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2014 Minnesota Vikings: Color-Coded Projected Depth Chart

I’ve taken a stab at projecting a depth chart for the Minnesota Vikings, not as it stands now, but what I expect to see by Week 4 of the season, barring injury. To that end, I’ve decided to add color to it in order to give a snapshot of my opinion of each player. Each color is how I expect that player to perform for the year, despite the fact that I recognize many of the players will not make the roster—think of each player as being judged “if they made the roster.”


Further, there are some bands of uncertainty. There are five basic grades: Elite, good, solid, questionable and bad. Those are pretty simple and are judged relative to the rest of the league.

Then there are four shaded grades: rookie—optimistic, rookie—pessimistic, unknown—optimistic, unknown—pessimistic. Again, those grades are projections simply for 2014, not my opinion of the long-term prospects of the rookies. Both Anthony Barr and Jerick McKinnon are listed as pessimistic rookies, but I think that the ceiling is high for both of them and the coaching staff in place has a good chance of unlocking it, just not in 2014 (or in early 2014 at least).

Because the receivers in the Norv Turner offense are expected to be more versatile than they have been, being listed on the depth chart at the slot, like Greg Jennings is, doesn’t mean the majority of the snaps will be there or that they are the “third receiver” on the roster—just their primary role. So in this case, I think the receiver roster is Patterson, Simpson, Jennings, Wright and Lora. It looks like three slot receivers, but Patterson and Simpson will both play flanker and split end roles, while Jennings and Wright should play both slot and flanker roles. I would not be surprised to see Patterson in the slot, either.

I’ve only marked Patterson as “solid” instead of “very good” because I think route ability is going to be even more important and his development is still at a critical stage, now facing the burden of learning multiple positions. If all goes well, he’ll be the second receiver to Jennings until late into the season or next season where he should explode onto the scene. I acknowledge I could be massively underrating him.

Further, the rookies are graded optimistically and pessimistically with the fact that they are rookies in mind. So Teddy Bridgewater, who is marked as optimistic, I expect to be above average for a rookie starter, even if that doesn’t mean above-average for the league (and this means in the last seven or so years, not just the last two). I have also moved some people around from their listed position or their position last year (Audie Cole, I’ve put at SAM). I started two rookies and projected one sophomore to take over the starting role (at MLB) and debated doing that at left guard, but ultimately didn’t. We shall see.

The unknown grades apply to people who have either spent time on the roster but not on the field or have had less scrutiny from me going in (usually undrafted free agents). The ones on the roster I may have scouted in the past, but I do not know how they’ve developed. Regardless, I have a soft feeling on them, but recognize that I have a very wide band of uncertainty—that I know I know less. If I say I am optimistic on an unknown someone, by the way, I don’t think they have starter capability like I do for the rookies or veterans with the same, more certain grades. I simply think that they have a better chance to perform above the expectations of them than perform below them.

One of those people—Andrew Sendejo—HAS spent significant snaps on the field, but I marked him as uncertain, because if he continues his current level of play, it will be below average. If he improves, like I think he does, it will be great for the team.

One final note: I have included Austin Wentworth, despite the fact that he hasn’t signed. Therefore, the depth charts below will include 87 players (I am excluding the specialists).


Offense Depth Chart


Defense Depth Chart

Takeaways: 1) the offense is on the verge of being elite, and the defensive line is not too far behind, 2) linebacker is still a huge issue—even if you disagree with me on Barr and Greenway, because depth is a big problem, 3) safety is a position of strength, but the Vikings have made a choice to upgrade some things at the expense of the cornerbacks.

I am sure you have questions about players I projected/graded. I will attempt to answer them in the comments when I have the time. No need to point out that there are “25” starters. There are 25 people at the top of the depth chart at their position, specialists aside, that will take significant snaps. Just know that this involves wild speculation and projection for a system we haven’t seen the players in, on both sides of the ball—so don’t get too worked up.

