The Vikings Should Absolutely Consider Trading Adrian Peterson

“Should the Vikings trade Adrian Peterson?”

If you identify as a Vikings fan, then the odds are good that you’ve been asked this question more times than you can count over the ups and downs of the last four seasons, give or take. I know I have.

The problem, however, is that most people asking that question are looking for you to answer in a concrete way. They want a “yes” or “no” answer that they can either agree with or scoff at. They want you to enable their ability to hit that “like” button or give you the old “thumbs down.” They are not looking for a thoughtful, nuanced answer. Ambiguity beyond a “for the right price” qualifier simply won’t be tolerated.

The problem, however, is that the answer to this particular question is so complex that a simple “yes” or “no” isn’t giving it the thought it deserves, and neither of those answers could possibly be concrete and true.

For the first time in his career, however, I am not at all hesitant in saying that the Minnesota Vikings should absolutely consider trading Adrian Peterson.

If you normally find yourself in the “no” crowd, then one of the first ways to argue against a trade is to express shock over the notion that a team could actually improve by trading away the NFL’s leading rusher.

I understand the argument, and there is no denying Peterson his crown for the 2015 season, but I just don’t see this year’s award as being much more than a durability contest. By that, I mean that Jamaal Charles or Le’Veon Bell or Todd Gurley surely would have changed the landscape of the stats tables had they played 16 games this year.

Peterson finished tied 11th among qualifying running backs with an average of 4.5 yards per rushing attempt. Ahead of Peterson were the likes of Darren McFadden and Giovani Bernard.

Peterson is a 30 year-old running back with run-of-the-mill abilities as a pass blocker and receiving back. Also, his chronic fumbling issues have been resurrected in an excruciatingly painful manner.

That isn’t an attempt to diminish everything Peterson has done throughout his Vikings career, however, or even what he accomplished in 2015. He is a future Hall of Fame running back that is once again playing at a high level.

The title of “Leading Rusher” proves that Rick Spielman’s double-down approach to Peterson’s publicly dramatic situation last offseason was the correct move. Not only did Spielman get Peterson to return to Minnesota football for another great season, but he was able to raise the veteran’s value in the process by letting him hit the field in purple. Despite all of the trade talk last offseason, it simply wouldn’t have made much sense for the Vikings to cut bait on their biggest investment when it was at an all-time low in terms of value.

That isn’t to say I’m fully planted in the “yes” crowd, however.

Peterson is a great player. He might be a bit one-dimensional these days, but those that contend he actually makes Teddy Bridgewater and the Vikings worse are absurd. Snaps and touches are only a concern when a team is piling up losses, and it is the job of the coaching staff to ensure the players are being used in ways that keep the wins coming.

I refuse to subscribe to the idea that there can be “too much talent” on the field at one time. I won’t ever pretend like that is some sort of hindrance. In my mind, if Teddy Bridgewater and Adrian Peterson are having troubles coexisting within the Vikings offense, then that is squarely on the shoulders of Norv Turner (and that putrid offensive line).

I think Peterson easily has another solid year or two left in him, and the Vikings could certainly do worse than keeping him on the roster for awhile. The old NFL cliché that “it is better to get rid of a player a year too early than a year too late” applies to this situation, however, and it is highly likely that Peterson’s value on the trade market will never again be as high as it is right now. Decline is inevitable and approaches quickly.

Peterson signed a new contract last offseason that amounted to three years and a total of $42 million. Next year, he has a manageable and attractive cap hit of $11 million, but that number spikes to $18 million in 2017. Even with another great rushing campaign in 2016, Peterson will become nearly unmovable in 2017, as giving up picks to take on an $18 million cap hit for a 32 year-old running back would be borderline crazy for any NFL general manager.

Adrian Peterson still has value on the field, no doubt. The Vikings may find themselves in a position this offseason to compare his value to the value of trade offers sent over by other teams. Evaluating and comparing those two values is not an easy task, but that is why Rick Spielman makes the big bucks.

In my opinion, Spielman would be absolutely crazy not to at least entertain the idea of trading Peterson in advance of the 2016 season. If the offer has some teeth to it, then I promise I won’t be on here complaining that the Vikings shipped out one of my all time favorite Vikings players.

So, what do you all say, Vikings fans?

Should The Vikings Trade Adrian Peterson?

