Rumor: Vikings and Cardinals Working on Adrian Peterson Trade

According to a report posted by our friends at the Daily Norseman, the Cardinals and Vikings are discussing a possible Adrian Peterson trade.  Huffington Post columnist Jordan Schultz tweeted the details of the offer on the table:

At this point we’ve all heard that Peterson is apparently “still not happy” with options in Minnesota, and we’ve heard that Arizona wants AP. But what’s the cost, and will the Vikings negotiate? On Saturday, Yahoo!’s Charles Robinson posted the following:

The Cardinals own the 23rd pick in the second round, so that’s what you’re looking at if this rumor holds water. A No. 55 overall pick for Peterson + a seventh-round pick. 

Remember, the Vikings still hold the upper hand. AP is under contract, and the Cardinals are just about the only team left at this point that are making a run for the running back. The Cowboys, who were so hotly rumored as a destination for Peterson, recently signed Darren McFadden and put an end to that buzz. 

The Vikings currently have the No. 11 and No. 15 pick in the seventh round, so this deal would still leave them with a final round pick. 

It’s ultimately impossible to predict what will happen, as the entire AP-saga continues to drag out. Continue following VT for all the latest updates!

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Lindsey Young

Lindsey Young (Featured Columnist) is a graduate of University of Northwestern – St. Paul and is an avid Minnesota sports fan[atic]. It’s been argued females don’t know much about sports, but she begs to differ. Her work has been featured on Bleacher Report,, and Fox Sports North. In addition to her work with VT, Lindsey is a contributing writer for Canis Hoopus, runs a bi-monthly fan feature for and is a freelance writer for You can read her blog at Making the Call and follow her on Twitter.

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  1. It would be a tough pill to swallow trading him but if he doesn’t want to play here we have to get something for him. I think we all know that if we get AZ 2nd round pick that Rick will somehow maneuver back into the first. Trade into the mid 20s and take Gurley I say. How does this sound… Teddy play action to Gurley, he looks left, fires right, TOUCHDOWN COOPER!! I have faith Rick will get max value for AP.

    1. It’s more than he’s worth in today’s NFL. I get it. He’s like that car you spend $100K restoring but in reality it’s only worth $20K. YOU think it’s worth more but it isn’t.

  2. Anything less than a 1st is an unacceptable trade. You don’t trade the best RB in the league for a late 2nd round pick, sorry AZ. For all I care, he can sit and rot on the bench for a year before we make that trade. AP and a 5th to AZ for a 1st and a 7th is more than fair. Otherwise like I said, the Cards can bleep off and Adrian can sit and play the victim for another year if he wants to keep pouting and waste away another year from the already limited remainder of career.

    1. Let me just copy/paste…It’s more than he’s worth in today’s NFL. I get it. He’s like that car you spend $100K restoring but in reality it’s only worth $20K. YOU think it’s worth more but it isn’t.

  3. Straight across for Larry Fitzgerald. I know, I know, he’s locked up with the Cards but Damn that would have been a good trade for us. Poor Larry, his favorite team (The Vikings) since a little boy and he’ll play for the Cards until he retires now.

    I’d say a first rounder or AD stays and plays out his contract here. If we really wanted to play hardball with him, we could give him the choice of restructuring or we’ll sit him for the year. Big cap hit for sure but it’d sure make me feel better than him holding us hostage, forcing a trade at under value.
    The guy did nothing but screw this whole situation up from the start. Should have had better advice. Should have come out the very next day and apologize and state that he made a huge mistake, learned a valuable lesson, wants to be a better father. . .yada, yada, yada.
    Instead, the fool cops an attitude and makes one dumb move after another.

    You would have thought that a guy with that much money and apparently not much sense, would have hired better people around him that could have made this whole situation a whole lot less impactful.

    First round pick or restructure, or sit him.

    1. Fran, Larry took an enormous pay cut to stay with the Cards this offseason, if he didn’t want to be there they would have given him his walking papers. Other than that I completely agree with you. It’s time to play a little hard ball with AD. He’s under contract, time to let him know it.

      1. I thought I read that Larry got a 2 year, 22 mil deal?
        Anyhoo, doesn’t matter, the guy is locked up.

          1. I’ll bet the mystery is solved within the week. AD probably stays here but if he goes, we’ll get a 2nd at least. Win-Win.
            A deal for Fitzgerald straight across would be beyond belief. . .

  4. 2nd round for Peterson & 7th is a No No ! In my opinion..! Peterson is worth more than that ! Cardinals think they can get away with that…! My opinion is, if we are going to trade him , we have to at least get Something, like maybe a 2nd round & 4th round for just Peterson & none of our picks at all..! Or yet Cardinals 1st round pick would say it all..! Remember, they just sign Mike Iupati..So they really want AP…So we have to play hard ball ! If they don’t get AP, they have to draft a RB in the 1st round any way..! And they know that maybe that RB might not turn out to be a sure thing , like Trent Richardson…. And AP is more of a sure thing … And still have 3 to 4 good years left in him…2 for sure..! So hope we get 1st for AP or 2nd & 4th… If i was the Cardinals, i would rather lose just one pick instead of 2 picks… Let’s hope we get a 1st

  5. The Cards ain’t gonna give up a 1st round pick for Peterson. Don’t know for certain, but it seems they have the leverage as rumors swirl about Peterson wanting out of Minnesota. Best case scenario, Vikes get a 2nd and maybe a fourth or fifth rounder. Maybe a second this year and 3rd rounder next year.