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  1. I only have one query Arif.In a presser last week ,Zim said that in his system the Sam is now the Will and vice versa,and some of the other positions are flip flopped.Have you been able to take this into account,and if not does it affect the ratings?
    I love your work and appreciate the effort that goes in to your articles.

    1. The designations are flipped, but the responsibilities are the same. Chad/Will this year is the same as Chad/Sam last year.

    2. I’m not sure what even means. The Sam and Will linebackers aren’t lined up on the left or right side of the field. The Sam is lined up on the strong side, or the side where the TE is lined up. This requires Sam backers to be bigger so that they can drive blockers into running lanes (if the offense runs to the strong side).
      Will backers are usually smaller and faster because if you run to the weak side, you’re counting on some misdirection or speed to make up for the fact that there are fewer blockers.
      I don’t understand how the roles could be reversed exactly. Have a smaller faster guy take the side where the TE is lined up? It may work better in coverage, but it seems like he’ll get washed away in the run-game.
      My bet is that the backers will have dual responsibilities, and they’ll be asked to do multiple things. I’m curious if Arif has a better idea of what flipping the backers means.

      1. Sam/Will designations are traditionally based on the tight end, but there are a number of coaches (I think most well known is Perry Fewell) who based the designation on the alignment of the three-technique, which means that the over/under front determines the Will/Sam, and an over front will flip the designation between the two.

    3. Aussie61, will the Zimmer-led Vikings ever equal the great Parramatta Eels club with Ray Price, Peter Sterling (the Joe Montana of Rugby League), Mick Cronin, Brett Kenny, and the others that made history in the grand final victory for the ages back in 1986? That remains one of the greatest games that I have witnessed. Your commentary, Willsie, parted the clouds.

  2. Thank you for the visual depth chart. I see that you believe that Greenway’s decline last year has influenced your thoughts enough to believe that it just wasn’t the injury, but that he is descending in his abilities. You may be right, but I hope that you are wrong.

    1. I also wonder how much Greenway’s issues last year were due to ill-advised desperate attempts to cover up for other people out of position- both other LB and secondary people. Arif goes by the numbers, and I wouldn’t argue that, I’m just not sure that there wasn’t more going on here. There has to be a reason that Zimmer has not said anything or made any moves against Greenway. He must see something there.

      1. There is such little evidence that linebackers look bad on film because of “covering” for other linebackers. I don’t know what that looks like, but it doesn’t mean widening your drops, flipping your hips early, making the wrong coverage reads, taking the wrong angles or breaking down tackles incorrectly. It certainly doesn’t mean anything in man coverage, where he’s been terrible and if it meant anything in zone coverage, he’s playing zone coverage incorrectly.

        1. There was one interview with Zimmer where he suggested that Greenway may play Mike. Also, “somewhere” I read the Mike is not responsible for dropping into coverage – I believe it was in reference to Jasper coming back, and how he may fit into Zimmer’s scheme better as he was not very good in coverage.

      2. There is no such thing as covering for others mistakes.You do your assigned task,and do it well.If other guys mess up their assignment then that is an issue for the coaches.This is one of the best pieces of advice a coach ever gave me.

    2. Arif has said he believes Greenway’s decline started a couple years ago. Specifically, he said that his pay cut was warranted (whereas other paycuts might not) because he’s had “three consecutive years of poor play.”

  3. I agree with the linebacker comment that we are weak. I like our picks in the draft but had hoped they would have picked up atleast one more linebacker. I believe that picking Barr is a huge step but it will be a weak spot in our defense this year.

  4. I know Ponder’s not awesome, but do you really think the difference between he and Cassel is so large? Or do you think Cassel is on the bottom end of “Questionable”?

  5. Great work!

    I agree, that is a lot of green and blue for the first-string offense, and it is pretty easy to be optimistic about it.

