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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. Obviously had to vote for AD but man that Everson Griffen guy made some huge plays too. Just a matter of time before he gets a game ball or two.

  2. when a guy gets nine stinkin yards from the record, ya gotta give him the game ball. also very encouraged by ponder’s day, three TDs and no TOs with a perfect long ball. the vikes will get some more big game experience next week and some confidence for ponder out of this win. i’m drained and it feels great

    1. Gotta give it to AP, I’d say makin history oughta be worth a game ball. Don’t ya think? But a team win, win, playoffs!

  3. I checked “other”, Adam, although AD was again phenomenal. If a coach can get a game ball, Leslie Frazier deserves this one. In week 17, an improbable finish to an improbable season, winning “the way his team was designed to win”. Congratulations, Leslie.

    Jared Allen a candidate? Really? One sack qualifies you for game ball consideration?

    1. You have such a coaching bias. I’m assuming there might be a reason for that, Coach?

      Pick on Jared all you want, but he nailed down exactly one more sack this game than Frazier did.

      1. Bias? Maybe a little. Just trying to offset the negative bias borne from… uh … uh … not showing enough emotion on the sideline, I guess. He did get into it with the ref today though, huh? Did you like that, Tomb? The question is worded “YOUR game ball.” I did note that AD was phenomenal, not a word I use very often when describing a football player, so I stand by that and give MY game ball to Leslie. Put me in the minority, that’s fine by me.

    2. I don’t get your love for Frazier he is an awful coach. If we lost this game all the blame would be on him and Winfields hand (man losing ‘toine hurt). Our defense couldn’t stop a nosebleed after the first quarter. Without spending forever explaining why I’ll end it with Hire Andy Reid!

      1. Ha! Reid? The dude that had the dream team and did what with it? That guy lost his edge years ago. Even then, he shoulda won a championship.
        No thanks.
        Frazier has done alright, worthy of an extension. I think.

        1. Wow, I must have been drunk or something wishing for Andy Reid. I think he would be better than Frazier but there are a LOT of coaches out there I would rather have.

      2. Makes me wonder what Frazier would need to do to gain some respect with some folks here. Four wins in December, two on the road and two against division foes above us in the standings. NO ONE gave us a chance to win out at 6-6…without our most productive receiver, which is one of our weakest positions. Our defense was playing quite well Sunday until we lost two starting DB’s. That’s a tough hand to play against an offense like that. Meanwhile, where are Lovie Smith, Tom Caughlin, Andy Ried, Norv Turner, Rex Ryan and Mike Tomlin today? Wonder how McCarthy feels about HIS defense allowing a season high to the Vikes offense? And all we heard about for a while was this Garrett clown from Dallas. Wonder when he will get his FIRST playoff season?

        What exactly does Frazier need to do at this point in his career?

        1. I give you crap about Frazier because it’s my nature, but the guy clearly deserves props for this year. The Vikes vastly outperformed expectations.

          I want nothing to do with the Walrus man. Childo cured me of wanting anything to do with Philly cast offs.

        2. I agree the team has performed well but I believe it was in spite of Frazier. Look at 2009, the team was phenomenal in spite of Chilly. I just think the things holding this team back are Ponder, WR, Coaching, LB, CB, OG, DT in that order.
          To answer your question he needs to fix the play calling, make better decisions and improve his clock management. You were right he was a fine coach in December but it takes more than 4 games for me to change my opinion of a player/coach/team(I’m German and thus stubborn, can’t help it). He isn’t the worst coach in the NFL but I just don’t like him.

      3. Well at least you are consistent Skol . . . Personally I see him as a strong coach of the year candidate (won’t get it but should be in the discussion). If the QB play had been half as consistent as it was yesterday for the entire season then we would be talking 2 or 3 seed for this team. Reid is a great coach but he needs at least a year off – and this team already has a very good up and coming coaching staff.

