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Hitting On A Few Topics

Well, the Warwas clan has officially purchased their first house and are all moved in, albeit with much chaos and little organization.  Very importantly, however, we have our DirecTV tuned in and the internet working.  In other words:  I’m back.

I’ve missed a lot in the last couple of weeks, so here are a gathering of thoughts for you to chew on during this (yawn!) bye week.


Christian Ponder’s bruised rib seems sketchy.  Almost as sketchy as expecting Matt Cassel to be any sort of real answer.  Both players are failing the “eye test” and the Vikings delayed the inevitable, via a well-timed sack of Big Ben, which is blowing up the quarterback position and starting fresh in 2014.  I still firmly believe it is coming.


Remember when the Vikings reportedly pursued Josh McDaniels as their offensive coordinator before settling for Musgrave?  I find myself wondering if Christian Ponder’s career path would be different under new direction.  I also find myself wondering if Musgrave’s scheme is too complicated for the now-truncated preparation period NFL teams have in the offseason and preseason under the new CBA.  His offense seems to have started slow two years in a row now.


Things are such a mess right now on defense that I can’t even begin to pinpoint what exactly is going wrong.  Is the idea that they could gamble more backfiring despite Xavier Rhodes being as good as advertised?  Did the defensive line really age that much in one year?  Are the linebackers just not talented?  Is the scheme outdated?  You tell me, because I’m at a loss, and apparently Alan Williams is, too.


I know, I know, I’m a broken record here.  But still, have you guys seen what Reggie Bush and Darren Sproles are doing this year?  Bush was signed for $4 million per year by the Lions… money the Vikings had available at the time which could have purchased a whole other section of the playbook.  I said it then, and I stand by it, the Vikings should have signed him.


Rumor has it the Vikings talked to the Colts about Toby Gerhart, or the Colts talked to the Vikings, prior to the Trent Richardson trade.  We don’t know how those talks went, but Rick Spielman should be on the phone with Oakland this week gauging their interest in a young, healthy running back to help out their injury ward.  Gerhart is in a contract year and is unlikely to net much in the way of a compensatory pick (because the Vikings need to sign some help this offseason), so they should be looking for a deal.


Vikings fans seem overwhelmingly opposed to Spielman sticking his nose into the mess in Tampa Bay.  I understand the sentiment, but I also think there is some possibilities here.  It isn’t often that a clearly talented (but clearly inconsistent) quarterback can be had for what I assume is relatively inexpensive compensation.  Trading away a mid-to-late round pick and getting a jump start on next year’s revival of the quarterback position may not be the worst thing for this team to attempt at the moment.  I’m mixed on it, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the proactive approach from our front office.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. Welcome back Adam…and congrats on the new house!
    You didn’t cancel the Sunday Ticket?

  2. Adam,
    Have a feeling it boils down to the end of the season before deciding on Qb’s

    1. I don’t. Regardless of what they find out in these last games, one thing is clear: More needs to be invested (picks, money) into the position.

      1. Sorry I’m late,
        Congratulations on the house, I’m sure Mrs. Warwas is Happy.
        Let me know when she starts changing the interior of the house
        Won’t take long. 🙂

  3. Some of us here are pretty superstitious, Adam. Could you move again in two weeks?

    Interesting observations, thanks for your thoughts… and a question. If the Vikings were to acquire Josh Freeman, what roster move would you see them making at that position?

    1. If you say interesting observation one more time, that should fill out your punch card, and the next one is free.

      1. Sorry. Its just that that phrase doesn’t come to mind when responding to your comments.

          1. I considered the Fonz to be an egotistical fake who found a way to compensate for a myriad of intellectual deficiencies and social inadequacies. I think better of you than that.

    2. Bud, after the weekend I had… I’m not sure I’d move again even if it meant a Vikings super bowl win, haha.

      1. Man, you are worn out, Adam. Go clear those boxes off your easy chair, grab your favorite beverage and push back for a bit. I’m sure this will wear off.

    3. If they got Freeman, we would find out what the staff really thinks of their three current guys, that’s for sure. I’m inclined to say they could stick with four QB’s, but the reality would be more of a domino effect…. Ponder would want out of town.

  4. Congrats Adam, a new house is a great feeling…until the furnace goes out…but don’t worry about that now. Good for you!

    …and thank the heavens you’re back. Coach brought out his one-string guitar and keeps strumming away at that bad boy, hopefully you can convince him to add one or two more strings.

    1. Thanks, Tomb… we have a project house for sure… I’m hoping not to run into too many issues like the furnace, but I’m prepared for that.