    Defense does seem to be much better that we had any right to expect at the end of last season, but the LBs are definitely the soft underbelly there. I hope that the lack of activity regarding them in the draft represents a justifiable faith the coaches have in the existing staff. Your alignment looks quite sensible given the personnel.

    One other thing stood out to me on defense: Scott Crichton backing up Griffen on RDE. From what I can gather, he seems a similar player to Robison. In light of the latter being 31 and unlikely to play out the final year of his contract in 2017, isn’t it more likely that Crichton would be groomed to play LDE in anticipation of eventually replacing Robison?

  6. I know you’re a big fan of his, but I gagged again seeing Sanford still listed as not only the starter… but deemed as “solid”… our opinions of him are drastically different. I do agree with Mauti as the starting MLB, think the kid is going to be special now that he’s healthy.


      He’s been hitting his coverage marks better than the average safety in the last two years, he’s been breaking on the ball better than the average safety, he boxes out receivers better than the average safety, he hits the run angles better than the average safety.


      1. Amen! A-frickin’- MEN!

        On the other hand, I might have listed Cox as Unknown – Optimistic and Brinkley as Unknown – Pessimistic, the former because last year might have been a fluke for a guy who seemed to be developing into a pretty good starting cornerback, and the latter because, well, because – oh, hell, he was injured last year so I’m still holding onto the hope that Brinkley can be a legit two-down MLB. Basically, I’m hoping he pulls off a Sanford.

  7. Great work once again Arif.
    I was surprised to see the ‘Overrated’ Johnson playing in front of Yankey.
    I was pleasantly surprised to see Mauti starting. I so hope he can stay healthy. Great player, great leader.
    Hope to see Richardson replace Loadholt soon too.

    On paper, it looks to me that we have made huge improvements on both sides. If the new coaching staff is what it’s purported to be, we’re contenders this year

    1. I am very high on Loadholt, who has put together two fantastic consecutive seasons at right tackle.

      Johnson/Yankey is interesting, and I’m very curious as to how that will play out. Like you, I hope Yankey beats him out. Just had a feeling he’d have to wait a year, though.

      1. I would have never guessed that in a million years. Good news for sure and I’ll need to pay closer attention I guess. He was turnstile his first couple years tho.

  8. Arif,

    …does anyone else still write for VT? It seems like you have this place on lock down 🙂

    1. You’re about to see some great stuff from Lindsey!

      Carl is still contributing weekly, but I’ve overshadowed him with all these posts. Brett and Adam have been busy, but they’ll come back.

  9. Criticizing Greenway is sacrilege! Come on Arif. You know this already.

    He has legions of fans who swear he is still good all the while ignoring the fact that he is already 31 years old and highly unlikely to all of a sudden get a heck of a lot better. These fans do not realize the simple fact that NFL players rarely get better once they hit 30. In fact, it is extremely rare. Usually Hall of Fame type players are the ones.

    The funniest excuse is that he is “covering” for others. I have never ever seen any tape evidence of Greenway so far out of the zone he has to drop into because he is several yards away helping out another LB. That is asinine and no one who has said it can provide you any tape evidence of it being true.

    It wont matter though. This will be his last year here. He is set to make 7.1 mil next year with an 8,8 mil cap hit. There is no chance on Earth he is going to get that money. If he does then the front office is need of a major overhaul.

    I got 99 problems but Greenway ain’t 1.

  10. I wonder if there is really a point in distinguishing the H-back and the Fullback positions. Certainly the U-position is distinct from the other two, but don’t those other two require the much the same skillset (blocking, some receiving, and rare carries) and to some degree even share personnel?

    Is there enough difference in role between H-Back and Fullback to merit anymore distinction than you’d place in the types of Edge Rusher (ROLB and RDE)?

    1. Good point, especially with the Turner offense.

      But given that both Felton and Ellison have taken significant snaps, and only Ellison plays in-line, for now there is a distinction. I do know they have separate position coaches. In terms of the technique and generic responsibility it is more different than 3-4OLB and 4-3DE.

