Quarterback/Receiver/Returner/Blazer Joe Webb Signs with the Carolina Panthers

Per Ian Rapaport, the Carolina Panthers have signed Joe Webb, who has played as a quarterback, receiver, kick returner and general multiweapon for the Vikings, with varying degrees of success, though most of them as failures.

He is reportedly joining the receiver-starved Panthers as a quarterback. The Panthers have recently signed Jerricho Cotchery and Tiquan Underwood to supplement their receiver corps otherwise featuring Tavarres King and Marvin McNutt.

This means Webb will compete with Derek Anderson and Matt Blanchard for a backup spot behind Cam Newton. While it is perhaps accurate to say that Newton and Webb share more similar skill sets than Newton and Anderson/Blanchard, don’t expect them to necessarily use Webb in the same way that they use Newton should Cam, for whatever reason, be unable to play.

Cam Newton, at 6’6″ and 250 pounds, outweighs a fair number of linebackers in the league and supplements his quarterback play with “power” running back runs, with a fair degree of agility. Webb “supplemented” his quarterback “play” with scatback-style scrambles with a lot of movement to the sidelines, which makes sense as he’s three inches shorter but 30 pounds lighter.

Both share a big arm and have some struggles with rhythm passing, but there’s a reason that Newton is a premier young quarterback and Webb is struggling to find his position. Vikings fans will be happy to see him go, but it’s difficult to say he’s been anything but a good sport and team player.

Perhaps a better set of quarterbacks coaches can turn Webb into a real quarterback, as his athletic ability is in the top one percent of even the elite players of the NFL. Then again:


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    1. I hope he gets treated fairly too but I do hope your not suggesting that wasn’t the case here. As a qb he should have been cut a couple years ago.
      Although now that I think of it, the fairest thing to do would have been to sit him down in rookie camp and say “your best chance to succeed in this league is with the ball in your hand, not dishing it off to others. So let’s focus on that.” Instead he was stuck with coaches that were clueless when it came to getting him the ball in space. So yeah, I hope he gets a fair shake in Charlotte.

      1. Mismanagement of the talent you have. I believe he would have been a better QB than Ponder had he been given the same amount of chances.
        Not saying he would’ve been a pro bowler. Just better than…Mr. Ponder.

        1. You may be right. We will never know for sure. My point is the few times he had the ball and was able to run with it he was gone. He looked like a grown man playing touch football with a bunch of children. The coaches simply could not figure out ways to make that happen. But short of running the option 100% it wasn’t going to happen as a qb either.

  1. So long Joe. I, for one (and the very few) will miss ya. Remember 2011, that Philly game where him and Winfield whooped up on those eggles. Or the Lion game when he almost single handedly beat them. Good luck Joe!
    We’d be much better off with Ponder gone than Webb.

    1. “We’d be much better off with Ponder gone than Webb.”
      10-4 on that good buddy.

      1. I thought it was a waste of a draft pick, when Web was drafted. I never liked him. When teams had time to game plan for Webb he sucked. Never understood what the Webb lovers saw in him. He was no qb. Maybe he was a athlete, but he wasn’t a qb. He was no we either. Richard Sherman said it best last year, Sherman kept telling Webb “you suck”. I think Webb should have been cut years ago.

        1. Webb is a ball player! You must not like a real team ball player…
          Your boy Ponder sucks.

            1. This is just sad. Liking a guys personality doesn’t make him an asset. Who here wants to win? Fucking sitting here bitching about Joe Webb? We already have too many losing QBs. We sure as hell don’t need a 7th string wide out. Sure Joe, let us waste a spot on our roster for you instead of a potential diamond in the rough UFA. Joe Webb is fools gold. Fast, elusive, no instincts for any position. Wildcat, liable to perform as the GIF illustrates.

              1. He had mind numbing technical skills at the receiver position. Oh, wait, I’m thinking of Moss, CC, AC, Hasson Jones, Sammy White, Ahmad Rashad. Yea, Web, less than useless. Especially on a team that needs at least a dozen high quality additions to become competitive.

