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Jabari Price Makes Himself Expendable

A seventh round rookie is normally fairly expendable in today’s NFL.  Cornerback Jabari Price was looking like an exception, however, as he impressed coaching staff during training camp, preseason, and even in some very limited regular season action.

For the first time in a long time, Minnesota’s squad of corners was able to stay relatively healthy in 2014 and Price was not pressed into extensive playing time (46 defensive snaps).  He recorded 10 tackles on the season and played decently on special teams.

Almost a week ago, however, Price made a decision that could greatly impact his future with his current employers.

Price was arrested in Minnesota last Monday after testing at 0.13% blood alcohol level.  The arrest was for suspicion of DWI and has his first court appearance scheduled for February 9th.

The Vikings currently have Xavier Rhodes, Captain Munnerlyn, Josh Robinson, Shaun Prater, and Marcus Sherels on the depth chart with Price.  Assuming they add some legitimate talent at some point this offseason, then Price has put himself behind the eight ball in any competition for a roster spot by getting himself into off-field trouble.

Price is unlikely to be released anytime soon over this incident, but it will cast a shadow over his potential in 2015.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. The Vikings need to add some serious talent at CB for depth and IMHO to replace Munnerlyn if he doesn’t show marked improvement in mid and training camp starting this spring ~ Robinson looked much improved ~ To the point Munnerlyn shouldn’t be anything more than the 3rd CB covering the slot ~ I didn’t understand signing a 5’8″ CB in the NFCN knowing all the 6’2″ + WR’s he would face twice a year ~

      1. As for price if he does get another chance. If I were Price I would not be pulling anymore bone headed moves.

  2. What I can’t figure out is nfl players make millions, a cab from Minneapolis to Edina is like 20-30 bucks. How can you be so stupid to risk a 7-8 digit career over what equates to pennies for them.

  3. I am glad to know that if Asiata takes on a blitzing linebacker and rollls off to get a bubble screen — if the LB actually flattens him that will be called as a defensive hold, amirite?

    1. Nope that rule only applies to GB, Dallas, New England, New Orleans, and Peyton Manning’s team.

      1. Note that i did not EVEN mention the ‘dropped flag/pick up’ on what (“What about Pereira?”) Pereira said was clear interference.