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. The offense has been more effective when its not run through AD, and i dont think thats absurd. I’ve seen last year and this year.

    It’s not that there is “too much talent on the field” its that with AD defenses dare too easily predicting our plays leading to too many third and longs. I think the Vikings can be more successful with Adrian with an improved offensive line and a shift in their mentality that the offense should focus on AD.

    McKinnon brings so much more versatility to the offense than does AD, and the stats show that there isn’t that much of a drop off in yards per carry so I’m not sure how any can justify Adrians salary given that he requires the offense catered to him, and at best he is only producing slightly higher yards per carry than Jet.

    1. [CENSORED] or Glen, you two [CENSORED] failed miserably in your quest to get AP dumped! Now you can’t find anyone to change your soiled diapers! Wallow in it you miserable [CENSORED], along with the 1300+ losers and Adam too!

      [NOTE FROM VT MOD: Really? C’mon, man.]

      1. bigmoinaz, thank you for reading, but please keep it clean. I can handle the criticism, and I’m actually quite okay with it, but personal attacks on other readers won’t be tolerated. Thank you.

        (Oh, and also, I have no idea what you are talking about at all)

        1. than you’re probably not a Viking fan as to miss what happened on the teams radio station message board known as Purple Chat! Morons like the guy above whined constantly about AP and he proceeded to shut them up, till now when you write an opinion piece that smells worse than a sewage break! Just saying, keeping it real, visit Purple Chat sometime! You get an idea of what I’m talking about

  2. They should have traded Fumbles after the 2009 NFC championship game.

    2009 AP quotes:
    Dec 4 2009:

    “If I continue to fumble the ball, especially now in this stretch, I’m sure I’ll be sitting on the sideline and that’s something I definitely don’t want to do,” Peterson said Thursday, per Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “So [I’ll] take care of the ball.”
    “I’m just going to start being more aware of putting two hands on the ball and going down at times,” Peterson said.


    “It was tough,” Peterson said. “To have the first down but my mentality is to try and scratch for extra yards. That was one of those times I should have double-arm wrapped it. After that, I was just praying that the defense would give us another opportunity. If I don’t put that ball on the ground, they’re not able to get that field goal [seven plays later] and take the lead.”

    Some things never change

    1. No, they should have traded him after 2010, when he only fumbled once, it was clear that we were entering a rebuilding period without Favre, and we could still get a couple of first rounders for him.

  3. I’ve never heard the “too much talent” argument. He just doesn’t fit the system and I can’t expect Turner to change the offense that’s been effective throughout his entire career as a coach just to help AD. The bottom line is that Bridgewater is the future of this team. He plays best out of the shotgun and that’s where Peterson plays at his worst. There aren’t many changes that Turner can make to reconcile that.

    Peterson is one of the greatest Vikings of all time but the past doesn’t matter anymore. I think it’s time to trade him, even if it’s for a late round pick. McKinnon deserves more touches anyway and we can look to free agency or the draft to get a more powerful back that fits the system

    1. Emmitt Smith wasn’t exactly Chuck Foreman coming out of the backfield, either, so I think Turner can handle a one-dimensional running back just fine. Bridgewater is smart and coachable and will likely (and certainly SHOULD) improve at working under Center.

      I don’t know where Peterson got a reputation as a ball hog but 2015 was only the third season of his career (not counting 2014) where he averaged more than 20 runs per game. Yes, McKinnon has earned more touches but replacing nearly 15 hundred yards in a season is no easy task; trying to do it with only a low round draft pick as compensation is a recipe for fandom-wide agita.

      1. Umm… Emmitt Smith was better than Chuck Foreman. I’m really not sure what you mean about that. I know we’re all Vikings fans here, but still. And yes, I agree that Bridgewater should be able to get better from under center. I just think that he’s the young quarterback and the team should be building around him. Try to maximize his talents and make your ageing running back adjust.

        I never said that he was a ball hog, just that his strengths don’t fit the rest of the team anymore. And they wouldn’t even try to replace Peterson’s rushing stats. It would be nearly impossible for anyone to replicate one of the all time greats in the backfield. I just want to see them have two running backs that can play effectively in the shotgun. The offense would be less predictable and hopefully more effective. I think it makes sense to trade him now because he’s old (by HB standards anyway) and the team shouldn’t be spending $18 million on a 32 year old running back. They won’t be able to trade him next year so I’d like to see it now.

