#MoreThanWords: Our Annual Sellout For Sponsorship


Businesses can be Vikings fans too!

At the start of the month, we announced our 2016 #MoreThanWords campaign which is set up to benefit the Mike Zimmer Foundation and their goal to create a brighter future for today’s youth. The response from the online community of Vikings fans has been very overwhelming (I’m sure the sweet giveaways don’t hurt) and I’m proud that we are already over a quarter of the way to our $10,000 goal with over a month left to raise the remainder.

While the reader experience is priority number one here at Vikings Territory, we are 100% committed to the #MoreThanWords cause, and are now offering our annual sellout for the greater good!

So, if you own a business, or work for one that might be interested in getting their name out there and supporting a worthwhile effort, please listen up!

For every $250 that a business donates to #MoreThanWords we here at Vikings Territory are offering the following perks that come in addition to being an awesome company that is fond of doing great things:

  1. A month’s worth of free advertising to thousands of Vikings fans via the Vikings Territory sidebar.
  2. A monthly sponsored post that points out just how amazing your business is.

Again, you get the above for every $250 donated. A $3,000 donation gets your business 12 months of ad space and 12 sponsored posts (we don’t do sponsored posts as a general rule – so you would really be getting some unique advertising value).

We will also place your company’s logo on our #MoreThanWords page in a prominent location for the remainder of the year.

If you or your company might be interested in this offer then please do contact us for more details! Hit us up, we can’t wait to hear from you!