  11. Excellent stuff Arif, thanks for all your time and expertise in developing this info. I am also a Loadholt fan, his peers say he is in the top 100 (#97) players in the NFL. I look for Yankey to replace Johnson however it will take some work to crack that O-Line that has some extended time together. Interesting that you show Baca as backing up Sully, I thought Berger would be there and Baca competing with Fusco. I totally agree that Coach Turner’s Offense is going to be something special very soon. Coach Zimmer will have that group of LBs one of the very best in the NFL by years end Mauti is going to be a “stud” in the middle and Barr will be the DROY, if Greenway hick-ups wrong Hodges will grab his opportunity to shine. Your efforts Arif paints a very good picture for the Vikings thanks again. Oh and my two guys to watch Michael Mauti and Jarius Wright, it is going to be their turn to as a former Viking said “rock the NFL”

    1. I should have switched Baca and Berger, but they are both swing OG/Cs if we’re being thorough anyway.

      If Mauti’s knee remains healthy his ceiling is very high.

  12. I’m even less optimistic about the UT position than you are: I don’t think Floyd is solid, and I’ll be curious to see whether one of the DEs ends up taking a significant portion of the inside snaps.

    As MPLS Nick pointed out, I’m also curious as to why you have Wooten behind Robison and Chricton behind Griffen. Granted, all four of them have a lot in common, but is that because you see Chricton as being more energetic in the way that Griffen is?

    At DB, I think Prater should have a decent shot at beating Sherels for the backup at slot behind Munnerlyn. For the safeties, I know Sendejo replaced Smith in the former regimes more interchangeable safety scheme, but isn’t he more realistically a better bet in the box, while Exum has a better shot at backing up Smith in the deep backfield?

    1. Wootton/Crichton was a gut move more than anything. Griffen and Robison are so similar anyway, I doubt it matters much. When Griffen was a backup, he played both sides.

      I understand the hesitation about Floyd, I haven’t really figured out the issue for him last year, but I’m not 100% convinced it was talent. I switched between questionable and solid for him, anyway.

      As I said above, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Prater move significantly up the charts.

      You’re right that Sendejo may be a better box safety than free safety, but I feel good about his range and value FSs more than SSs. Who knows? Exum feels more like a box safety than Sendejo given his get-up speed issues, but those could potentially be fixed by now.

      1. I was just watching college highlights of Floyd. A few things stood out to me:
        1) He’s pretty quick off the snap, which is good.
        2) He disappears more than I’d like. He got double teamed a lot, which I suppose is a good thing, but he also would get pushed around more than I feel comfortable with for a top prospect. I wish he would play with more power. He looks like a solid rotation guy, but not a star. Except…every now and then he just knifes through opposing double teams and makes a play. Seems like he handles single linemen well…except when he doesn’t. Which brings me to point three…
        3) Sharif Floyd is a guy who it’ll be fun to see what Zimmer can do for him. On the one hand, he honestly looks mediocre a little too frequently to be considered a top prospect, but on the other hand when he does make plays it is quite convincing and makes you wonder why he doesn’t do it more often. Is he being asked to play more like a NT and simply control a gap? Seems like it. Also seems like when they tell him to rush the passer he has a different level of aggressiveness. I’m no Arif or other great football mind, so I’ll let others more knowledgeable speak on that, but Floyd looks like a guy who could be consistently good, even pretty good, but will never be as great as Kevin Williams was. And the truth is, in Zimmer’s defense, that’s OK. Floyd doesn’t have quite as high a motor as I think Zimmer might like, but with NFL strength training and a more frequent green light to collapse the pocket AND with Zimmer et al training him on how to choose better angles and whatnot, Floyd might just become a sneaky good interior DL.

