Question Of The Week

Question Of The Week: Your Week 14 Game Ball

Following Sunday’s win it seems that we once again (thank goodness) get to place some votes for who we think gets the game ball.

Here are a few options to choose from:

ADRIAN PETERSON:  31 rushes for 154 yards and 2 touchdowns.  2 catches for 16 yards.

CHRIS KLUWE:  7 punts with 37.4 yard average, 2 inside the 20, and the “Ray Guy” sticker.

JASPER BRINKLEY:  9 tackles, 3 assists

JOSH ROBINSON:  5 tackles, 1 interception

HARRISON SMITH:  4 tackles, 2 assists, 1 interception, 1 touchdown

BRIAN ROBISON:  2 tackles, 1 assist, 1 sack, 1 forced fumble

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. Jesus people. Adrian Peterson shouldn’t get every game ball. Harrison Smith had the best game of his career, Adrian didn’t even have a top 10 career game. I agree AP is our MVP and without him we wouldn’t have won but you could say that EVERY SINGLE GAME. I love AP and love watching him play but he should get 1 maybe 2 game balls max per year.
    Harrison Smith was outstanding yesterday and scored the game winning touchdown. A ROOKIE defensive player scoring the game winning touchdown and playing lights out all day is more impressive than the best RB to ever play the game having a good day.
    Honestly it could be argued that Harrison Smith is as good as AP. We went from the worst secondary in the NFL last season to a solid one just by adding Smith. 32nd vs the pass to 19th just by adding one player.

    1. And just to clarify I am not devaluating All Day I know he is outstanding but he is performing as expected, Smith is surprising us.

    2. “Honestly it could be argued that Harrison Smith is as good as AP.”

      I understand using hyperbole to make a point, but did you seriously just say that? You should take a moment and give that some thought.

        1. I just quoted him Fran! Honest injun! I say AD, I say AD all the time. Like constantly. You couldn’t get me to stop saying AD, even if you had a pack of angry grizzly bears, I’d be all “AD AD AD!”

                1. It’s not “Purple God”, its Purple Jesus.
                  Geez it’s hard to be the nickname watchdog around here.

                    1. Mr. Freeman has gone by the nickname of “Leslie Frazier” for many, many years. Hell, everyone knows that. He coaches the Minnesota Vikings in his spare time and does a fairly good job (For someone who doesn’t have a clue how to coach an NFL team)

  2. Yes, Josh Robinson was really good for the Vikes in 2011… Wait, I mean AJ Jefferson was decent depth for us last year, ummm and Alan Williams in his second season… Oops.

    Smith the only addition? Where ya been Skol?

    1. AJ Jefferson is AWFUL, much worse than Ced Griffin and as bad as Asher Allen. Josh Robinson has been good but hes playing at nickelback and doesn’t see enough playing time in my opinion. Both of which started the year as backups as well and are playing due to Cooks Injury. Harrison Smith has been the only starter added.

      1. AD is dumb, his its like calling Brett Favre BF instead of BD (ya know from his sterger pictures you can guess what BD is)

        1. Come on Skol, surley you know that the nickname “AD” is short for “All Day”, right?

            1. In all seriousness Skol, Both AD and his Father have stated they do not like the AP nickname and prefer AD. Seriously, look it up.

  3. Yeah its an exaggeration but his value has to be up there. Look how much better our pass defense has been since adding 1 player. I won’t deny AP of any of his talents and value but we went from 16th to 5th in rushing from 06-08 with AP. We went from 32-19 in pass defense by adding Smith to the secondary.

    1. Wow Skol, AD is likely the greatest RB of his generation. Honestly, quite possibly the greatest EVER sans injury. Defenses consistently stuff the box to 9 deep to TRY to stop him, and he still has a shot at 2000 yards, in a modern pass happy league, after starting less than a year after a shredded knee.

      Do you truly understand that we are watching EPIC football history being made, we are watching greatness at a ridiculous, ridiculous level??

      Harrison Smith is really good, and added some much needed swagger in less than a year in the league, and I’m glad to have him.

      Even pretending to compare the two is preposterous.

      1. Wait a minute here.. In an earlier post, you called him “AP” NOW you say AD.
        Are you going to do the rigt thing and call him by his preferred nickname, AD, or continue to ignore his wishes (And his Dad’s) and call him AP??
        Just do the right thing Tomb, and call him AD

        1. LOL, I’m gonna call Shady Pines pretty quick here if you ain’t careful.

          Damn, where’d I put that stupid brochure……

          1. Wait a minute, what was I saying? And I do like trees, especially shady ones, like Pines. Pines. . .wait a minute, what was I saying again?. . . . . .

          1. Because he’s expected to be great, he doesn’t deserve the accolades?

            I don’t think we could possibly be further apart on this one.

