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Updates On The Coordinator Search

As far as we know, the Vikings have five potential Defensive Coordinators currently on their radar for the 2012 season.  Here is an update on where each are currently at:

Fred Pagac:  Still officially listed as the team’s current Defensive Coordinator, Pagac is in limbo watching his potential replacements come and go as the Vikings continue interviews.

Raheem Morris:  The Vikings interviewed him last week, but no offer was made.  Morris is now off the market as he has accepted a job as Washington’s secondary coach.

Mel Tucker:  The Vikings interviewed Tucker on Tuesday, but it sounds like the Jaguars are going to make a strong push to keep him in the fold.  It seems likely that the Vikings are now the underdog to land his services.

Steve Spagnuolo:  While currently enjoying a vacation, Spags remains one of the hottest names available, and the Vikings are again underdogs to land the big name.  All indications are that he will be re-joining the Eagles.

Mike Singletary:  There are not very positive reviews floating around about Singletary’s season as the Vikings linebackers coach, but Leslie Frazier’s former teammate and good friend is expected to interview for the Coordinator position soon.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Just say no to Singletary. I just watched Judd and Toms latest video and they both said that nobody had anything good to say about Singletary all year and more negative stuff as of late. Denzel would have to be out of his mind to hire him. Friendship and business can be a little sticky sometimes.

    1. I agree Johnny. It would be a big mistake to go with Singletary. Would be better off with no D coordinator. Wonder What Buddy Ryan is up to these days?

      1. CC, I’d rather stick with Pags than go with Singletary. The list seems to be dwindling fast for the top guys. How about taking a flier on a guy like Del Rio?

  2. This team have to make a decision soon on who is going to be the defensive coordinator. We are going to the senior bowl to coach these kids ud in 10-11 days so they have to figure it out sooner rather than later. If they can’t get Mel Tucker, Steve spaugunolu (can’t spell it) do you think they’ll go with pagac?