  2. I’ll never forget driving to watch the last playoff game, hearing on the radio that ponder was out and Webb was starting 20 minutes before kickoff and seriously considering turning around and going home. That was also the last time I thought ponder might turn out. I don’t give a shit, you go out there and you make it clear to your fans you can’t do it. People paid money to go to that game you dickwad.

  3. The Greatest Tuesday night QB in the history of the NFL.
    It would fun to see him and Newton on the field together. Spidey and Superman.

  4. I will give Spider this, he did whatever they told him to do and did not complain. One wonders how he would have turned out with a better coaching staff guiding him.

    1. Exactly. Different coaching staff= different Joe Webb.
      As Richard said; ” Instead he was stuck with coaches that were clueless when it came to getting him the ball in space.”
      I always liked the guy. he seemed to be up for any position you wanted him to play.
      He had me when he leaped over those 18′ tall wrestlin’ mats.

  5. Over the length of my time here on planet earth I have found that people tend to express a suddenly increased liking for someone right after they learn he/she is leaving. These comments keep those findings intact. (although such is not always the case, as in Brad Childress, Donovan McNabb, and William Musgrave)

    1. I’ve always had a fondness of Webb since that Philly game Coach…
      Check out…, I was gonna say check out Frans forum, but it’s gone.
      Well, you’ll just have to believe me.
      You know, kinda like you and coach Denzel?

      1. Yup, know what you mean cart. Actually, there never seemed to be a reason not to like the guy other than the fact there didn’t seem to be much in the way of him making us a better team.. Aside from that, I liked him too. Guess I will always wonder what would have happened in the Packer playoff game if we had stayed with the read-option. Probably still would have lost, but I think it would have been a better game.

  6. Honestly more than not Joe made plays when had the ball in any kind of space. Aside from the horrible GB game h…just couldn’t take that next step as a passer. If Caronia can get him the ball anyway possible we could see Spidey on some high light reels-hopefully.

  7. that someone else signed joe to an nfl contract is, in a way, a consolation to the fact that we kept him for as long as we did. because ponder was so pedestrian, i wanted to see joe get a chance at QB, but then after he did, and was misused by muskrat, i figured he was done. why musky didn’t keep him running circles around garbage bay, i’ll never know, it worked for a couple of plays

    anyways, freds will be heartbroken. best of luck to joe

    1. Joe did not play well in that game…I know, big understatement. That 1st drive we had em’ on the read option…Muskrat and co went away from it. Why? We may never know….

  8. It is really hard not to root for the guy, especially what he went through up here with Frazier & Co. I guess Muskrat’s 3×5 play calling card just wasn’t big enough for Spider and I am sure Muskrats house plant IQ had something to do with it also.

  9. Joe
    Gonna miss ya, Great team player, Sure the Panthers will use you a little more.
    Better Coaching Staff to work with as compared to last year…

  10. don’t forget our new coaches looked him over too and didn’t sign him…..roster spots are critical…

  11. Hope he gets a chance to compete in Car. I am glad he ended up there rather than DC or 49’s.
    Outside of the GB game the man improved. Early on they said he had not touch in the short passes. Well he got better at that and you could see it in the DC game. With better coaching he could be a solid # 2 then an eventual # 1. Sorry our current staff did not want to give him a shot, but they are cutting ties with the old and I understand that. I would of rather they kept him and Josh and draft a guy and kept Cassel and then have an open competition and the best 3 make it, but they did not. Good luck JOE get better and prosper.

    1. Worst part about this was seeing Childo on the sidelines. Thanks for the link, definitely worth the 5 minutes.

      1. 10-4 on that Big J.
        Every time I see that mug, all I can think of is Freddy Fenders song; ‘Wasted days and wasted nights’ That guy put us back at least 5 years from being a contender.
        Has there ever been a more dorky, dumb fool to have a head coaching job in the NFL?
        That’s a rhetorical question, by the way.

      2. That, johnny, and the fact that none of those highlights were from the Packer playoff game.

  12. It gives me a renewed sense of hope to witness savvy veteran coaches lopping off the belly fat. On the other hand, seeing KWill left off the team sucks.

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