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LINKS OF THE WEEK: Week Eight, Streak Break?

There’s been a lot of talk the past two weeks about the Vikings breaking streaks. Last week, when the Vikings won 28-19 at Ford Field against the Lions, it was the first time they’ve won a road game since since Week 8 of last year. This week, the team travels to Soldier Field where they haven’t left victorious since the 2007 season.

Hopefully, this Vikings team is different than previous years and can beat a team it’s better than, in almost every aspect, regardless of location.

To get you prepared for the Vikings second straight division showdown, we’ve gathered links from all over the web.

  • This year’s draft class has been impressive – with or without Trae Waynes. Eric Kendricks has shined for the Vikings early on and it was just announced that the young UCLA backer has been awarded the NFL Defensive Rooke of the Month.
  • The Vikings are one of the worst teams in the red zone through 2015 – a real problem if this team is going to surprise people and push for a playoff spot. Austin takes a look at what could be causing the Vikings red zone woes.
  • Babatunde Aiyegbusi didn’t pan out as a Vikings offensive lineman. However, that doesn’t mean he won’t have the chance to be offensive in the ring! (Weak pun, I know.) “Babs”, as we grew to call the offseason fan favorite from Poland, is becoming a professional wrestler. Lindsey Young had the inside scoop and told us all about it earlier this week.
  • These rankings say the Vikings have the hardest remaining schedule of the entire league. Uh-oh.
  • Stefon Diggs’ leaping, finger-tip grab in the end zone last Sunday has been the talk all week. While we were all happy Diggs came down with the ball, not everyone thought he would. And when I say everyone, I mean Diggs’ mom.
  • Vikings Digital Journal helps you get into the Halloween spirit by showcasing some Vikings super fans who integrated some creepier aspects in with their Vikings garb.
  • Though there were some who resisted last season, it looks like the entire team has fully bought in to Mike Zimmer’s defense.
  • Is Teddy Bridgewater a socialist? Because he sure has been spreading the wealth on offense! (Sorry, Adam will be back next week and these horrible jokes will go away.) Anyway, the Star Tribune takes a look at how well Teddy spread the ball around against the Lions.
  • Is Adrian Peterson hurting or helping the Vikings offense?
  • Andrew Kramer of ESPN 1500 takes a closer look at the Vikings win over Detroit on both offense and defense.
  • A new Vikings site (and other NFC North teams, for that matter) has a pretty clever little spin on its presentation. Make sure to grab a drink and head over to the NFC North Bar Room.
  • Andy and Arif gush over Stefon Diggs on Episode 186 of the PurpleFTW! Podcast.
  • And now, your moment of zen. Bucky Brooks gets rather excited talking about the future of Stefon Diggs (Wait for it, they talk about Redskins tight end Jordan Reed first for a bit):


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