    2. You want me to get Coach to change his ways? Sure, let me make the Senate and House agree on things while I’m at it!

    3. what the hell is a “furnace”? Is it a dog or a bicycle or something else that the old owners left behind? And when is “goes out” where do they typically go to? Is there such a thing as a Furnace Bar? You mainland folks have some very odd concepts. Still haven’t figured out that whole “time” thingy you guys are obsessed with.

      oh yeah ….. congrats on the new house Adam. E-mail me the details so I can cyber stalk you. Have you taught Gates how to swing a hammer yet?

  5. Josh Freeman trade would be great for a low round pick and if Freeman signs new contract with Vikings. If no new contract, trade is a waste of time. Freeman is in the last year of his contract and is making something like 7 or 8 million.

  6. I would trade Ponder before I would trade Cassel.

    Cassel is undefeated as a Viking.

    123.4 QB rate

    Completed 64%

    Made quick reads and even checked into different plays

    Why is everyone so down on Matt??

    1. Maybe his 58% completion rate and QB rating of 66.7 as QB of the league’s 32nd ranked passing offense last year causes that.

    2. I totally agree with you Carl. The offense looked energized with Cassel this last game.

  7. change the roster all you want, as long as frazier and musgrave are here we go nowhere…..imho
    frazier, and his “ponder’s our starter if healthy” comment gives me a big headache…..I would rather have the cliche, “we’ll go with whoever gives us the best chance to win” thing……..continuing to refer to ponder as “thee man” reeks with “we don’t want to toy with ponder’s fragile ego”, and that gives me a bigger headache than the other one…..

  8. Congrats to you and the Wife on the new house Adam. Home ownership has its ups and downs (Check that furnace) but in the end, its worth it.

    I want to add a bit to what Carl said a couple of posts up;
    I too can’t understand anyone NOT liking Cassell and on the other hand anyone having any confidence in Ponder.
    Cassell comes in and completely changes our team into a winner because of his accuracy and field presence after seeing Ponder flounder for 3 YEARS with the same defects (Inaccuracy, poor field presence, can’t go thru reads, happy feet)
    I agree with Carl, I’d trade Ponder before Cassell.

    1. And by the way Adam, I think Cassell DID pass the Eye test; He started out a bit shaky and I’ll admit the best defensive pass play of the game came from Cordelle Patterson when he made an incredible play on the ball to knock a sure INT out of the defenders hands in the end zone, but after that, he seemed lights out to me. I liked the way he stepped up in the pocket and didn’t freak out but calmly went thru his reads and found the open guy.
      Is he the answer to our long time QB woes? Probably not but I sure like seeing him behind center than Ponder.
      The worst thing that will come of this is that Cassell will win enough games to take us out of contention for next year’s draft for a QB.
      The best thing that will come of this is that Cassell turns out to be the guy.
      Wouldn’t that be a pleasant surprise?
      He’s got the arm, he’s got the experience, he’s got a chance!

      1. That’s the first time I ever responded to my own post. Well shoot, just realized, this is my second. . . better stop now.

        1. No, keep going Fran…it’s ok.
          I too think it’s possible that old Matt might be just what we need. I also am aware that he could come out next time and lay nice stinking turd on the Metrodome turf.
          But it’s worth the risk. Because, I think at this time, Cassel gives the Vikings a better chance to win. The offense looked exciting, a big play waiting to happen. He hit all of his 2nd half passes! That and the fact that we won, and scored more points than we have all year (w/out a defensive or special team TD), makes starting him a no brainer.
          If Denzel goes with Ponder and we lose? Yeah, he will have probably sealed his fate.

          1. Allrighty then, I’ll add that the offense is not only exciting to watch, as you say, but the players are excited too. You can see it in their demeanor. They’re more confident with a little swagger, something you didn’t see with Ponder.
            Of course like you say, that will all go away if Cassell leaves a big one on the turf in 2 weeks.

  9. Welcome back Dubs! And, congrats on the new Warwi fortress! Freeman or not, it would be nice for the front office to take a proactive approach on anything. It always seems to be a year or two behind. Agree on the scat back. There were other options besides Bush, and Gerhart for that matter, but signing him just to keep him away from div. opp. would’nt have hurt.

  10. Congrats on the new home front. Is it me or are we loaded with some irony here. Adam got a new Castle and the Vikes finally won a game with Cassell. Just sayin’.

  11. The article says McKinnie is old and doesn’t have good feet anymore….HELLO–he never had good feet!

  12. ‘if you don’t know french, you should see this video. you will be shocked’. i can’t stop laughing.

    1. Do the Vikes make a play for him? I don’t know. Thats a tough call. Depends on how much they like MBT.