        1. Ultimately, I don’t claim to know more than Zimmer and Spielman so I assume they’ll make the right decision, regardless of whether or not I agree with it

        2. I’m sorry for not being clear. You said that Peterson doesn’t fit Turner’s system and I was pointing out that Turner’s system has worked with one-dimensional backs like Peterson before, namely Emmitt Smith, and while Smith was a better runner than Chuck Foreman he was nowhere near as good a receiver out of the backfield.

          I agree that Peterson will be untradeable in two years but I just don’t think what we might get for him this off-season would be worth it.

  4. Too much money, can’t block, RB is almost a generic position now as trends and rules changes have teams passing to set up run. This team is trending up, would like to see pieces in place now for continuity in next couple years, vs. dealing with void as we self actualize as a team. Take 2nd and move on. As a side note wouldn’t surprise me to see AP as next Patriot rent-a-back

      1. Cheat-a-chek is unfortunately not going to agree to any trade where he does not get the upper hand. Part of the reason why the cheatriots have been at the top for so long. Oops, did I let my hatred for the Pats show there? sorry. To the point, I don’t think that any team will even give a 2nd rounder for Adrian, 5th or worse from the Pats.

    1. Peterson doesn’t block consistently well, but that’s not the same as he “can’t block.” Also, we’d be lucky to get a 4th rounder for him, insanely lucky to get a 3rd, and neither would be worth it, in my opinion.

  5. Life long Sooner/Vikings fan, followed AD since high school. And trading him is more important than any OL upgrade, Wr, draft pick, FA signing that we could do. We’re stuck in an offense that can’t move forward, won’t progress until we have the pieces to run it. Dallas still just sits there, with a massive void, Romo losing years… Vikes get Cowboys 4th pick in 3rd round and La’el Collins (keep in mind Collins only has 2 years left on contract). Everyone wins

    1. Would pull the trigger on this deal in a second… But no way would Dallas agree.

    2. Sorry Eddie… I don’t see that as a realistic expectation in a trade. You might be disappointed if/when real trade terms are ever announced.

    3. I’m sorry, but I still don’t understand how a running back who gained nearly 1,500 yards is responsible for holding back an offense, especially one lacking in wide receiver talent, starting a rookie and an underachiever at offensive tackle, and one guard out of position, and with the most predictable play calling I’ve seen since Joe Walton tortured Jets fans in the 1980’s. We need to upgrade WR, LT and, somehow, LG and would need to do so whether we traded Peterson or not. Trading him would just give us another hole to fill on offense and take away the one consistent piece we have.

  6. Peterson ran great – against teams that didn’t make the playoffs. 70% of his yardage came against them, and usually in garbage time. Better teams shut him down, and shut him down convincingly. However, we need players that will contribute in ALL our games.

    His “biological clock” is running down. 1400 yards is nothing to be dismissed, but when very few of them came against top-notch teams, the stat really starts to lose value. A couple other RBs avoid the injury bug and AP sits at #3 for the season.

    A power hitter may crush the fence in AAA ball, but if he strikes out every time in the majors……….

    His value to the team is dwindling. Never could catch reliably. Never could block reliably. Now, he can’t run reliably…….and his cost is going up. Time to move on.

    1. Despite my opinion within this article, you can actually count me among the few that think Peterson’s passing and blocking abilities get more criticism than they warrant. Just me, though.

      1. AMEN, Adam, A-frickin’-men!!!! Chuck Foreman is the best all-around back in team history but even he had a fumbling problem. Robert Smith rarely fumbled but he didn’t have much power and for a guy with that much speed, his receiving numbers are less than mediocre. Peterson is a running back with speed and power. He’s a fair receiver and an inconsistent blocker. He’s not perfect, but he’s still damn useful, and a lot more so running the ball for us than he would be in a trade. I could have seen trading him when he was in his mid-20’s and could still command multiple picks. Trading him now would just weaken one more are on the offense and get too damn little in return.

  7. You people are crazy, is a second or third round draft pick going to lead the league in rushing, behind perhaps the worst two tackles the league has ever seen. I watched every play this year, it is a miracle he had got 1000 yards let alone 1500. Solidify the line and you will see the offence succeed.

