NFL Draft 2016

2016 MOCK DRAFT VERSION 2.0: Pre-Free Agency


My first attempt at a 2016 mock draft was not at all popular with you fine readers. Based on the poll, I’d have given a concession speech by now if this were a political race.

This time around, however, I let tight end Hunter Henry slip by the Vikings (selected two spots later) and I believe I’ve got the Vikings selecting someone that will be a little more appealing to the masses.


Time will tell just how much Draft Weekend flexibility Rick Spielman buys himself during free agency, but I suspect the list of dire needs to reduced greatly by May. That opens Spielman up to not force any picks, not force any trades that don’t give his team appropriate value, and select players how they fall on his board.

Lee was one of the top standouts at the NFL Scouting Combine and posted numbers ranking near the top of all linebackers in each category. As Draft Season pointed out for us, his 40 yard dash time was actually faster than most of the wide outs that ran in Indianapolis.

Athletic testing aside, Lee has been a playmaker for the Buckeyes that could really add some range and explosiveness to Mike Zimmer’s defense. He would project as a weakside linebacker for the Vikings, a position of relative need, and could step in as a rotational upgrade from Day One.

Anthony Barr, Eric Kendricks, and Lee would make one heck of a young starting trio of linebackers.


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Adam Warwas

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    1. Dude are you high? Doctson fits everything we need at WR. Treadwell isn’t falling and Thomas is too raw. What do you have against him?

      1. Doctson runs a limited route tree,struggles to get separation,can’t read coverage (especially zone) is a one paced route runner and some even question his work ethic.He’s a 3rd rounder,and there are plenty of scouts out there that have concerns about Doctson.NFL DBs will eat this guy up,red flags everywhere and i don’t want him on the Vikings.
        Don’t watch his highlite tapes,watch game tape,and you’ll see what I mean.

        1. I’m with you on this one Aussie. This was said to be a weak WR class prior to the combine, combine results confirmed this statement. Those that are thinking that he has great height at 6’2″, well, that is the same height as Thielen. And Thielen plays hard every down, is pretty good on special teams, and does anything the coaches ask of him, stand up guy, not a basket case. I would rather see Thielen get a chance at a greater role than draft Doctson, or any other WR in this year’s draft for that matter. This year’s draft is lean at QB (two maybe three ready starters) ,WR,(meh across the board) and RB (pretty much the same as QB class)..But, DL, OL, LB, and safeties aplenty. If the Vikes really need a big, red zone target.. Vincent Jackson or maybe even Anquan Boldin? Both older but know what you are getting. Some earlier VT articles mentioned Williams from SD and Holmes from the Raiders.. Both big, young receivers buried in their respective teams’ depth chart with potential. Do we want another over reach due to perceived need ala Ponder or Troy Williamson? I know many of you regular posters here disagree with me, but pass on the WR in the early rounds and take the best player available. LB from Notre Dame? He can fly. Safety, Nose tackle, o tackle from Michigan? All better first round options in my opinion.

          1. I’m ok with taking a WR later in the draft,someone like a Kenny Lawler (CAL) or Geronimo Allison (Illinois) who both have size and Allison in particular was a big red zone target in Illinois.
            I agree that the true value in this draft is on defense,and wouldn’t be surprised if we take a safety early.Obviously need to see how things play out in FA.
            Really glad we don’t need to draft a QB!!

  1. At his size, drafting Lee would mean making him the Weakside Linebacker and leaving Kendricks in the middle. If memory serves, Zimmer and Edwards have indicated they like Kendricks in the middle but I’m not sure that it’s written in stone.

  2. Go draft anyone else when Andrew Billings is still on the board at 23 would be foolish. He’s 20 athletic strong can play nose or 3 tec. And will be good for years plus he isn’t a head case

    1. See my post above skoll.. I like this kid too, but he will likely be gone by 23. Am I remembering correctly? Third best 225 press at the combine? And fairly quick for a guy his size,

  3. So , ? We need help on offensive ? So why do people think defense still ??? Widereceiver is a must !!!! Weapons for Teddy , we took care of safety help for Smith , grabbed couple linebacker , defensive line is pretty good now. ? Doesn’t make sense to go defense ? Have to go offense , have to !!!!! Doctson and Wiggins or Allison first two picks ? Boom , were off to SUPERBOWL ! It’s a no brainer to me ? If you break you arm you don’t tape your leg ? Duh . offensive is broken , not the Defense , fix the offensive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!