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2014 Minnesota Vikings: Jerome Simpson Cited for Misdemeanor (UPDATE: RELEASED)

UPDATE: Jerome Simpson has been released by the Vikings, per a statement from them

The circus continues with the Vikings. Nearly done with his suspension with the Vikings, he found himself in trouble again. From Matt Vensel at the Star Tribune:

The Vikings receiver was cited July 7 on charges of marijuana possession, open bottle and violating a limited drivers license, according to Hennepin County Court records.

He has a Nov. 3 court appearance.

ESPN was first to report the news. The team has not issued a comment.

Simpson is serving a three-game suspension by the NFL for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, stemming from a drunken-driving arrest last season.

Simpson was arrested Nov. 9 but avoided jail time in January after pleading guilty to careless driving and third-degree drunken driving. Simpson was placed on a one-year probation and ordered to perform 120 hours of community service.

This is Simpson’s second suspension from the NFL. He previously was suspended for three games when he first signed with the Vikings in 2012 related to a drug arrest in September 2011 while he was a member of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Dude might be gone soon.

UPDATE: Hennepin County probation was unaware of the citation.


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      1. i would think it’s a ticket, like for speeding, and you don’t get arrested for that, either. you can be in possession of marijuana and have an open bottle, but maybe you hadn’t recently used pot or alcohol, at least to the point of being impaired to drive, so no arrest. idk what the law is there, but a lot of areas have relaxed the penalties for having small amounts of pot

        violating a limited drivers license was the one i wondered more about, because if he wasn’t supposed to be driving when he was stopped, why would the cop let him drive off? maybe he didn’t let JS drive away, but maybe he also didn’t have to arrest him for that, either

  1. He’s gone, and so is his career. I hope the pot and booze were worth it. Rodney Smith, send a note of thanks.

  2. is anyone running a sweepstake on who’s next? Someone should run some numbers and come up with a probability index….

    1. I feel like Arif has enough data that he can put together some kind of Viking actuarial tables to that effect.

  3. Simpson released. It’s getting hard to field a madden squad! Next: John Sullivan arrested for robbing an 80 year old grandma for fantasy football dues.

  4. Zimmer has got to be ready to lose it. Simpson was talking before last year about getting his “big contract”. People just go and act with no sense of what’s on the line. You get that far in life and are still that stupid.

  5. This is the time we find out what our coach is made of. I hope Zimmer can step up and rally the players.

    1. I was thinking the same thing this morning! Actually feel sorry for Zim,poor guy waited 20 years to get a HC job and then runs in to this buzz saw!

  6. Yeah, what Cal said. Open bottle and simple possession under a certain amount are citable offenses. As long as he wasn’t intoxicated from either substance he wouldn’t be arrested. The revoked license is weird though, and violating terms of release and/ or probation. Maybe he’s not on probation in MN yet if he hasn’t been sentenced yet. But, still would think those are violations of release though.