    A good business deal is one where both parties come out a winner.

    Hope I’m wrong and Peterson stays with the Vikings.

    1. ole A good business deal is one where both parties come out a winner. This is what or more …to Be Realistic…2nd round & 4th round of this year & a 4th round of next year…this makes more sense… BUT being a Vikings fan you got to hope for a 1st round pick ..right..? got to dream a little bit to be a Vikings Fan..Or how can you call yourself, a fan…Right..?

      1. Reality >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hope
        a couple of analogies

        I Hope to win the lottery next week
        In reality, I won’t because we don’t have a lottery here in the Land of Aloha

        I hope, Erin Rogers gets embroiled in a sex scandal involving dead deer and a hot tub
        In reality, deer are out of season in Wisconsin

        I hope the Vikings resign Meta Universal Peace Jeff Dugan to an 83 year long contract
        In reality, Dugan is too busy saving mankind to lower himself to be employed by an NFL team

        Hope, like perception, has different meanings to different people

        1. ole SHOW SOME LOVE TO US FAN..BROTHER..! Is all fun here…Reality >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hope…..NEVER GOING TO win the lottery….AT ALL…! That’s why i work 2 jobs..! 1 job is to pay bills & the 2nd is for savings…in case anything happen …And i don’t buy lottery… DO you ? And in Reality i don’t know if you are from the Land of Aloha, what you say you are..For all i know you could BS all you want… I don’t know who you are ..You could be a …?????? I could not care less…But is just about being a fan that’s all..DON’T …WHAT EVER…IT’S ALL FUN HERE…AT VT……..peace….! BROTHER..!

        2. I can assure you guys that Ole is one of the biggest Vikings fans I know and has been one for a very long time. Yes he lives in Aloha land

  6. I could swallow a 2nd round pick being the best piece of the trade coming back, but they need to get some quantity involved, there is no way I would be okay coming out of it with a total net increase in picks of zero. I don’t care what round we are including, that’s just stupid. The Cards need to be the team throwing in additional late round picks. I would also fight hard for a conditional pick in next years draft based on Adrian’s production in any potential trade. Really, I can’t imagine how a trade for Adrian right now wouldn’t involve some kind of future compensation. We don’t even know if the league intends to reinstate him next month.

  7. Still rather have 2nd(33) and first pick in 4th from Tampa, Peterson can reunite with Frazier and AP takes alot of pressure of rookie QB Jamieson, or 33 pick and RB Doug Martin pending physical

  8. Arizona apparently isn’t actually interested in AP unless we give him away.I like Matts scenario or keep him!

  9. Hey guys, your rube is showing big time. AD is 30, he’s worth a 5th rounder. Take this deal and RUN! There are about 4 RB’s coming out of this draft that will make first year impacts. I’ll take any of them over an aging AD who doesn’t want to play here. The idea of being stubborn and making him sit, or stay here shows why you guys aren’t GM’s of any football teams. Thanks for the fumbles when it mattered most AD. Be gone.

    1. SkolVikingsLetsGo What kind of Fan are you ..? Man..! Don’t you want or hope for the best high draft we can get..? For AD…! A 5th rounder..& RUN…! COME..ON..! MAN..! SHOW SOME LOVE TO US FAN..BROTHER..!

  10. Whatever you do, do not try and replace AD! Do not….because you can not replace him. You move on if you have to, change your scheme, can’t replace him. That mistake was made with Moss about ten years back, it was a horrible mistake. Go full on with protecting Teddy and defense, defense, defense.

  11. Peterson keeps saying he’s “uneasy” about returning to Vikings,but he hasn’t actually asked for a trade.
    So,if he’s so unhappy then ask to be traded,otherwise shut up and we’ll so you at training camp to honour your contract!

  12. “We haven’t had contact with the Vikings about it, to the best of my knowledge,” the Cardinals source said. “And there is no way we could live with those numbers. We just got Larry Fitzgerald’s contract under control. No way we’d add that salary.

  13. Alright, I’m having a bit of fun with this even though I don’t want Peterson traded, sooooo…

    Peterson and Patterson for 2014 first-rounder, Deone Bucannon, SS, and Arizona’s #1. Maybe throw in Robert Blanton for a player or mid- or low-round draft pick.


    Re-sign Greg Jennings, “failed” physical or not!

    Trade a mid- or low-rounder for Toby Gerhart, discounting the one off year on a crappy team.

    Trade ours and Arizona’s first rounders for first and second round picks that will allow us to draft Brandon Scherff and Eric Kendricks, respectively.

    Selvie works for me as a veteran rotational piece at DE and I’d like to draft a cornerback in either the third or fourth round.