Patterson Rumored To Be On The Trade Block

If I were a smart man, I would have pre-written an article titled “early bye week is ideal for pre-deadline trades” and scheduled it to post on Monday morning.

I’m not a smart man, though.

The Vikings did indeed take advantage of a week off to bring a new center into the fold (and ship off a previously-starting linebacker), as Austin Belisle explained earlier, and they may not be done yet.

It is hard to say what the real motives were behind trading Gerald Hodges away, and acquiring center Nick Easton, and it is natural to wonder if there is more to the story than Rick Spielman let on Tuesday evening. It is equally impossible to tell, at this moment, whether or not more trades are in the works in the near future.

Our friends over at Daily Norseman posted an article citing Benjamin Albright who tweeted, “Have heard the Vikings have solicited more than one team about interest in Patterson.”

Cordarrelle Patterson, of course, is easily singled out as potential trade bait under the current circumstances. Heck, it would’ve been easy a week ago, but after Stefon Diggs proved to be a big boy on Sunday, now it seems downright logical.

I don’t doubt that Albright has heard what he said he has heard. I’m dubious about pointing to that as proof something is in the works, however, without knowing who he heard it from and how long ago. Patterson certainly has desirable traits and could be welcomed to a number of NFL rosters, but it is unlikely the Vikings get anywhere near the first round selection they spent on him in 2013.

After an outstanding rookie season, Patterson has remained the team’s top kick returner, but has failed to establish himself as capable within Norv Turner’s offensive scheme. He has the speed and size to some great things, but critics have harped on Patterson’s route running and lackadaisical attitude over the last 18 months or so.

If I’m being honest with you, I don’t think trading Patterson for a fifth round selection (or something in that neighborhood) is worth it. He may be the low man on the wide receiver totem pole for route-related issues, but there is value in his prowess as a return man, and it wouldn’t kill Turner to hand the ball off to him once in a while.

The worst case scenario with Patterson is actually the best case scenario for the Vikings in that everybody stays healthy. In that case he would act as a primary kick returner, a fifth wide out, and an emergency running back. In the event of injuries, he is a pretty flashy talent coming off the bench that can’t possibly be maxed out from a coaching standpoint.

I may not be out of patience with Patterson yet, but time will tell just how much leash he has left in Minnesota. If Albright’s tweet is any indication, he might already be at the end of it, which would just be a shame no matter how you slice it.

For now, file this away in the drawer clearly labeled “rumor,” but we’ll monitor the situation to see if anything else develops.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. I said in the pre season that Patterson cooked his goose by not doing what Zimmer asked him to.It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see him go.
    Must say I was surprised to see Hodges traded,something doesn’t quite seem right with that one.

  2. It was a mistake to trade Hodges. I was looking forward to a LB trio of Hodges, Barr, and Kendricks. If they had to trade him, why not for a safety, R. tackle or guard? Foolish. Sully will be back soon enough.

    1. They essentially did trade him for a Right Tackle or Guard. Current Center – Joe Berger – is a Right Guard playing Center because Sullivan is injured. He’s not a Center. He wouldn’t be Sullivan’s backup when he returns so they needed a competent backup at Center.

      Both backups at both RT and RG have 1 year of NFL experience. By Trading for a Center you can easily slot in Berger as a backup at RG or RT or even move Berger to starter at RG, an upgrade over Harris who’s technically listed as a Tackle.

  3. I think a 5th round pick would be fair. Diggs is fully capable of being the top returner and Patterson provides very little value as a receiver. I’d actually be okay with a 6th rounder

  4. Patterson chose not to work with a coach in the off-season? REALLY? Doghoused a year ago, he’s no better a year later, And you see the impact a 5th round rookie made Sunda-, jettison him as our latest Buster Rymes Williamson, and $top drafting receivers on potential in the first round!

  5. All of the God-given physical talent in the world will not compensate for the inability or unwillingness to develop it to its maximum potential. Even the “worst” players in the NFL are better than 90% of the “best” players in college that Patterson faced. Could he be special? Yes. Will he be? Unlikely. He has worked under two coaching staffs and has yet to demonstrate an ability to progress beyond his “trick play” usage on a consistent basis. I fear this is another case of a young man with a million dollar body, controlled by a 10 cent brain.

  6. “Million dollar body ten cent brain ” that is a good one lmao as far as hodges trade I’m not surprised he isn’t a 4/3 MIDDLE LINEBACKER he can’t stuff the run and is a sloppy tackler I think Cole is a better first down linebacker or base defense how ever you look at it and Kendricks is Greenway’s replacement. Skoll Vikings drink from the skullcap of Rodgers