        It’s one of the story lines that I will definitely be watching. We’re all going to be watching Barr and the LBs and DBs, but I believe that Zimmer’s D revolves around an extremely disruptive DLine, and seeing what he has Floyd do will be very instructive, IMO. In many ways, Barr’s usage and development is pretty straightforward – he’s going to rush the passer, a lot. His coverage and run support skills will be developed over the coming seasons, but Zimmer can and will ‘protect’ him and mostly use his already apparent god given talents of rushing the passer. Floyd, on the hand, isn’t as clear cut.

        1. And FWIW, I think Scott Crichton is going to be a very good pickup for Zimmer’s D. I think we’re going to see a lot of guys with their hair on fire again.

  13. I was a little excited to see what Lora can do……but isn’t he just a clone of Adam Thielen? Their numbers from their combine/pro day are eerily similar. Lora looks to have a little more quickness ala Welker…..but not sure he’s got the sticking power to make the roster.

    Yankey and Exum are the two wild cards for me……could quickly develop into solid starters, but work to be done.

    Arif, continued great job and thank you so much for bringing us such great insight and analysis. VT has become one of my go-to websites….in large part because of the value you have brought to the site.

    1. Don’t think so. Lora is a much more polished receiver and from what I understand more athletic on the field with pads and a helmet on.

      And… Wes Welker is not an athletic dude. Very, very quick but he doesn’t have the speed that Lora has by any means. Theilen has similar straight-line speed, but he doesn’t have the route-running polish or quickness Lora has by any means.

      1. I hope so, as I love the results he produced. The 10 minutes or so of film I watched was full of good catches in open space, only to be caught from behind. Didn’t see any break away type speed….had possession receiver written all over him.

        Again….time will tell!

  14. I agree with most, but I would’ve given Yankey first-string over Johnson- I would be surprised if that is not the reality either week 1 or very shortly thereafter. I thought Berger was the back-up center, but this is a small issue.

    Linebackers are probably the biggest question mark, and I certainly hope the new coaching staff is not as tied to existing veterans as the last coaching staff was. I’m more optimistic about Barr given his ability to learn quickly, natural instincts and awesome measureables. Have you heard of Cole being moved to SLB? That would make some sense, but previously he’s been in competition (some say ahead of) Mauti at MLB. I like Mauti at MLB both for ability and leadership. Greenway is a white elephant in the linebacker group, and I would prefer Hodges as starting WLB, but it is too early to promote him. Greenway has value as a player/coach, but performance on the field dictate a backup role.

    I would love it if Josh Robinson got his act together and won the starting CB role, but I think Prater may challenge and win that spot. We’ll see. I could see Kendall James passing Derek Cox on the depth chart.

    I think Jerick McKinnon is envisioned for a bigger role- ala Darren Sproles- in Norv’s offense and I’m sure will be given a shot as a returner as well. Wouldn’t be surprised if either Asiata or Line is the odd back out.

    1. I agree Asiata is on his way out. I think his ceiling has already been reached, and it’s not very high. I would like to see Patterson replaced as KO returner, just from an injury standpoint. If your talking about punts I’ll disagree. Mckinnon has no stats for punt returns (he’s had 4 KO returns in college) and Sherels is a good punt returner. A little competition is always good, but I don’t see the benefit of taking time away from him learning the RB position and his role in the offense to learn a new skill, especially when we currently have the number 2 ranked punt returner in the NFL.

    2. I understand Yankey > Johnson. Definitely understand and hope for it. The only reason I gave it to Johnson is that with Jeff Davidson still coaching the OL, the running scheme is very probably going to be extremely similar and once again very complex, which gives Johnson a huge camp advantage over Yankey.

      I moved Cole to SLB because of the depth issues there on the original depth chart and that he has played a lot of SLB at NC State. Haven’t heard anything. If Mauti doesn’t have sore knees, he’s a great MLB prospect. From what I understand, that’s the only thing that kept him out of the starting lineup in favor of Cole.

