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DeMarcus Love Handed Four Game Suspension

The Vikings have had a pleasantly quiet offseason, with nobody really being “that guy,” but Thursday’s news of DeMarcus Love’s four game suspension for violating the NFL’s policies against performance enhancing drugs is somewhat of a damper.

“I’m really hurt about it,” Love told Access Vikings after Thursday’s practice.

He should be.  Love was selected by the Vikings in the sixth round of the 2011 Draft, but was inactive throughout his entire rookie season, and then was placed on injured reserve for all of 2012 with a torn pectoral muscle.  This latest setback could very well spell the end of his run with the Vikings and could possibly end his career before he ever got to play a single snap.

“He won’t be on the field with us, won’t be able to practice with us, won’t be able to play with us,” Leslie Frazier said of the situation. “So that can’t help your development if you’re not on the field. But while he’s here, we’re going to work as hard as we can to help him come along.”

There as certainly no guarantee that Love would have made the final roster heading into September before this suspension, even with depth somewhat lacking at offensive tackle, as he was truly considered a “bubble” player that needed to have a good training camp as recently as yesterday.  It is for that reason, however, that I think Love’s chances of being a Viking in September may have actually been helped by the suspension.

If the Vikings are awarded a roster exemption during Love’s four game suspension then the Vikings would have very little, if anything, to lose by keeping him around until week five of the regular season.  They could push the decision to keep him or not off until he is eligible to return, which would be after four weeks of football have been played and four weeks of injuries have been sustained.  If the four weeks is up then they could easily part ways with him and his $550,000 salary.

If the Vikings don’t get a roster exemption and he still remains on the roster then that is a sign that the team both believe in his abilities as a player and also believe that his remorse over this situation is genuine.

“I was shocked, man,” Love said on Thursday. “I’ve never cheated and never will. Not intentionally. Unfortunate it’s something I can’t change. It happened. It didn’t work out in my favor and so I’ve got to face the consequences.”

He knows that the suspension could be detrimental to his career, but hopes that his tale will be one of caution to other players on the Vikings roster, at the very least.

“One thing about it is it’s bad for me,” he said. “But it also gives other guys a heads up so they know that you really have to watch what you put in your body. Because whatever it is, they’ll find it. And you’ll eventually have to pay for it.”

Love was given the same “heads up” when Kevin Williams had to face a two game suspension in 2011, Love’s rookie season, for the whole StarCaps saga.  That apparently wasn’t enough to keep Love from making a similar mistake.

The Vikings now, more than ever, have a glaring vacancy at the backup tackle position.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Wonder what they found in his system? Some of the stuff sounds innocent but some is blatantly cheating.

    1. Hello BJohnnys – It just so happens that your old pal Fragile has a detailed report of what was found in Damarius’ system. For your enjoyment :

      1) 4 cases of Colt 45 ( who could blame him?)
      2) 2 Minnesota state fair corn dogs on a stick
      3) Double deep fried Lomi Lomi Salmon (Ole sells these at the state fair)
      4) 6 Mama Damaggio’s frozen pepperoni pizza’s
      5) 2 buckets of KFC flaming hot wings – extra crispy
      6) A rack of Tennessee flavored Indian ribs
      7) and…. a diet coke.

      The man’s been framed Johnny!!!!

      Johnny, you know your old pal Freds wants your record prediction for the year. What do you think?

      1. Haha Freds. I hate to even venture a guess at this point. It just depends on Ponder, if he stinks it up I’ll say 7 wins. If he gets better I’ll say 10 or 11 wins. How’s that for going out on a limb?

  2. “I was shocked, man,” Love said on Thursday. “I’ve never cheated and never will. Not intentionally. Unfortunate it’s something I can’t change. It happened. It didn’t work out in my favor and so I’ve got to face the consequences.”


    “I’ve never cheated and never will…”


    “I’ve never cheated…”

    Right. 4 game suspension for, you know, NOT cheating. Makes sense.

  3. By the way, Adam, of all the weird ads that pop up on this site, I think the lady sporting the “I pooped today” t-shirt, with a stickman in celebratory pose is my favorite.