    3. Am I wrong that the Vikings won the all important turnover battle thanks to Robison and Allen getting after Rodgers? Seemed like a huge play to me, but maybe I am wrong.

    4. Oh, and anyone recall how many times the Vikings ran at Allen? I’ll try and get an actual count, but that little Harris guy avoided him like he was toxic.

        1. A part of me hopes our O-line regresses this offseason, Coach, just so you and I can agree on something once again 🙂

          1. Be honest, Adam. Were you the one person who voted to give Jared his/her game ball just to spite me? (He was at zero until VERY recently in the balloting.) 🙂 🙂

            1. I never cast votes, Bud. I take enjoyment in seeing how the readers vote.

              But I suspect it was our comments that sparked the vote 🙂

              1. Adam,
                Hows life in Ohio treating ya? Sorry was gone for so long, Was busy as a beaver this work year.Hows the Mrs and Family and Percy doing?

                1. Charles! It is great to see you back! The whole Warwas clan is doing pretty well. I miss Alaska greatly but count myself as one of the lucky to have family close(er) and a good job. How is life treating you these days?

                  1. Good Adam,
                    Family is doing good, Was Blessed with a great year of work. Deb was glad that both of our teams made it into the playoffs.
                    Looking forward to next week bud

  4. Rewatch the game highlights. If you don’t think AD again deserves the game ball, then, well….dunno what to say.

    1. AD was great, Tomb. You make a great point, and he is…no doubt, unquestionable, unarguable, absolutely, assuredly, certainly, decidedly, definitely, emphatically, incontrovertibly, indefensibly, indubitably, of course, positively, surely, undeniably, undoubtedly, unequivocally, unimpeachably the team MVP. (I know you LOVE all those words) Have you already watched the replay? Just wondering.
      We do have another guy that DID break an all time NFL record, as a ROOKIE. That’s right, my vote went to Mr. Walsh. 10 for 10 over fifty yards, yeah, that guy. Remember him? The dude who kicked us into the post season. Just sayin’.

      1. I suppose those two words should’ve been – unquestionably and unarguably. Hey, still not too bad for a dude with an 11th grade education.

      2. LOVES me some good wordmasonry. Nicely done!

        Mr. Walsh is money. Dude is absolute money, and a huge part of this team’s success.

        However, I look at it this way: if we replaced Walsh with any other kicker across the league, do we still win this game? Maybe, even probably.

        If we replace AD with any other RB across the league, do we win this game? I seriously doubt it. Those other fellars who had good games today mostly didn’t have to face 8 to 9 men in the box on basically every single play.

    2. Adrian certainly “deserves” a game ball today, Tomb. No question. My choice stems more from the culmination of a very impressive season with a very impressive win on Leslie’s part. But that’s coming from an old, biased, senile coach, so you can completely discount it, that’s OK by me.

      1. Old and biased, sure…but senile? I doubt that. You remember all kinds of old Vikings lore.

      2. Bud,
        Old, biased, and senile can be a good thing lol, I get that myself. How was your holidays? How are the Mrs, Kids and Grandkids doing? I don’t about you but the Mrs and I are bringing in a Nice and Quite New Years.

  5. AD gets it, but it’s hard to argue with them giving the real game ball to the entire team. You’ve got AD doing what he does, Ponder played a big role in this win but I can quickly recall huge catches from Simpson, Jenkins, Rudolph, Wright, and how about the catch and run Felton had for a first down early? Then you shift over to the defense where you have Winfield giving everything he could for the first half with a broken hand and both Jared and Robison are basically playing with one arm and they each had big sacks. Everson is picking up the slack for what those guys just flat out can’t physically do right now, but there were a lot of gutsy performances in this game that won’t neccesarily show up on the stat sheet but none the less were a big part of this victory. Great team effort, hopefully they have enough healthy bodies to get something done next week, but getting to the playoffs and forcing the Packers to miss a bye week at the same time is pretty darn satisfying right now.

