#MoreThanWords Update: Leaving That $10,000 Goal In The Dust

What is the #MoreThanWords campaign exactly? Allow me to catch you up!

The campaign is exactly what it sounds like: A bunch of us online writers and podcasters that have come together in an annual tradition of taking meaningful action to express our fandom. This year, that action centers around promoting and raising funds on behalf of The Mike Zimmer Foundation, which everyone involved on the planning side of things agreed was a very worthy cause that deserves the support of the masses.

In addition to raising awareness through a series of articles and pods on each of the participating sites, we have called upon the online communities of Vikings fans in an unique fashion that further sets you all apart as the NFL’s best fan base.

Our goal in 2016 was to raise over $10,000 by August 9th and…

We’ve done it with more than a month to spare! However, we’re not going to simply take a knee and let the clock run out, we want to see what unprecedented heights we can reach this summer.

Here is a run down of how we’ve gotten to this point and how you can help us support the work Mike Zimmer and his family are doing to better the lives of our youth:

  • We’ve partnered with The Mike Zimmer Foundation who donated giveaway prizes that will be awarded in August. Every $10 donated gets you a chance at one of the awesome prizes. DONATE HERE. The prizes include tickets to the Cardinals game this season, a chance to meet Coach Zimmer, an autographed Adrian Peterson jersey, a game ball signed by Anthony Barr, and more!
  • The best Vikings communities on the internet have come out to play with us this year including Daily Norseman, Cold Omaha, Vikings Corner, Purple FTW!, Vike Fans, and the recently added Vikings Journal. We appreciate all of the hard, unselfish work that each of the people at these sites have put in behind the scenes to make everything work out so well. It is a true team effort.
  • Coach Zimmer granted Daniel House of Vikings Corner an interview that is, quite honestly, the best thing I’ve seen published by anyone this offseason. Be sure to find out what Coach thinks of this campaign, what the Foundation means to him, and plenty of other “beyond the headset” type of tidbits. CLICK HERE to read the whole thing… you won’t regret it.
  • An angel supporter of the cause appeared in the form of popular sports retail store Fan HQ. They have graciously opened their doors to an autograph event featuring Mike Zimmer and that event has now sold out, raising more than $6,000 that is all going directly to the #MoreThanWords campaign.
  • Fan HQ Logo on WhiteFan HQ isn’t done yet, either, as their owner Shaun Hagglund is amazingly behind this effort. Keep an eye out for future announcements regarding a “VIP Package” and some more autographed Mike Zimmer memorabilia available for purchase. If you want to be an early bird that is in the know before everyone else, keep a watchful eye on Fan HQ’s Ebay Store.
  • If you, your business, or the business you work for might be interested in following Fan HQ‘s lead then we have a great opportunity that revolves around business sponsorship. Don’t be shy, CONTACT US today to learn how we can help your company in exchange for a helping hand.
  • mtw_mockup_002We’ve also decided that with some serious funds raised comes some serious legitimacy, and that is all your doing! As a result, we decided T-Shirts are in order… which you can check out HERE and HERE. Of course, all profits from the sales of these shirts go straight to the #MoreThanWords donations bucket.
  • A tremendous trio over at Cold Omaha are raising funds for their annual pilgrimage to Mankato where they will no doubt provide us all with some Grade A coverage of the 2016 Minnesota Vikings training camp. If you choose to donate to their fundraiser they have vowed that 10% of the money raised will go to #MoreThanWords which is pretty freaking cool of them.

So, yeah… we all care a great deal about making this thing a wild success. But no level of success can be achieved without you guys and gals, the great people that make us proud to be Vikings fans, and we thank you for supporting us in making this offseason that much more memorable.


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Adam Warwas

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