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Raheem Morris To Interview With Vikes

What better guy to turn Chris Cook’s life around than Raheem Morris, the now unemployed coach of the Tampa Buccaneers that managed to whip Aqib Talib right into shape?

Wait, what?

All joking aside, Leslie Frazier has apparently made up his mind that Fred Pagac will not be the Defensive Coordinator of the Vikings in 2012 and beyond.

An ESPN report indicates that Morris will interview for a “possible high-level defensive coaching position.”  According to 1500ESPN, Morris has already interviewed with the Redskins to become their defensive backs coach.

Like Frazier, Morris comes from a Cover-2 background and this is a clear indication that Frazier would like to see the scheme remain a part of Vikings football.  Pagac wanted to incorporate a more aggressive style of defense, mixing in more blitz packages and playing closer to the line of scrimmage.

Yesterday, I voiced my opinion that Pagac’s ideas were not completely unsuccessful and that he deserves more credit than he is receiving.

Frazier, however, is seemingly of the opinion that a change would benefit this team. 

Just not a change to the scheme he endorses, that is.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Oh cmon Denzel that soft Tampa 2 defense just plain sucks and needs to be totally scrapped. I cant see what the hell he see’s in that crappy, outdated scheme? The definition of insanity comes to mind here.

  2. What do you want the vikes to play???? Don’t have the people for 3-4. That would be a complete overhaul including J. Allen.

  3. I have to agree with, well, both of you two.

    Some of the local beat writers (excluding Seifert) are on this kick that the Vikings NEED to switch to a 3-4 defense. I think they are proclaiming victory after beating the G.M. drum all season long and finally getting their way, and now Judd is talking like he should be the one running this team. I think Seifert has a better grasp on the situation, and that is that the Vikings really can’t be switching to a 3-4 defense… yet. They can continue to draft in preperation for a switch (Brinkley, Ballard, Griffen) but they don’t have the personell yet.

    With that being said, Leslie’s bend-don’t-break defense only works if the defense is capable of not breaking. They need to get better, since they bent AND broke this year, but I’m not sure continuing to play so soft is the right way to go.

    The energy on defense during that last game was something we haven’t seen in the Dome all year. Sure, Jared was chasing the record, but with blitz packages like those he might be chasing it again next year… with better overall team results (like giving up only 10 points, as coach pointed out previously).

  4. i’m sure hennepin county has a spare social worker they could give to the vikings. maybe she’ll know defense

    (there we go, right place)