Gathering Motivation To Discuss The Vikings (5 Things)

Following yet another meltdown loss, the Vikings are about as interesting to us fans as the details surrounding the latest archeological search for a meat eating platypus.  In fact, that gives me an idea for a new blog…

Anyways, the Dallas game happened.  Here are five random things on my mind tonight:

1.  I Bailed On Ya

I’m sorry for not being present for our game-time live chat this week.  I had some issues rise up this week and weekend that had me in a foul mood.  I can’t imagine I would have been much fun in the chat, so I limited my scorn exclusively to our VT Twitter account for this one game.  That will change on Thursday night as I will be there, with bells on, to cheer Christian Ponder to a 1-6 record for the year!

2.  Christian Ponder Is 0-6 For The Year

Once again, all of the blame cannot be placed on the shoulders of Christian Ponder for this loss, but he just still isn’t showing up.  His offensive line played their best game of the season, by far, and the receivers seemed pretty on task.  Ponder’s inability to recognize a game situation other than run-of-the-mill snaps is bewildering, as evidenced by him holding the ball in the endzone for far too long and letting the Cowboys strip him for an easy score.  His interception was ugly.  Looking back at the film reveals open receivers when he chose to use his legs.  His hail mary attempt was just… just… just… I’m trying to find the words but I’m coming up short.

3.  Leslie Frazier Wants To Keep Playing Ponder (Who Is 0-6 For The Year)

Leslie Frazier indicated this week, a short week, that he sees no reason to replace Christian Ponder (again) as the Vikings starter.  Those fans hoping for the top pick in the 2014 Draft are happy to hear it.  Ponder’s record, and inability to show that he has “it,” is maddening, but unless the Vikings gave Josh Freeman two weeks to prepare for Washington the move makes sense.  If Ponder drops to 0-7 this week then Freeman could have a little extra time, on a long week, to once again be installed as the starter.

4.  This Week Makes Me Happy To Have Frazier

I know Leslie Frazier deserves plenty of criticism (take the points, man!), but I am still grateful for the sense of calm and control he brings to the organization.  The Richie Incognito nonsense going down in Miami is downright embarrassing for the Dolphins, and seems like it would have fit perfectly into the 2010 Vikings season, but these are the types of things we don’t need to worry about under Frazier.  I’m not saying his roster’s performance off the field trumps their inabilities on it, but the class this organization displays under his leadership is of some value and cannot be denied.

5.  No, Not Nnamdi

The Vikings had a few unlikely bright spots on Sunday, including defensive backs Andrew Sendejo and Josh Robinson, but the talent and health of the secondary is far from ideal.  I’ve seen plenty of people suggest the Vikings should claim 32 year old Nnamdi Asomugha after the Niners waived him, but that is incredibly unlikely.  His $1 million salary can’t fit as the Vikes have less than $600,000 of cap space.  He is a terrible fit schematically.  Signing someone of his age would mean sacrificing youth development, something the team wasn’t willing to do for Antoine Winfield, and won’t be willing to do here.  More likely is that they will sign Bobby Felder back to the squad after his brief stay with the Bucs.