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Report: Minnesota Vikings Will Not Release Adrian Peterson

It look as though Adrian Peterson won’t be receiving the Greg Jennings treatment from the Vikings’ front office this offseason.

According to the USA Today’s Tom Pelissero, the Minnesota Vikings will not release Peterson:

The “news” comes as no surprise, though. Peterson is still one of the league’s premier running backs, and if the Vikings are going to part ways with him, they will need to receive a solid return on investment — Peterson’s release would result in a $2.4 million strike against Minnesota’s salary cap.

The embattled running back is set to make $12.75 million in 2015 and will turn 30 later this month, which may explain his relatively quiet trade market — teams are unwilling to take on the Peterson’s expensive contract, which will pay him $45 million over the next 3 years.

Vikings GM Rick Spielman and the rest of the front office appear to be taking the “wait and see” approach with Peterson, whose 2015 cap number is a team-high $15.4 million. On one hand, the Vikings have the cap space to retain Peterson and move past his off-field issues. On the other, those same issues have alienated the Vikings’ fanbase, adding fuel to countless trade rumors and discussions.

Ben Dogra, Peterson’s agent, informed FOX Sports of his Wednesday night phone conversation with Spielman, who recently expressed support for the running back’s return:

[quote_center]”It was important for me to relay the position the Vikings are taking to Adrian. I want to make sure there is absolutely no confusion whatsoever.”[/quote_center]

Because Peterson is still on the commissioner’s exempt list, the Vikings have few options remaining — trade Peterson or restructure his contract. A trade seems more and more unlikely with each passing day of “radio silence”, and all signs point to Peterson lining up behind Teddy Bridgewater in 2015, no matter how “uneasy” he may be.

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Austin Belisle

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  1. I think this is a power move to get him to make a commitment to either stay a Viking or be flexible on the money to make a trade possible. Nobody wants AD at his current price except the team that betrayed him so deeply. What a joke.

  2. As you age, your options dwindle. Hard life lesson for Peterson.

    He will, somehow, have to find a way to survive on $12.75 million dollars this year.

    1. Well, he does have a lot of kids to feed.
      $12.75 mil doesn’t go as far as it used to, you know.

  3. Not here to bash Peterson, just here to say Teddy, Bridgewater, and Wallace combo rivals Aaron, Nelson, and Lacy combo. Plus the Vikings have a better defense.. Let’s get back on the top of the north where we belong! Skol!!

  4. Poor AD. He should just go out and buy a Leer Jet or something nice to cheer himself up.
    Seriously tho, bravo to the Vikings for taking the Cap hit and not caving in and cutting him.

  5. This really isn’t “news”; just officially confirms what we thought, that the Vikes won’t simply release AP.

    To say the fanbase is alienated is a bit strong, since some fans want him back. “Divided” may be a more accurate term. The saga surrounding him is certainly upsetting to anyone who closely follows the team, daily like me. A lot of that is media driven, not really based on substance.

    The Vikes also could simply pay him and play him. I don’t see why they have to restructure him, we have the cap space now, and there aren’t any FAs worth substantial dollars available at this point. If the team wants lots more cap space for next year’s FA period, then they can deal with it after the 2015 season.

    They could trade him, but it’s unlikely, in my mind, that they get enough value in return of the production AP will deliver. 1500 yds from scrimmage would be a “normal” AP season at 20 attempts per game, which is in line with his historical performance. That’s a lot to give up in the short run.

    1. Samurai-
      Austin put news in quotations signifying it wasn’t news, but reporting on a an important subject. I feel if this was officially confirmed, it actually is news, because it is one of the few articles that reported an official stance without quotes from people on the periphery.

      1. I wasn’t trying to be critical, and it is worthy of reporting, but we’re still basically where have been as far as AP. I’m just kind of quietly bemoaning the unresolved state that the AP situation is.

  6. Ad is worth all his money. That’s the cost of a skill player that can win you a ship. Like lynch… I’d say pay me my money I got u a ring. Cuz he did.