Ragnar Reportedly Out-Priced Himself And Will Appear No More

Kam Chancellor isn’t playing for the Seattle Seahawks so far this season due to a contract dispute. Right behind him in line for a payday is Minnesota Vikings long-time mascot Ragnar.

The difference, theĀ obvious difference, in those two situation? Chancellor has 31 other potential employers. Ragnar, whose real name is Joe Juranitch, is the definition of niche player, however, and I don’t think too many other organizations are jumping in line for a chance to sign a man whose best attribute is his beard.

That lack of leverage has proven true, as it has been reported that the Vikings have parted ways with Ragnar after he requested $20,000 per game for the duration of a 10 year contract, which would have been a considerable increase over the $1,500 per game stipend he had earned under his previous contract.

The adds up to $200,000 a year for the human mascot, with a presumable potential for more if the Vikings played home playoff games, and apparently the math just wasn’t adding up for the Vikings.

Ragnar and his motorcycle were noticeably absent from Sunday’s home opener against Detroit. Then, a somewhat cryptic message left on his Facebook page made it clear that something was rotten in Denmark.

It appears the Vikings are prepared, after 21 years, to move on from the character of Ragnar as they move into their new home at U.S. Bank Stadium. Viktor the Viking will still be around and the cost of that will almost certainly be much less than what Ragnar was proposing.

I’m personally hoping they use the money saved on Ragnar to work out a trade-and-sign for Chancellor. Heck, I’d even throw Goldy Gopher in on that deal.