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Report: Vikings Agree to Terms with Trae Waynes, Other Draftees

As first reported by ESPN 1500 contributor Darren Wolfson Thursday afternoon, Trae Waynes became the fourth first-round pick to sign his rookie deal. The four-year contract, which includes a fifth-year option for the team, is worth $12.944 million and pays Waynes a $7.674 million signing bonus.

The Vikings selected Waynes with the 11th-overall pick, making him the most valuable cornerback they’ve ever taken in the draft. He joins rookies Eric Kendricks, Danielle Hunter, B.J. Dubose, and Edmond Robinson as the latest additions to Mike Zimmer’s defensive rebuild.

After the announcement, Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press reported that the Vikings are taking a different approach to signing rookies. Last year, Rick Spielman waited two weeks to sign first-round picks Anthony Barr and Teddy Bridgewater. Now, he is working to sign as many of the team’s draft picks as possible by the start of rookie minicamp on Friday:

In addition to the Waynes deal, the Vikings also agreed to terms with second-round selection Eric Kendricks.

Kendricks, per Tomasson, agreed to terms on a four-year, $5.155 million deal with a signing bonus of $2.009 million. The star UCLA linebacker is set to compete for a starting role this season.

Danielle Hunter, the Vikings’ third-round selection and No. 88 overall pick, agreed to terms on a four-year, $2.9 million deal. He received a $627,724 signing bonus and will fight for playing time behind Brian Robison at defensive end this season.

As announced by his agent, T.J. Clemmings has agreed to terms on a four-year, $2.804 million deal with the Vikings. The Pittsburgh product will receive a $524,956 million signing bonus on the non-guaranteed contract:

In the fifth round of the NFL Draft, the Vikings selected two players — Southern Illinois tight end MyCole Pruitt and Maryland wide receiver Stefon Diggs. Pruitt, the No. 143 overall pick, agreed to terms on a four-year, $2.51 million contract, while Diggs, the No. 146 overall pick, signed a four-year, $2.507 million deal. The rookies received $230,588 and $227,712 signing bonuses, respectively.

Sixth-round pick Tyrus Thompson, the reserve tackle out of Oklahoma, agreed to terms on a four-year, $2,395,352 deal. Though his contract isn’t guaranteed, Thompson is set to receive a $115,325 signing bonus. B.J. Dubose, a sixth-round pick out of Louisville, joined his fellow rookies by agreeing to terms on Thursday. Dubose’s four-year contract is worth $2.399 million, and the defensive tackle will receive a $119,860 signing bonus.

The Vikings’ seventh-round pick, Edmond Robinson, agreed to terms shortly after the Kendricks and Thompson announcements. His agent, Cliff Brady, confirmed the report, and stated that Robinson will sign his four-year, $2.348 million contract on Friday. Like Thompson, Robinson’s contract is not guaranteed, but the Newberry star will receive a $68,132 signing bonus.

Per Chris Tomasson, the Vikings have agreed to terms with Austin Shepherd, making him the seventh of the Vikings’ 10 draftees to sign a deal with the team:

The flurry of activity means the Vikings have signed all 10 of their 2015 draft picks. They’ll take part in today’s rookie minicamp along with the team’s undrafted free agents and other invited players.


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  1. Lately hockey has become 1A to football for me and I have to say what a disappointing series the Wild had. There’s always next season but man the lack of care / effort from 3-4 players under contract is concerning.

    In other news, Collins to Dallas.

    1. And just think, had the Vikings used a late-round pick on Collins they’d be cashing that lottery ticket right now and have their solution at left-guard as well as an insurance policy for Kalil at left-tackle. Not bad for a late-round flier! The reward unequivocally outweighed the risk in that regards. If you want to be better than every other team, you have to first start with being smarter than every other team. There was nothing stopping a team from drafting him anymore than there would be nothing preventing that team from cutting him if charges were filed later on. Who gives a damn that his agent asked teams not to draft him. Playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right. If he wants an NFL career he’ll go to the team that owns his draft rights or he can go scrape dead animal carcasses off state highways for the DNR since that’s about all a degree from LSU guarantees a person and he hasn’t even graduated with a degree from there (yet).

      Spielman’s pitch his entire tenure here has been “any time we have an opportunity to create competition at positions we’re going to take it” (his very words upon signing Jerome Simpson), and yet he didn’t have the balls to pull the trigger on a low-risk/high-reward option like Collins. Inexcusable. Asinine. And the very reason why “Slick Rick” has been fired from three different organizations previously. And when Bridgewater gets annihilated all season long from the revolving door that is the left-side of their O-line, I guarantee “Slick Rick” will hide in his office from the media so he doesn’t have to answer whether he thinks he did enough in the offseason to buttress to protect his young QB. (After all, he still refuses to answer questions from Tom Pelissero about why he compared Ponder to Eli Manning and Drew Brees for three years.)

      1. The funny thing tho’ is, how much the Cowboys have become the ‘Desperados’ in the last six months.

      2. I agree until you turned on Slick Rick. I have no idea why he passed up on him but 31 other teams who could use him did too. But yes if I was GM wed have Collins, Ifo, Jake Ryan, and possibly Jay Adaji

      3. Very easy to criticise in hindsight After Thought.If Rick had taken a chance and then Collins gets charged,I’m sure you would have been criticising Rick for wasting a draft pick.
        Please go away Mr Negativity.

  2. And yet you are ready to send this guy to the hall of fame already, despite that every single team in the NFL chose not to draft him?