      I listed Hodges pessimistically only because the stuff I saw early, early on was a bit discouraging but he could be good. I just don’t see Greenway getting dislodged. Zimmer sounded very high on him in the post-draft presser.

      Would like to see Prater pass by Robinson, and it could definitely happen. Probably the most likely roster jump.

      McKinnon will take a lot of time to become effective in any significant role, so it will be tough for him to edge people out.

      Thanks for the comment.

  15. I think Line should be moved to RB, and replace Asiata, as a poor mans Gerhart. The little bit I saw, granted it was in preseason last year, he looked hesitant/unsure who to block.
    I’m worried about Sullivan and the amount and types of injuries he’s suffered. His knee surgery and his third concussion. If he’s healthy, he’s elite, although he can be overpowered, but I think we need to plan for his replacement sooner rather than later.
    Looking at the depth chart, if Kalil goes down it’s going to get ugly for everybody.
    I really really hope Barr and Yankey both step-up. It’s not a big leap to think they both could be solid.
    I think I’d list Brinkley as questionable. He is a solid run stopper, and terrible in coverage. If used in the right situation I think he could be dependable. He’s not a 3 down back, so if that’s the criteria he’s bad. A lot of unknowns at LB, but I think Barr could be listed as a positive, just because his speed has to be accounted for by the other team. I think Greenway is bad. It could be because of injuries to his wrist, but his play was bad. I’m in the minority that thought Henderson was doing well. I liked his reads and tackling, although the runner usually fell forward. I hope he’s getting help, and if he cleaned up his personal life I’d like to see him back.
    Anyway those are my guesses. Skol!

    1. I think you might be right about Line, especialy given his production in college.

      I jjust read that J’Macus Webb visited the Vikings. My vague memory is that he graded out well at PFF for the one game he started last year in place of Loadholt so I would love to have us re-sign him as the swing back-up tackle.

    2. “if Kalil goes down it’s going to get ugly for everybody.” Pederson would probably be a lot worse for the team. The backup Left Takle this year will be MUCH better than last year’s backup at LT.

      1. You’re right about Peterson. I don’t even know who the OT’s are. I’ve heard of K. Murphy, but if we’re down to Kalil’s backup and C. Johnson protecting the left side this is gonna get ugly.

  16. Nice work, beating PFF to the punch (they’ve started a similar series, Vikes aren’t due up for a couple of weeks though).

    My forecast for the defense:

    — I expect Tom Johnson to be the UT backup behind Floyd, Evans to be the NT backup behind Joseph (yes, he’s not really a NT), and Stephen to stick with the team as the 5th DT, a la Baker last year.

    — Cole is likely Barr’s backup, Hodges is likely Greenway’s (unless he’s an early bust too, he was terrible in preseason last year), and Mauti is likely the starting MLB. I hope so anyway.

    — I doubt the Vikings would’ve signed Coleman if they were as happy with Sanford as you are. He probably has at least as good a chance to start as Sanford.

    — Robinson will more likely cut than a starter / major contributor. Maybe he sticks around as a 5th CB but I bet he’s done in Minnesota, he’s a bust (even his rookie year was overrated). Zimmer will keep his rookies and get rid most of Frazier’s guys: Robinson, Sherels (maybe), a couple of the safeties (Raymond definitely, at least one of the B’s, maybe even Sanford if Coleman gets the starting job). Prater can stay because he was a Bengal.

    CB: Rhodes, Munnerlyn, Cox, Prater, 2 rookies
    S: Smith, Coleman, Sendejo, Blanton, Exum

    — Zimmer has a track record of getting mileage out of late round DBs. I put together some stats here –

    The numbers are encouraging, might turn that into a DN fanpost if I get around to it.

  17. Who wants to bet me that the Vikes will be the team to sign their draft picks again this year? Still have not figured out why this happens year after year.

  18. Just curious about the two practice squad WRs we had last season, Adam Thielen and Rodney Smith. Who currently has the edge and are there any UDFAs in particular that might overtake them such as Lora?

