly thinking to yourself “man, I remember that afternoon” as Cossairt navigates over 20 years of eventful Vikings history.

“Wide Left” an unofficial Vikings documentary