Felton Surgery Further Enhances RB Battle

Jerome Felton underwent an emergency appendectomy on Wednesday, according to numerous sources, but the recovery time is typically quick and he is expected to return to action in time for the Vikings regular season opener.

The combination of Felton’s absence, and Adrian Peterson’s extremely limited (if any) live-action reps, brings the battles for backup halfback and fullback spots to the forefront. With two starters mostly sidelined, it opens the door for others to get more reps and give the Vikings more reasons to keep them around in September, or allows the team to build a case that supports their release.

A guy like Zach Line, who scampered for a 61 yard touchdown last week after catching a Matt Cassel pass, seems in line for extra work during these three remaining preseason games.  If he can continue to make big contributions, and shows that he can be a versatile blocker and special teams player, the Vikings may have a very tough time trying to sneak him onto the practice squad.

In short, I’m looking forward to getting an extended look at the guys who play behind two Pro Bowl starters.  Who knows, if enough of the step up and have big-time showings, then maybe we start to hear a little more chatter about the possibility of Toby Gerhart being on the trading block.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Felton?!? What exactly are we talkin’ about here? Pro Bowl? so what. Lead blocker for Peterson as he nearly breaks the NFL single season rushing record? what else ya got? ….

    The real story here is that no one is mentioning the true Purple Jeezus, #83 …… no, not that imposter from Florida State, he’s just keepin’ the jersey warm. Jeff Meta Universal Peace Dugan!

    With this chump Felton on the mend, we need Dugan more than ever. I don’t give a rat’s ass about Zach Line, Jim Finks or even the Blighted Rhino, Toby Stubbledick, we need players, dammit! Dugan can play!

    1. The man crush continues. Keep it up Ole sooner or later they are bound to listen. BTW Ole you will be proud to know that your old pal has taken a huge leap into the 21st century, a smartphone believe it or not. And I’ll save you time and say it’s a dumb phone in my possession

  2. Same day he has surgery, he is rated the most over paid player in the NFL. Talk about a double ouch. Hope Felton gets better soon.