House Vote On Stadium Set For Monday

On Monday, the Minnesota Vikings stadium bill will finally come to the floor of the Minnesota House of Representatives for an up or down vote.

After multiple reports earlier in the week stated that an alternate proposal suggesting the stadium should be open air were making rounds, it will be the original proposal that gets voted on Monday.

It is almost impossible to predict what the outcome of the floor vote will be. Either way, the Vikings and proponents of the new stadium will finally get what they’ve been asking for: a clear-cut yes or no answer.!/TomPelissero/status/198111666284670978

It’s safe to assume that lobbyists for both sides, as well as the general public, will have a very busy weekend trying to gather votes for Monday. House Speaker Kurt Zellers has already announced that he will be voting against the bill and ‘called on Dayton to round up the ‘yes’ votes himself.”

Although an approval in the House would still require a sign-off by the Senate, it would be a momentous occasion for the Vikings and nearly solidify a stadium that has been in the works seemingly forever.

Stay tuned Vikings fans. One way or the other, we should have some closure come Monday.