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Minnesota Vikings Release Mike Wallace

In non-surprising free agency news, the Minnesota Vikings announced on their official website that they’ve released wide receiver Mike Wallace. The move frees up $11.5 million in salary cap space, giving the Vikings more flexibility when free agency opens tomorrow afternoon.

Wallace was originally acquired in a 2015 trade with the Miami Dolphins. The Vikings sent a fifth-round pick to Miami in exchange for Wallace and a seventh-round pick. In one season with the team, Wallace caught 39 passes for 473 yards and a two touchdowns; disappointing numbers given his 2015 salary cap hit.

According to Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press, Wallace wouldn’t agree to a pay cut to remain with the Vikings. The two sides reportedly met during the NFL Scouting Combine to discuss the restructure, but neither party could come to an agreement on the contract. Tomasson also reports that the Vikings did indeed want to keep Wallace, but at a significantly reduced price.

His release comes with absolutely no dead money, putting Minnesota’s 2016 salary cap space somewhere in the mid-$30 million range. That gives Rick Spielman more the money to pursue free agents like George Iloka, Alex Boone, or Vincent Rey if he so desires.

Over on the free agency live blog, Brett speculates that the release will sway the Vikings to draft a wide receiver in the first round. The hope is that Josh Doctson will be available when the Vikings select 23rd-overall, but plenty can change between now and the end of April. There are also options in free agency, including Jermaine Kearse, Andre Holmes, and Anquan Boldin.

It can be argued that Wallace wasn’t a fit with Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. While Bridgewater is an accurate, consistent NFL quarterback, he doesn’t have the deep ball to take advantage of Wallace’s home-run abilities. Thus, Wallace underproduced in Minnesota and never clicked in an offense that asked him to run more than just streaks and posts down the field. Stefon Diggs, meanwhile, blossomed as the second option; a role he’ll likely keep in 2016.

The Vikings also announced that they’ve waived backup tackle Austin Wentworth.



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  1. I don’t get why people think Doctson would be a better fit. I think Doctson will struggle creating separation at the line more so than Wallace, Doctson doesn’t have the speed of Wallace, and might not even have the route tree Wallace had. Oh well, Thielen to the rescue.

    Wallace’s numbers would have been vastly different if we had an OL and didn’t run the offense through AD.

    Not opposing his being cut. If he wasn’t willing to restructure then it had to be done, just far from convinced Doctson is the answer. Flash 2.0?

      1. Scouting reports say he is athletic freak, huge catch radius, but has limited route tree and has trouble creating separation vspress coverage. Doctson faced two too defenses playing for TCU so take his numbers with a grain of salt. Not even close, really?

        1. You are a fk’n moron…… I’m not sure what scoring reports you’ve been reading, but none of them I have read, or the people I’ve personally talked to in the business have said anything close to what you are wrongfully stating……so stop with your personal hatred of Doctson, and stop with the posting of your misinformed ideas.
          Yes, Flash 2.0 HARDLY…..
          RACIST HATER

    1. I agree 100 % holdsteady76.Really don’t understand why people rank Doctson so highly.At best he is a late 2nd rounder,but realistically he’s a 3rd/high 4th rounder.
      Fans see his “highlite” tape and see him make some circus catches and then rate him on that.When you do proper tape study on Doctson he has big issues with identifying coverage,doesn’t show a change of pace in his routes and only runs a limited route tree.Some scouts even question his work ethic,as he doesn’t seem to have improved much over his college career.
      He’s a product of the system at TCU,and will not be an impact player early.NFL DBs will eat him alive.The Flash 2.0 may well be right as there are some big red flags on this guy.

  2. Josh Doctson ??? Has tremendous leaping ability , great hands , ( dropped only 6 of 84 passes ) can out muscle defensive backs , has size and physicality , is a nightmare on slants , has highest pff receiving grade of any receiver in college football , no player averaged more yards per route. Number 5 receiver in college football , has good deep speed ? What is not to like ???? I would move up in round two to snag him ???

  3. Most reports have him graded as second or third rounder, move up to get him? Again, take his numbers with a grain a salt in that he played for TCU. Look at the scouting concerns and tell me how this doesn’t give you pause? Because he is an athletic freak? Sorry but that doesn’t cut it. There are enough concerns for me to pass at 23.

    Struggles to get off press coverage, not violent enough with his hands and exposes max surface area to CB too often
    Allows CBs to crowd him to the sideline on outside releases, inability to get off LOS cleanly causes him to lose ground/space
    Not explosive off the LOS or after the catch, footwork lacks quick-twitch ability
    Not a burner, long speed is adequate but faster corners will be able to stick with him vertically
    Despite desire to hand fight, not strong enough to always dictate position down the field, and can get knocked off his path by bigger DBs
    Needs time with an NFL route tree outside of spread system
    Loses focus on drops at times, inconsistent catching technique, will body-catch at times
    Releases lack burst and urgency at times, needs to consistently threaten cornerbacks off the snap
    Air Raid offense granted separation without attention to detail in routes
    Can get overpowered/shed as a blocker on the perimeter by more aggressive corners
    Can he bulk up without losing quickness/speed? Long, lanky frame that could benefit from added muscle

  4. Is the allure simply that we need a jump ball specialist?
    He is not a polished route runner, doesn’t have good speed, an vet pushed around, and struggles getting off the line. I think there is alot to be concerned about and the people around here wanting him at 23 don’t seem concerned about any of that and I don’t get why not. Flash 2.0 is probably a bit harsh, but the point is athletic ability alone is enough.

    1. I think you’ve beat the Flash 2.0 horse to death, time to find a new shtick to show your racist hatred towards Doctson.
      Noticed in one of your other hateful Doctson comments you publicly are pushing the WHITE Thielen to be the Vikings #1 WR…… This just shows your true racist ideals and complete lack of knowledge about football.
      I honestly think you’re one of those inbred, drunken fans of that little farm team from the state across the eastern border of Minnesota