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Injury Update: Kevin Williams Is A Possibility

The Vikings offense has received the most attention following the week one loss in Detroit, but the defense certainly didn’t inspire much confidence with their performance, either.  Part of the problem was visible in the middle of the defense, with Detroit’s running game producing quite nicely, and it was noticeable that defensive tackle was out of action.

According to 1500 ESPN, the defensive line rotation may get a boost this week against Chicago, who has a talented duo of running backs themselves.  Williams was able to practice in a limited capacity on Wednesday and Leslie Frazier said he hoped to see him back in the lineup this Sunday.

Also limited in practice were CB Josh Robinson (quad), C John Sullivan (knee), and RT Phil Loadholt (knee).  The Bears are little healthier right now with CB Charles Tillman (knee) being their only player limited in Wednesday’s practice.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Thank God. I think the defense missed him more than we thought. Now if we just had a mean, fat, steroid infested stud muffin to play beside him.

    1. I miss Phat Pat…I also miss Favre, Culpepper, Cunningham, Moon, Kramer, Tark,…hell I think I even miss Jeff George and Gus Frerotte…. All those dudes were not afraid to get hit to make a damn throw…I think that is Ponders problem.
      To be able to stand in there and make the throw when you know you’re gonna get clocked. Maybe he doesn’t have the arm, if he does then he doesn’t have any confidence in it. I keep wanting him to break out…hoping.
      It’s frustrating because at times he shows some promise. But one thing you rarely see is him standing tall in a collapsing pocket and firing a bullet for a 14 yard gain. You tube MBT…you’ll see it.
      See, now had I posted this thing a word at a time…I’d be breathing down Fran and Tombs neck….

      1. I was with you until Gus Frerotte, Cart. That’s when the term delusional entered my mind. I’ll led you add Wade Wilson, though. I always kinda liked old Whiskey. Ponder reminds me a lot of Rich Gannon.

        1. Coach, I would take old Gus over Ponder any day. He would stay in the pocket and deliver under heavy pressure.

        2. Bud
          Lets hope he transforms into Gannon.
          He was pretty good when he was with the Raiders.

        3. Whiskey? Wade Wilson’s nickname was whiskey? That’s messed up, I know me some Viking history and I’ve never heard that. So…why whiskey? I thought 494 Tommy was the whiskey dude.

  2. Nadonnakong Sue should be suspended a minimum of 4 games for that cheap shot on Sully.
    And that dumb goon that hit K.Will? 8 games!