    1. They wouldn’t be expected to lead the league in rushing. Peterson only has 1 or 2 good years left. Maybe 3 if he’s lucky. A second or third round pick would be expected to play at a decent level for at least 8 years. Players like Peterson aren’t as valuable as they used to be anyway. The best teams usually run a pass-first offense.

      He doesn’t fit Turner’s system either. Because of his inability to run from shotgun formations, poor pass protection, and poor receiving skills, the offense is extremely predictable. If Teddy is under center, it’s a virtual certainty that he’s handing it to Peterson. If he lines up in the shotgun, it’s probably a passing play and Peterson is almost worthless. He’s not even a good decoy because he’s an ineffective rusher from the shotgun. If the Vikings ran a different offense, I would agree with you. They just don’t need a player like him anymore

      1. Agree. His average yardage goes down. Lots of negative yards. To trade him for couple of good offensive linebackers would be wise decision to make. In addition let Bridgewater increase on passing and team is gonna be unbeatable. Thanks

    2. degraz, I 100% agree that the play along the line held Peterson back throughout the season. In Detroit, the run blitzes completely shut him down (with one exception) because the O-Line was overwhelmed. Luckily, in that contest, Teddy was able to take advantage.

      Again, I’m not trying to diminish Peterson’s value on the field at all. I’ve always been a big fan and probably always will be… but he will never again have the trade value he has right now, that I’m confident in.

      A second rounder may not lead the league in rushing. But a second rounder and $11 million in cap space can sure buy you a nice three-headed rushing attack… ask Arizona.

      1. You’ve admitted yourself that Peterson won’t get us a second rounder, Adam, and probably not a third, so why even entertain that type of fantasy. And Zac, we’ve all seen enough high draft picks fail miserably or get injured so I’d be really careful if I were you about saying that a second or third round pick could be “expected” to play decently for “at least” eight years, or have you forgotten Chris Cook, Tyrell Johnson and Sidney Rice?

        Alright, you have probably forgotten Johnson. Even I did.

        1. Yeah, “expected” probably wasn’t the best word to use. I would hope that a 2nd or 3rd round pick could be relied on for 8 years or more, but it’s obviously no guarantee. And I remember Tyrell Johnson well. I was telling everybody that we got a steal in the second round and he would be a GREAT player. It’s possible that I may have made a (small) mistake (maybe)

  8. Yep, agreed. Couldn’t care less about leading league in rushing. Unless AD restructured his contract after this year, then this year is his last as a Viking regardless of his output (No way Vikes pay him $18 Mil in 2017. Get the pick, player etc etc. free up another 8 or Mil this year….and watch what Norv can do

    1. I really do see this offseason as the point of no return. He may never have trade value, any trade value, ever again.

  9. I lost all respect in ‘AP’ when he himself started referring to himself as ‘AP’. I worked so hard on his behalf, tirelessly, I might add, to tell the world that it wasn’t ‘AP’, it was AD! And then that dark day, when in a lockerroom interview, he actually referred to himself as ‘AP’!! Traitorous Bastard! Made me look like a fool!
    I not only think we should trade him, I think we should trade him for an equipment manager, just to show him how far he has fallen.

  10. Number one running back in the NFL, come on man! Ok go ahead an blame him for the [CENSORED] o line play, the qb that cannot throw anything but a floating 20 yard ball and falls down running before he gets a first down, cannot throw on the run, can not hit an open reciever, and if you don’t think the six or seven guys the Vikings have on the roster are not quality? I guarantee Rodgers would like to get his hands on those guys, yea even Charles Johnson and Patterson would flourish with Rodgers at the helm. If bridgwater does not get in the gym and bulk up, get with a quality qb coach to rework his throwing motion, and ditch that damn glove on his throwing hand, the Vikings will never ever get to the Super Bowl and beat top tier teams that have top tier quarterbacks. The Vikings just need a few tweaks on the roster, o line is where it starts, get another strong safety, another lb that has speed and is to take the place of the Vikings long time pro, get a new kicker, new punter, better play calling in the booth. The Vikings would have won the last game if teddy was to have kept the ball and run left, or misdirection mquick pitch same way and got that damn first down but no, shit calls. The Vikings do have a quality head coach no doubt. The Vikings will also need another nose tackle in my opinion and probably another fast tall corner that can hit

    1. Gary,

      You obviously have a big issue with Teddy and you are wrong in so many ways. He is accurate, he definitely throws well on the run, he CAN make all the throws, and the glove iS NOT an issue. True, he needs to work on his mechanics and put on some more muscle. As far as AP goes, I have no problem with him on the team, he still has much to offer. I do however think with a bolstered OL, we need to start to run the offense through Teddy.

