“Wide Left: The Movie” Official Trailer

wide left
Image courtesy of Vikings.com

“Wide Left: The Movie,” Bailey Cossairt’s documentary chronicling the Minnesota Vikings’s path from Gary Anderson’s infamous NFC Championship Game miss to present day, has just released its official trailer. You can watch it here:

The full film will be released March 30, 2017.

Earlier this month I did a fairly extensive interview with Cossairt about the film, offering an interesting glimpse into his process. One piece that stuck out was how he curated the sizable amount of footage needed for a Vikings movie with an estimated runtime of over an hour:

[quote_box_center]…if you want to watch a random Vikings game from 2001…you can’t do it. The clips just aren’t available. So that was a real struggle, but I went on Reddit and started asking questions, and people linked me to this guy named @funkydunkleman. I got in contact with him and found out he had this massive collection of Vikings games that he had saved through the years. He was willing to work with me and give me access to that footage that otherwise I could have never gotten, and that’s when the project took off.

So it’s going to take you from 1997, to up until the end of the 2016 season with Bradford. Obviously there’s going to be emphasis on the two core NFC Championship losses with Gary Anderson and Favre’s interception, but I’m also pushing the Blair Walsh thing because it resonates with a younger crowd. It helps bring together the two age groups and is more recent in people’s memories.[/quote_box_center]

Check out the full interview here.

The documentary will also feature a handful of fans telling their stories about poignant moments in Vikings history, which Cossairt handpicked from an open submission process. In his interview with VT, he indicated he’d like to have the film released sometime this offseason, and with the date now set at March 30, he will easily hit that mark.

Watch the trailer above and let us know what you think in the comments!