  6. I know this is completely off topic. But I was just to my first game ever (49’ers vs cardinals, not that game off a game) but the entire experience was awesome.. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that once will be heading towards minnesota for at great football experience..

    first off is started with at great tailgating (especially for me, my father and brother who never before had tried anything like it)
    there was a tailgate contest between 8 different “tailgaters” and dwight clark was the official in the contest. Anyhow people were extremely friendly and we were handed all kinds of drinks, meat, bread and cakes.. this is one of the best experiences in my life and i would have LOVED if it was minnesota instead of san fran, but it was still great.
    Also if was nice hearing fans at a 49’ers – cardinals game cheering for the vikes!!!

    1. Glad you had fun Malte! Going to a pro game is (mostly) pretty darn fun. Like women, you always remember your first. Though the last game I went to, Rams at Seahawks, left a bit to be desired. It’s when I decided the comfort of home is tought to beat.

    2. Glad you enjoyed it, but careful there I’d way rather be tailgating in beautiful San Diego than -10 degree weather

  7. The end of the regular season the last few years has warped me right into draft mode, and I guess it’s a hard habit to kick even with this big win on my mind. I hope we will continue our great run here and end up picking 32nd, but my quick look at the SOS of the ten win playoff teams has us easily with the strongest opponents, so I believe we’ld be sitting at 24 if the draft were tomorrow but that will change if there are some upsets in the playoffs which is quite likely. Here’s hoping we’ll get to enjoy Viking football into February, but I love me some April projections.

    1. I’m with ya Dan I’ve been thinking about the draft since week ten. Luckily for us this draft is very top heavy. The first ten are A+ prospects but after them i don’t see much of a difference between 11-40ish. Jesse Williams from Bama is my favorite prospect right now and he could go anywhere from 8-30, Keenan Allen, Robert Woods, Justin Hunter, Matt Barkley, Tyler Wilson, T’eo(with a slow 40 at the combine), Amerson, and Banks are all similar in they could be taken 8th by the bills or fall to 30th as of right now.
      Without knowing combine results and draft position I’d guess.
      28: Robert Woods WR USC
      60: David Amerson CB NC State
      92: Shayne Skov MLB Stanford
      124: Travis Fredrick OG Wisconsin
      That would be perfect in my opinion, give us a number 1 wr, replace Winfield when he retires, and fire Brinkley, Henderson, and Charlie Johnson!

    2. Draftniks….I’m sure come April I’ll be glad we have guys like you dudes. But now?

  8. Malte, look me up when you get to Hawaii, we have a different type of tailgating experience. For the Pro Bowl, we have a huge human sacrifice of all packer fans in the Aloha Stadium Parking Lot before the game. Think gigantic bonfires, the finest meats and cheeses in all the land plus cold Beer!!!

    ……plus chicks dig guys who burn packer fans at the stake. It seems to be a really strong visual turn on for them. As a rule, everybody scores at the Pro Bowl, even the players.

  9. I had to give the game ball to AD. Frazier got one too. He gave the “Whole Team” the game ball and that certainly includes him. And he deserved it too. I’ve got some newly found hope in Frazier. Still not too sure about Ponder but what a way to end the Regular season for him. Should go a long way to build his confidence going into to next year, reagrdless of what happens next Saturday.

  10. I’d like to point out that I pulled out a win against Purple Reign in the VT fantasy league and am this year’s league champion! Much like the Vikings, I went into the playoffs the lowest seed. Never know what could happen, right?

    Look forward to doing another league with you all next year. Maybe we can get some more involvement and possible a small… incentive?

    1. Congrats Brett. I’d like to point out that I won more games and scored more points than anyone. Yeah…well…like I said, congratulations!

  11. What a year! Gotta give credit where credit is do, Ponder came up big in a huge spot. Peterson is emerging as quite the leader. SKOL!!