  11. I have been pounding the “trade Peterson” drum for quite some time. As I read through the story, I was weighing whether I should list all the reasons yet again. As it turns out, the existing comments lay out the case quite well.

    Let’s just get down to it. The Vikings could cut Peterson and the team would be better than they are today. Addition by subtraction. That is not even taking into account the saved salary cap room.

    “Chemistry” is an over used term in sports, often applied when the author cannot define a specific problem. In the case of Peterson and Bridgewater, however, the lack of chemistry is easy to see. Bridgewater excels from the shotgun. Peterson is ineffective unless running from the “I”.

    The defense can see whether the Vikings are going to run or pass simply from the formation in which they line up. The only thing which would convey them even more information is if Bridgewater handed them the page from the playbook before the ball was snapped.

    All summer, we heard about how much Peterson would help Bridgewater. Instead, Peterson’s presence completely disrupted the passing game.

    Even worse, when Peterson did not get the number of carries to which he deems himself to be entitled, he ran to the press and complaining about the coaching staff. He is a disruptive element to the team, and places his own goals above those of the team.

    Peterson’s rushing yards can be replaced by a combination of McKinnon and Asiata, both of whom can rush from the shotgun, and are better at picking up the blitz and serving as receivers than Peterson.

    In 2015, the Vikings rushed for 0.1 yards per carry more than they did in 2014, when Peterson was given his “time out” for abusing his 4 year old child. At 20 carries per game, that is an additional 2 yards. My guess is that the Vikings will find a way to cope with 2 less rushing yards per game.

    The flaws in Peterson’s game, which are apparent to the Vikings, are also apparent to the other teams in the league. Some team will take a low risk chance on him, but no one should expect a lot in return. Just yesterday, I saw someone say that Peterson would net a first round pick plus other compensation. That is blatantly ridiculous.

    Given Peterson’s flaws, he needs a very specific offense to be effective, and the few teams where he would be a fit, for the most part, already have their running back position filled. Jerry, we are counting on you!

    Other than that, there are the Browns. The Browns drafted Johnny Football, even after they spent $100,000 on a QB evaluation which recommended that they draft Bridgewater. When in doubt, Spielman should always hit his “Browns, Booyah!” speed dial button.

    1. The Browns who just took our running backs coach? I see this as a very real possibility, Mike Kano.

    2. Actually, according to Pro Football Reference, the Vikings gained 4.7 yards per carry in 2015 and 4.4 yards per carry in 2014, a difference of 0.3 yards per carry, not 0.1. Also, where the team got a TD every 26.3 runs in 2015, they only scored a running TD every 34.5 runs in 2014. I could see McKinnon and Asiata making up most of Peterson’s running yards but I’m not so sure of the touchdowns, and while Bridgewater might be better out of the shotgun, I still don’t see how subtracting Peterson actually improves the quality of the receiving corps and the offensive line.

      I don’t get the Minnesota press where I live. Would you please provide a citation or two for Peterson running to the press about his insufficient carries so I can review the situation myself?

  12. “Peterson is a great player. He might be a bit one-dimensional these days, but those that contend he actually makes Teddy Bridgewater and the Vikings worse are absurd.” This part of the article I have a problem with.
    While I respect your right to offer an opinion Adam,I think you have this part wrong.Petterson has always been a bit one dimensional,never good at blocking and only ever average as a receiver.Also,count me in the “absurd” category.Teddy and Adrian don’t fit this offense together,and it has nothing to do with too much talent.
    We have a QB who was selected to be our face of the franchise for the next 10 years,and as such the front office and the coaching staff need to maximise the talent that the QB has.They have to ensure that every offensive play has an equal chance of success whenever it is called,and every offensive player has an equal chance of success within the system and talent level available.
    It is well known that Teddy functions best out of shotgun,therefore it would make sense that you call a majority of plays (80%?) with Teddy in shotgun,however this is where the problems start,as Adrian is ineffective with the QB in shotgun.He can’t block and he is an average receiver,but most of all he can’t run successfully out of shotgun.So you have a mismatch which is easily solved by putting McKinnon or Asiata in on shotgun snaps.But what do you do with the $11 million dollar man if 80% of your snaps he’s sitting on the bench?
    The only way to maximise Adrian is to call plays with Teddy under center,thereby giving Adrian his touches,but minimising success for Teddy.You could argue that Teddy needs to improve his accuracy when passing from under center,or Adrain needs to run better out of shotgun,but the fact is the league has evolved, and we have a new school QB,and an old school RB.It’s time to move on with a new school RB who can function in a modern system and maximise our potential franchise QB,it’s Teddys’ team now,so let him drive the bus.

