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Kyle Rudolph Receives 5 Year Extension

According to Jay Glazer, tight end Kyle Rudolph and the Minnesota Vikings have agreed to a 5-year extension.

Many expected the Vikings to extend Kyle Rudolph but questioned whether it would happen before the season or after. Once more details of the deal are available, we can analyze this move further. As of right now, it looks as though the Vikings have secured one of their best offensive playmakers for years to come. We will keep you updated with additional information as soon as we have it. Congratulations, Kyle!

Update: Well, that was quick. Jay Glazer is now reporting that the deal is 36.5 million / 5 years.

2nd Update: The Vikings have officially announced the contract extension of Kyle Rudolph. The deal is for 5 years and up to 40 million. The base salary is $37.46 million with $19.4 million guaranteed and a $6.5 million signing bonus.

Rudolph’s new deal puts him right with guys like Jason Witten, Vernon Davis and Antonio Gates financially. According to Ian Rapoport with the NFL Network, this makes Rudolph the 5th-highest paid tight end in the NFL.

“I’m extremely excited to get this extension completed and continue my career with the Minnesota Vikings,” said Rudolph. “I’ve said all along that I wanted to stay in Minnesota. I love the fans, the community and, most importantly, I’m excited about where this team is going. I’m looking forward to the 2014 season and helping this organization reach our ultimate goal.”

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  1. MORE

    Rudolph will get $19.4 million guaranteed. $12 million is guaranteed for injury only.

    Source confirms five-year, $36.5 million deal for Kyle Rudolph. Worth up to $40 million. #Vikings

  2. Could not be happier!!! The Vikings have made all the right moves since hiring Zim!!! Cannot wait till the first preseason let alone the Regular season. Might take a bit with new coaches, system and players but I believe buy year end the Vikings will be something and next year with all not being new watch out NFL!!! SKOL VIKINGS!!!

  3. Big mistake. Rudolph needed one more season and at least two turf slammed refs before he could demand “Dugan Money”.

    Hope the Vikings will one day realize this Rudolph experiment ain’t working and re-hire our favorite hunk of Man Meat. Jeff Meta Universal Peace Dugan!

  4. Last fall, Dugan donated his eyeballs for cornea transplants. The result of this selfless act? Thirteen blind people now are able to see. It’s a miracle.

    I doubt Kyle Rudolph would be able to match this.

  5. SKOL! I’m a Rudolph apologist, so I know I’m probably biased, but still. Rudolph has been stuck with a pretty bad qb situation for his first few years, but he’s still been a dangerous weapon, especially in the redzone. Does anyone remember how good he looked when he had a capable quarterback throwing to him in the pro bowl? Pro-bowl MVP! If Teddy develops the way we hope, and Turner’s previous record is any indication, the Bridgewater-Rudolph connection is going to be money!

  6. very good move. locked him up early for a total of another six years. sets a good precedent for the other players. the FO is doing their job and we have what looks to be excellent new coaches. things are clicking for our vikes

  7. That’s a lot of guaranteed money for a guy who hasn’t even averaged 10 yards a reception in his career. I’d be a lot happier if Spielman had waited until the season was at least half over and we had a better idea of how Rudolph would do with decent quarterbacking in a first class system.