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Adrian Peterson Reportedly Wants to Play for Dallas, Minnesota Not Open to a Trade

According to a post by Bleacher Report Saturday, Adrian Peterson has expressed overt interest in playing for the Dallas Cowboys, but this option will reportedly not be entertained by the Vikings.

In the video with ESPN Insider Jason Cole, Cole tells us that Peterson wants to play in Dallas, and the Vikings “are aware” of this desire. He said the following:

“The Vikings do not want to trade him, in any way, shape or form, specifically to the Cowboys.”

Cole went on to say this:

[pull_quote_center]”As easy as it is to say Peterson will probably play for the Vikings, [he] can make this very uncomfortable for the Vikings, creating a stare-down type of situation.”[/pull_quote_center]

Earlier this week, ESPN’s Ben Goessling released a story detailing a recent interview with Peterson in which the running back expressed a discomfort about staying in Minnesota following the entire ordeal.

“There were people [in the organization] that I trusted, who knew exactly what was said, that weren’t heard from,” Peterson said. “It’s hard to say [what my future will be].”

Peterson is restricted from making direct contact with teams at this point, so it’s hard to say how much has been explicitly communicated. Whether Peterson has made specific requests to be traded or not, it is becoming increasingly clear that he does not have warm and fuzzy feelings about wearing a purple jersey in 2015.

Peterson and representatives of the NFL Players Association were in Minnesota on Feb. 6, where Peterson underwent a hearing in federal court. Unless Judge David Doty rules in favor of an immediate reinstatement into the league, AP remains on the commissioner’s exempt list until April 15.



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Lindsey Young

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  1. I think Peterson is likely gone, and I could certainly see him going to Dallas (or not), but I don’t believe Jason Cole actually knows anything, so to me this is a non-story.

    Also why would the Vikings have a problem trading with the Cowboys specifically? All right-thinking people hate the Cowboys, of course, but if AD badly wants out of MN and Dallas is the highest bidder, would the Vikes seriously nix the trade because they have a specific problem with Dallas? Seems very unlikely.

    1. Agree, the whole ‘specifically not to Dallas’ sounds absurd/made up on its face — unless it is just a smoke screen for a deal which is already in the works. But again, so what? Why the smoke screen unless, again, Rick wants to gauge other waters as well?

  2. Petterson has quickly gone from being my favorite player to a toxic waste dump. I openly supported him through 2014 and still believe the league screwed up with the way they have handled the situation. But he really is a moron if he can’t see how the Vikings have been on his side. Getting him on the exempt list preserved his full salary vs the possibility of suspension without pay. Now he wants out if Minnesota? I say let him go. A trade with Dallas would be perfect. They resign Murray and then we trade Petterson for him straight up. We probably end up saving about 6-8 million this year.

    1. A big NO on Murray; rather just get Gurley late 1st round or early second, depending on what we get for AD. Younger bigger and stronger than AD.

        1. Gurley a head case? Hadn’t heard that. He did sit out most of the year to an ACL.