    1. “Adam,I think you have this part wrong.”

      Just this part?!? I’m getting better at this! Haha, as always aussie, I appreciate the feedback and your input.

      1. Real question that’s been in my head all season, though:

        If Adrian not being great out of the shotgun formation makes him one-dimensional, then why is Teddy not being great from under center not open to equal criticism. Genuinely wondering why/how people make that distinction, other than the obvious point that Teddy is the future?

        1. Bridgewater is one dimensional in that regard. It is acceptable for Bridgewater due to the difficulty in finding a franchise quarterback. Once you find a franchise quarterback, you build around his limitations with complementary players.

          Peterson can be replaced with McKinnon (a 3rd round pick) and Asiata (an undrafted free agent). No such options exist for replacing Bridgewater.

          It also comes down to a player’s value to the team. Bridgewater had, in the opinion of a lot of people, a rather mediocre year. Peterson was the NFL’s leading rusher.

          Bridgewater threw for 3,231 yards, despite being “mediocre”. Peterson rushed for 1,485 yards. Bridgewater is simply much more valuable as an NFL player, based upon the rules in effect in 2016.

        2. Good point Adam, I was just getting ready to respond with the same until I saw you beat me to the punch. Teddy has not even proved himself to be an average QB, yet Adrian might well be a first ballot HOFer. So all of you guys are saying that the Vikes should place all of their eggs in the Teddy basket, despite him being unable to connect on long throws, the guy that can only pass for no more than 20 yards beyond the line of scrimmage and then only if he is operating out of a shotgun formation? Really? Holy cow. Wallace has taken a lot of heat, and rightly so at times, however Teddy has thrown bricks every time Wallace managed to burn the opponent’s secondary. Ok, only 5 or 6 more TD’s and another 300 hundred or so yards for Wallace. The fact remains that TB can’t throw an accurate long pass. If TB had the skill set of a good QB, then Adrian would not be hit behind the line of scrimmage as often as he was. If TB could operate under center like the majority of NFL QB’s do then the defense would not know what was coming every time TB was under center with Adrian behind him, now would they? I do not disagree with any that was said regarding Adrian INRE his age or his huge contract. Many considered Lynch to be overpaid at about half of Adrian’s money. The days of the ten million dollar RB are over. Those that are down grading Asiata are forgetting that he is a 4 yard per carry back, that is his job. He is also a very good blocker and receiver and cannot be arm tackled. There are worse short yardage backs in the league.

    2. excellent post aussiefan but you left out one thing, despite having one of the most putrid and weak offensive lines in team history, AP lead the league in rushing and Teddy guided the team to 11 victories! Once we find replacements for those turnstills up front, we’ll see a stark improvement in Teddy’s play and who knows what AP can do behind some talented blockers and not a bunch of over paid and over hyped OL that PFF has fallen in love with! They rated Joe Berger the best C in the NFL! Hah! He was the best OL on the Vikings maybe but that ain’t saying squat! As an example, if Tom Brady had played the Broncos in yesterdays AFCCG with our OL they would have carted him off on a stretcher in the first quarter! Teddy got sacked alot and took some massive hits, but he got back up and that can only be positive for the future!

    1. Linval is a beast, but one can never have too many big men in the middle to choose from.

      1. Could not agree more Adam, I truly hope that Linval, Sharrif, and big Tom Johnson are all with the Vikes for as long as possible. Wasn’t Johnson a nice dark horse surprise? Especially in limited snaps… As was Hunter for that matter. Their d line is solid, I would not have a problem with Robison back again but in a more limited role. The guy has always gave all that he had, he kind of reminds me of Keith Millard in terms of motor and desire. I feel the same way about Audie Cole too. BTW I am still pissed about trading away Hodges for a project player that will likely never be more than that, just another healthy scratch for every game. Considering the state of the oline, why was not even in uniform? Just my opinion.