    1. Thanks for posting the link. I would have missed it. Man Rick is a cool customer. I’m to emotional, I’d be bouncing off the walls trying to get who I wanted. He just stands there, maybe a little pacing, and a smile. I always wondered if teams ask the other team who they’re after. When Rick told Seattle, “We’re going offense” I kinda got an answer. There’s no doubt Rick is in charge. Standing at the front of the room, with everyone facing him. He seems to be in complete control. He kind of had a look on his face, when Gilbert’s name was announced after the Cleveland trade, like the smokescreen worked. I mean getting people to think Gilbert was possibly who we wanted. I think he got the player he expected to get, when he drafted Barr. A well run draft, at least the first round, by Spielman and Co. I think he’s doing a really good job. Although the Winfield situation could have been handled better. It’s going to be an exciting year. Skol!

      1. Yep, Spielman is a cool customer.
        But he’s going to have to eat that firing of ‘Toine for a long time.
        BAD move (Since I had just bought a Winfield jersey on Ebay)

        1. Yeah, that whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth. I don’t know everything that happened, but the way it was reported, 26 deserved better. Hopefully Spielman learned from that. That sucks that you’d just bought the jersey, but it did take you an awful long time to commit. I mean he’d been a Viking almost a decade. I’m just ribbing you a little. Judging from Sielman’s past though, if you want a Peterson jersey you’d better act fast. Although, to his credit, when he lets popular veterans go (Winfield, K.Williams) they don’t seem to have much left in the tank. We’ll find out this year how much Jared has left. Skol!

          1. total botch job on winfield. disrespectful and morale killing. all other players have to look at that with disdain and wonder if they want to play for a GM that does that. easily avoided, too

  19. Quick question on Barr. Why do most people expect him to be such a project. I mean he had twenty some sacks in two years in a tough conference. Look at clowny’s 3 sacks or Macks weak conference but nobody is saying they are projects. It seams like Barr has just as good a chance for a great season as those two. Zimmer has already hinted at a James Harrison type 3rd down role and I would think his speed and great fluidity will help his coverage. Zimmer weight room zeal should help his upper body strength then it’s just gaining experience and improving his hand work. I am betting by mid season he will be a force.

    1. The main reason is probably because he has only played LB for 2 years. He might have great sack numbers over the last two years but he was pretty much doing that based of sheer athleticism. Which is why he has the potential to be great I’ve watched a few games of him and about every play he was rushing the passer. He needs to get better using his hands as he can get swallowed up by OT’s and has trouble getting off blocks. Also getting overall stronger will help him become better. If he can play better against the run and become more consistent the sky’s the limit for this kid. Although it will take time I believe Zimmer can turn him into a superstar.

  20. as much as i want TB to show us how good he’ll be, i’d rather he doesn’t start right away. the nfl is completely different than college, let him adjust, we aren’t winning a title – yet

    1. I agree completely CAL. Teddy should sit and learn. It will only make him better for the long run.

  21. I would have thought you would have Chase Baker as Floyd’s backup. He seems more like a pass rush UT type to me, where I thought Stephen was more of a run-stuffing type.

  22. Don’t the Vikings’ off-season moves make more sense with this year as a re-building year and next year as the contenders? Maybe they’ve written this season off as a no-chance-of-super-bowl season and made their moves with significantly more regard for the 2015 season than the 2014 season?

  23. I like the way we are going but I feel we need an upgrade next to smith at safety and a corner yes we are trying but had chance to do a better job at updating them spots with better talent if that happens we are a good shot at north title what do you think the offenve was fine last year with Cassel defense couldn’t get off field.

  24. I agree with most of your projections, but I would consider both Greenway and Brinkley to be “questionable”. From everything I’ve read about Zimmer’s scheme, it seems as though it will help hide their obvious weaknesses much better than the Tampa 2.

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