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SLEEPER SUNDAY: Punter Drew Kaser Scouting Report

That’s right, the “Sleeper Sunday” segment is back! Every Sunday between now and the 2016 NFL Draft we plan to add to our Scouting Report list by strictly focusing on lesser-known prospects that the Vikings might target in 2016.

Sound a little but like we’re taking long shots? Probably so. Last year, however, our own Austin Belisle nailed a Day Three selection of linebacker Edmond Robinson. This year we’re hoping to at least double that success!

For Vikings fans that happened to catch the East-West Shrine Game on Saturday, I’m hoping this first “Sunday Sleeper” is now a somewhat familiar name, because the Vikings could certainly use an upgrade at punter and Drew Kaser fits the bill.

Drew Kaser Scouting Report – P, Texas A&M


Height: 6′ 3″

Weight: 210 pounds

Age: 22

At First Glance

Ray Guy Award semifinalist each of the last three seasons. Born in Strongsville, Ohio and beat out a number of punting records at Texas A&M previously held by one of the best NFL punters of all time, Shane Lehler. 2015 second team All-American.


A strong leg is the first thing you will notice about Kaser.

Leg speed, a trait that is famously unteachable, is elite.

He is very consistent in getting valuable yardage as he averaged over 47 yards per punt twice in his college career.

Lauded for his flawless technique in the punting game.

Has an incredible knack for avoiding touchbacks through “coffin corner” kicks.

College production (46.2 yards per punt career average) places him well within top ten consideration at the professional level.

He has all of the experience you would hope from a specialist prospect. He played four years at Texas A&M (was a red shirt in 2012) and punted the ball 164 times.

Has the experience of being a holder on field goal attempts.


If you find one, let me know.

NFL Player Comparison

Shane Lechler, P, Houston Texans

With a big frame and a big leg, you don’t have to look too far back in Texas A&M’s history books to find the perfect player comparison for Kaser. He openly admits that Shane Lechler is his punting idol even as he has toppled a number of school records previously held by Lechler. Lechler has a career average of 47.5 yards per punt and has lpaced over 30% of them inside the 20 yard line.

The Vikings Slant

Vikings punter Jeff Locke’s average of 41.6 yards per punt ranked dead last in the NFL in 2015. His net yardage average of 37.8 yards ranked only slightly better (30th) which is a small testament to his hangtime production and the coverage unit fielded by the Vikings. Combine that with Locke’s abilities as a holder being called into question on a number of occasions and one can’t help but wonder if his third season in Minnesota was also his last chance.

For a team that depended so greatly on field position last season, the Vikings could certainly count punter among the easiest of positions to try and find an upgrade at. The strong legged Kaser has proven to be a weapon at times for Texas A&M and a booming punt, or a precision kick inside the two yard line like we witnessed at the Shrine Game, can make a world of difference in the way an NFL game tilts in the end.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Good post Adam. With all the attention to the need of another safety and upgrade(s) on the o line this need has been over looked by many. I never did read that he was rated so poorly during the season, but I sure thought that he did a terrible job when watching him vs other teams’ punters. Although I don’t recall him ever having a Kluwe-like shank at the worst possible time, he rarely seemed to pin a team inside the 20 and did not ever seem to be able to really boom one when the Vikes were punting from inside their own 20.

  2. Not sure this guy is much of a “sleeper.”
    Ourlads has him ranked as the #1 punter & NFL Draft Days has him #2.Those are two pretty good draft sites.Nonetheless,punter is certainly a position that qualifies for an upgrade and Kaser would be a great add.Not sure Rick would spend a pick on a punter after he got burned last time and Kaser probably doesn’t make free agency.
    Thing that bothers me the most about Special Teams is that both Locke & Walsh had issues all season that seemed to go uncorrected.Does Priefer know how to fix kicking woes? Do we need a kicking coach?

  3. Holy Cow! That was one hell of a punt, all 76 yards through the air. I’d happily spend a fourth or fifth round pick on this kid and I think Spielman would too; I don’t get the impression that he has much of a problem forgetting “the last play.”