        1. PFF rated Easton the best Center of the 2015 pre-season if my memory is working at the moment, so getting him and a sixth rounder for a guy who might be a good player but apparently wasn’t working out for this head coach was a pretty good deal in my book. Robert Blanton will probably be allowed to walk for basically the same reason and he should probably find a job and maybe even start someplace else, too. I’m actually pretty high on the youngsters we have on the OL – Clemmings, Shepherd, Sirles, Kerin and Easton – and just wish we could get the right combination of starters together, including, I think, a new LT.

  13. Yes my Dallas trade scenario might have been a bit rich. But for a 3rd round pick and Undrafted FA (maybe) to make ur team into a possible contender, if ur Jerry how do u beat it. He’s either gonna spend #4 overall on prob best DE or QB of future. He’s getting old, Jerry world is waiting, his fan base goes nuts. I suppose he could take Henry in 2nd round, but u know with all those D needs he doesn’t want to. And if it’s true all AD is worth is a 5th rounder from some random team, so b it. I just don’t think the Vikings brass will pull the trigger on that. I think they’d take their chance on whatever happens at that point. Regardless I think the team can make the adjustments and win more than they lose in the near future. And yes we can equally criticize TB for being inadequate at working out of different alignments, but to me what’s the point? He’s at least gonna b r QB going forward for now, so at least lets get started on what he might do better at (see Peyton Manning). And build the best thing we can for the immediate future. I also am a true believer that TB will perform admirably better indoors, no facts or stats, just a very good hunch

    1. I personally don’t disagree with anything that you wrote Eddie. However, as you correctly stated, they won’t get value for Adrian at this point. Three years ago? Hell yes! A first round for sure and maybe a third or fourth to boot. But that is out of the question now. So why not let Adrian play until he is no longer a stud, keep Jerrick fresh and injury free until that time comes, when Jerrick is all of 25 or 26. Many pointed out that Adrian did not run well against good teams, the Rams d is pretty good; the others were able to stack the box against him due to no threat from the Vikes limited QB. I challenge anyone to go back and look at the first half of the year. Adrian led the league in being hit behind the line of scrimmage. Not Walter, or Emmit, or Barry, or any RB can be successful with that taking place. I am not an Adrian die hard, if any team wants to offer their first round pick I say trade him, but without a decent draft pick or a very good player for a trade then why trade him other than to free up the cap space?

  14. One thing is almost certain, if anything happens it b prior to March 11th when AD earns a $5 mil roster bonus. Prior to that Vikes would save $11 mil in 2016 cap. One more note on formations that has been touched on, but I found interesting. With AD lined up in the backfield, he typically faced 8 man fronts. Ok so that normally means less on pass coverage, however since r OL struggled so bad, I noticed teams just blitzing or dropping coverage out of those alignments. With AD they knew we had no RB screen, spread or shift that could function well. My point is r already struggling OL had to deal with extra attackers (or as we saw the LB/DE switcheroo) that obviously got r OL coach fired for). My bigger point is this….who thinks keeping the deep “I” and AD for potentially (one more year?) VS Shotgun/Spread etc TB’s strengths? Norv Turner is still reacting to this teams strengths, not dictating. I’m branching now, but if this team had Ohio States RB Elliott! OMG blocking, receiving, running. Guaranteed without adding a single OL or WR (injured players back, dropping Wallace who is gone no matter what) it would b jaw dropping. As has been mentioned, give r head coach a problem to solve, and he’ll solve it. But for the promised land, give me some offensive uncertainty, give me more Defensive building blocks…and I’ll take our chances

  15. Adrian and Teddy don’t mesh schematically. There’s nothing Turner can do if Adrian can’t run out of the shotgun and a Teddy can’t pass from under center (aside from the AZ game).
    Sure you can use the gun when AP is not on the field and have Adrian 8 yards+ deep when he is…. But having a smart QB who reads plays as they develop but perhaps is more cerebral and lacks the Peyton Manning tempo in getting the ball out run play action and turn his back to the defense for 2 seconds and leave him with 1 to make a decision is not a good decision, and the alternative is too predictable.

    I love AP and Teddy showed in the AZ game that perhaps he can learn to succeed from under center… But he is still best from the gun in a spread offense and that is not something that works to AP’s skill set.