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Jabari Price Gets A Reduced Charge, Future Still Uncertain

The Minnesota Vikings seem to be looking very closely at this year’s top cornerback prospects and, unless your name is Xavier Rhodes, current Vikings cornerbacks have to feel at least a little uneasy about their job security and position on the depth chart.

Second-year hopeful Jabari Price made himself more expendable arrested for suspicion of driving impaired back in December, so he certainly seems like a candidate for the “bubble” battles coming up in Mankato.

Price had his charge reduced to careless driving this last Wednesday and agreed to 30 days of electronic home monitoring, paid a $300 fine, and has entered a substance abuse education program, according to Access Vikings. It is also worth noting that he has passed each of his drug tests leading up to Wednesday’s court appearance.

Price may be subject to discipline from the NFL, but details of any fine or suspension are not yet known.

He seems to be behind Xavier Rhodes, Josh Robinson, Captain Munnerlyn and possibly Terence Newman on the Vikings depth chart this offseason. If they invest heavily into the position during this upcoming Draft then Price’s special teams abilities may not be enough to save him.

At any rate, this incident isn’t doing him any favors as a professional football player.


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Adam Warwas

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