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Bargains Could Now Be Available

There is some speculation out there that the Greg Jennings signing caused the Vikings to max out their credit card, from a salary cap standpoint, and will be done spending in free agents.  While it seems likely the Vikings are close to the spending threshold, we do not yet know what Greg Jennings’ cap hit will be, and there could be more restructuring or releases in the near future that give the Vikings some flexibility.

So, let’s assume for a minute that the Vikings end up having some money left to spend, but not enough to go shopping for big names.  Who could they target at what positions?  Here are seven guys I think could be great bargains at this point in the offseason:

Larry Grant, LB, 49ers:  Signing Jennings gave the Vikings some flexibility when it comes to their first round draft picks.  Signing a guy like Grant, who filled in well for an injured Patrick Willis in 2011, could provide them similar flexibility as it now assumed the Vikings will be targeting a middle linebacker early on.

Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR, Raiders:  Raiders players are so freaking hard to evaluate.  Either they are much better than you think, because the poor talent around them hindered their ability to perform, or they are not nearly as good as you think because they were simply a bright spot amidst a pile of junk.  Heyward-Bey hasn’t been a total bust in Oakland, but he hasn’t been great either.  We know he is big and incredibly fast, able to break off that home run play from time to time, and the former top 10 pick could help the Vikings take advantage of Adrian Peterson’s command of opposing defenses.

Alan Branch, DT, Seahawks:  Signing a run stuffing tackle like Branch could give the Vikings major flexibility when it comes to their draft choices, as well as dealing with Kevin Williams and his cumbersome contract.  At this point in their careers, I’m not sure replacing Williams with a guy like Branch would be much of a step back, and would almost certainly free up some cap space.

Brad Jones, LB, Packers:  Two high-quality Packers being swiped in one offseason?  Sure, why not.  Jones was a three-down linebacker for the Packers last season after Desmond Bishop got hurt and was one of the more productive members of their defense.  If he comes cheap enough, the Vikings could move him around, as needed, to all three linebacker positions.  He is only 27 years old, so his best days might still be in front of him.

Ramses Barden, WR, Giants:  I know I’ve been beating this drum all offseason, but Barden could prove to be the steal of the offseason if he lands in the right position.  The tall receiver never really got his chances with New York’s talented depth chart, but if he used these years to refine his skills and condition his body, then he could provide a team like the Vikings with a huge red zone target with a large catch radius.  He has upside, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up starting for a receiver-needy offense this year.

Felix Jones, RB, Cowboys:  The Percy Harvin trade not only left the Vikings needing a receiver, but it also left them without a scat back and taking a step back on special teams.  Jones has seen his value plummet over the last two seasons, but he can still serve as an adequate pass catching back and as a quality return man.  For a minimum contract, the Vikings could have a stacked running back depth chart, and some flexibility when it comes to contract-year plodder Toby Gerhart.

E.J. Biggers, CB, Bucs:  I’d love to have Antoine Winfield on this list, but it is safe to say that it isn’t likely he’ll be returning, and certainly not at a bargain price.  His absence will be felt in the backfield, however, and while he and Biggers have different skill sets, Biggers is still worthy of interest given his age (26) and solid year in 2012.  Re-signing Biggers is a priority from the Bucs, and he reportedly has offers on the table from other teams, so he may not end up being much of a bargain.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. I would like for us to go after LB position. I think that is our thinest position on our roster, so adding a LB and come draft time we can focus on BPA instead of certain positions.

    1. Linebacker in the NFL has lost 90% of its value. They are generally too slow to cover modern TEs[imagine Greenway covering Rudolph] and get demolished(most of the time) by pulling guards[imagine Hutchinson vs Erin Henderson]. That said they are still vital but CB, DT and DE are much more valuable now and linebackers are falling from grace.

  2. Adam, I’m glad you brought these guys up. Living in the “Tomb Raider” house, I’ve seen plenty of DHB the last couple years, and he’s come a long ways from his “more names than catches” days.

    I’d LOVE to have that guy on our team. Way better option that Simpson. What kind of money you think this guy is looking for? After basically raping Al Davis, he’s going to have to settle for normal human numbers, just curious what number you think he’s looking at?

      1. Money well spent, me-thinks. I’d love to pick him up…which clearly means it won’t happen.

        1. The deal we originally gave Jenkins averaged $3 million a year, but we signed him a couple days after he was cut. DHB is younger, but it will depend on how long he’s sitting on the market. If they called him up next week I bet they wouldn’t be able to do something for less than $3 million a year.

          1. I’d have no problem with 7 or 8. Crazy? Maybe, but I think he could easily be a number 1 receiver. He has skill.

  3. that’s fine if we can squeeze in another FA or two, but my hope is that spielman has another good draft, as he wants to plan for the long term. there’s only so many roster spots and he’s said that this is going to be the way the vikes approach things under him

  4. Adam,
    Does my memory serve me correct in the sense that the Vikes will not probably get any compensatory pick this year?

        1. Kind of. Comp picks go to teams that let more UFAs go than they signed. NFL awards 32 each year.

          Vikes won’t get any this year. Right now I think they might get a 7th in 2014 if everything stays as it currently is, which it won’t.

          1. Yep, sorta what I was thinking. Knowing that, I would not be surprised to see Ricky trade down and stockpile some picks for next year.

  5. A middle linebacker would be a nice get, but my biggest hope is that we can get Winfield back for a reduced price. Maybe they can get Kevin Williams or Jared Allen to restructure their contract in order to get him back for a year or two.

  6. brandon lyod just got released by the patriots, would he worth looking at and i wouldnt heyward-bey getting a look at either id love to see a good set of recievers again

    1. I have been reading that a lot of people thinks he is bipolar. That’s why the Patriots cut him.

      1. I hate being bipolar – its awesome. (saw that on this t-shirt ad we get here sometimes.)

  7. So you started with five guys to look at, but by the time you got done with the article you had seven. You are certainly “into it”, Adam. I like the list, and I agree with you that Barden could be a bargain. The Raider guy will probably get more money than we want to pay.

    1. Oh boy, good catch… Free agency makes me like a kid in a candy store. “Just five, mom, just five.”

      “Adam, that’s seven.”

      “Oh, well, that’s only two more than five, so what’s the big deal?”

      Thanks for the catch, fixed 🙂

  8. Adam, I’m impressed with your work. I appreciate journalism-quality writing, especially when you never know what to expect in “fan” blogs.

    1. Journalism-quality? Stop, Nam! Don’t put any expectations out there that I might someday have to try and live up to! haha.

      In all seriousness, thanks, and it is always good to welcome a new site to our Blogroll (check out SportingSota everyone, where Nam writes!)