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2014 Minnesota Vikings: Pro Football Focus Releases Their Vikings Depth Chart

Gradings company Pro Football Focus has released their projected depth chart for the Minnesota Vikings, and other than projecting rookie Teddy Bridgewater as the starter (which would be great), it’s not too different from the one I created a few weeks ago.

2014-depth-MINThey list their reasons for their colors at the piece they have up on their website.

For what it’s worth, I see Sullivan as an elite center, and Everson Griffen as at least a “good starter” if not “high quality.” Both Kurt Coleman and Jasper Brinkley as someone a little worse than what they say. Other than that, there’s a fairly large consensus between the two of us.

Linval Joseph and Phil Loadholt’s rankings are a bit more dependent on how you choose to isolate their categories. If Loadholt were compared to all right tackles, he’d be elite. If Linval Joseph were compared exclusively to 4-3 nose tackles, my guess is he’d be high-quality.

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  1. Perhaps if you said “Chad Greenway has been bad at football” with colors instead of with 12K word articles, you’d be in the clear? Oh wait, you did that already…

    BTW, Jeff Locke would have been available in the 6th or 7th round, right? Seems like we wanted to send a really strong message to Kluwe that day … yeesh.

    1. Locke probably would not have been. From what I hear, he was the top P prospect. But… I doubt the dropoff from Locke to Quinn Sharp or Ryan Allen would have been huge. Ryan Allen won the Ray Guy award and is currently with the Patriots. And he did better than Locke last year.

  2. Yeah, Greenway sucks! We should cut him. I guess you should have your first rift with Zimmer then, because he wants 90 Greenways.

  3. Saying Greenway is a poor starter is ludicrous. He’s not a top 10 olb but i guarantee he’s top 32 still(being cautious). I honestly question if PFF knows anything about the Vikings other than Peterson looking at these grades. Derek Cox gets a better rating than Greenway… SMH

  4. Pretty much illustrates the team. Strong starters weak reserves. Basically before the offseason had to fill in the Dline, and secondary you get the ponder led playoff team from 2 years ago. Add a QB and you’re a healthy season contender. Any injuries on this roster are a huge problem. Add Floyd to the not enough information pile, greenway should be orange, Fusco a season away (one good year?) Simpson orange until further notice. Happy they gave Griffen yellow. That’s what he is until he proves it. Guessing at rookie starters you could say yellow or light green for Teddy if he’s healthy (rookies can get banged up with new speed) and orange for Barr, not sure he’ll get the snaps to go any higher. They could still sign competition, and any of the 3 backups could take run down snaps from him. I guess I’d check Bruce Irvin to see how he graded as a rookie.

    1. The reserves on any team are bound to have poor grades because of the grading criteria. PFF chose to evaluate based on how a player would fare as a *starter.*

      If players were evaluated based on how well they serve their role (e.g. Matt Cassel as a backup QB) then there’d be a lot more green on the board. Particularly at QB, and safety. Without putting much effort into it, Ponder is probably a top-5 3rd QB in the NFL.

  5. I’ve seen enough from Shaun Prater to say he is better than Josh Robinson. I’m banging the table for Prater to be the #3 corner!

    Mistral Raymond might have trouble making the 53 man roster.

    1. Not so fast, don’t judge Robinson off his slot play, he’s a terrible fit for the slot and incompetent Frazier should have never put him there. I think Robinson makes a huge step when he’s put back outside.

  6. I read some of your post about Greenway being a bad football player. Agree with Skol…he isn’t top 10, or 20 material, but he is not a bad football player. And these guys are crazy, to lump him in with Ponder…and he is worse than Lestar Jean? Who?
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Greenway make a Pro Bowl a couple years ago? Zimmer seems to like him…I trust an NFL coach more than any writer.

  7. As Zimmer said a few days back when responding to a reporters question about the depth chart…” You guys are more worried about the depth chart than I am.” I like this due so far.
    I do understand they gotta have something to write about…but it’s a ways off, lets let it play out.

  8. How much is Jamarca Sanford paying PFF for for his overall good grade of 0.6???

    Andrew Sendejo grades at -1.2

    PFF grades Sendejo better against the run but weaker against the pass than Sanford. Both played about the same amount of snaps. 809 to 746.

    I find the pass grade very strange because:
    PFF says that Sanford was thrown at 23 times and gave up 19 receptions for 3 TDs. 82%
    Sandejo was thrown at 27 times (more often) and gave up 20 reception for 3 TDs. 74.1%

    Sandejo has 2 pass defended to Sanford’s 1.

    Sandejo has 65 total tackles to Sanford’s 58

    Stops are a solo defensive play that constitutes an offensive failure. Sandejo has 27 of those and Sanford only has 12.

    How the heck does PFF come up with a better grade for Sanford????

    1. PFF is a joke the more I look at their ratings. An article from “The Onion” is more likely to be reliable.

  9. Lestar Jean! Where the hell is Erik Lora? That guy has Wes Welker/Wayne Chrebet written all over him. Would be a shame to risk losing him on the practice squad…..