  4. Smith is an upgrade and all but he still has some growing to do. His inconsistency in wrapping up needs to be an offseason priority.

    He was NOT the only player added, though.

    1. Jefferson should be considered a subtraction, and Robinson would be an addition if Frazier had enough common sense to start him and winfield at corners, instead of “get burnt every play” Jefferson

  5. AJ has had his rough spells, but he is not a downgrade from 2011 Griffin or Asher in my book. Not even close.

    Now we are only counting starters? Fresh, you always change the rules up on me mid-argument! Haha.

    Cook, despite injury, has played more this season. J-Rob is practically a starter. Winfield has been healthier. Heck, even Blanton came in and played well at one point. Oh, and Brinkley is superior to EJ in pass coverage (not saying much, I know).

    Look, I loved the Smith trade/pick too, but you praise is a tad over the top.

  6. I noticed that someone clicked “other” on the poll.

    Think they were voting for Cutler, per Adam’s prior article?

        1. Just think what we could do with the ‘Sauce and say someone like. . .Jeff Dugan!
          We’d be unbeatable.

      1. Fran, it’s probably nap time buddy. It’s OK, we’ll do some SERIOUS polling tomorrow, after a big ol’ rest.

  7. ponder should be on lists like this every time. i’ve read a couple bothersome comments that say ponder isn’t putting in the time to get better, like this one –

    “…Ponder is atrocious. I read an article about how Russell Wilson spends hours in the tape room and on the practice field perfecting his chemistry with his receivers. I also read one about how Ponder is late to practice occasionally, isn’t in the tape room that much and doesn’t always give a strong effort and is often off target. Ponder spent the entire bye week with Samantha Steele and the Vikings got pounded by the Bears. Then how did Ponder spend the week before the Green Bay game? Setting up an elaborate proposal for his fiancé and getting engaged of course. Both games Ponder stunk, same thing as yesterday. He is too busy thinking about his soon to be wife. Russell Wilson spending every waking moment thinking football and Ponder choosing to spend time finding the perfect ring and china pattern and the best place to register….”

    pizzez me off

    1. That’s scary stuff to read. If it’s true, Ponder is almost as screwed and us Viking fans; We’re screwed out of a QB for a few seasons and Ponder’s out of the NFL in a couple years.
      Sure hope he’s a late bloomer. . .

      1. i threw in the towel on ponder last week after the GB fiasco. i’ll be very surprised now if he turns out to be any good

        1. That is exactly accurate. Beginning of the year I had hope. Now, nothing. He’s a bust.

          I didn’t want him to be a bust, but………..writing’s on the wall.

          1. If I remember correctly Tomb that night of the draft you were calling for Fairley over Ponder big time? You were right my friend Fairley has turned into a beast and Ponder a bust.

            1. ’tis true. I believe Adam was crowing the same.

              Can’t help but wonder what kind of record we’d have with Fairley and K Will on the same line, and Rosencopter at the helm instead of BR.

    2. Cal –

      Did you just quote a guy who responded to an article posted on a web site? Not even a quote from the article on the web site, but a comment from some random slappie commenting on an article? Your old Pal Fragile realizes that if its on the internet in MUST be true, but come on! That quote is about a credible as well… I am. That ain’t good.

      This may help explain exactly why Russ Wilson is spending so much time in the film room.

      1. freds, i saw another poster say something similar, too, but idk if it’s true. i’m sure it’ll come out either way, but i also don’t hear what a great job he’s done during the bye working extra with his receivers to increase their chemistry, or about all the film study time he’s putting in. usually, teammates will note things like that in his defense and reporters will write about it. i was hoping to create some buzz and see if anyone else had heard anything

  8. it isn’t fair to put peterson up there.. you would have to do a seperate pool for everybody else than peterson..

  9. Voted for Smith. “AD” was great! Just thought the kid played a great game as well. His return was a pivotal play, Bears were gaining big MO. That play sealed their fate.

    1. I had to go with Smith too CC for the exact same reason. And the good thing is Smith is only gonna get better IMHO.

  10. Comment from Billick’s power rankings: “Adrian Peterson had a career-high 31 carries on Sunday, but I’m not sure the Vikings can continue to win with Christian Ponder playing this way. Every time he drops back you just assume he is going to make some type of mistake.”

    Comment from Florio’s power rankings: “Vikings: Some teams run to set up the pass. Others pass to set up the run. The Vikings run to screw up the pass.”


  11. Oh boy, aren’t we all having fun piling it on Christian Ponder! Running for his life trying to find slow smurfs in a redwood forest to throw the ball to. Guess those two big third down conversion passes to Wright and Jenkins that had to be perfectly thrown just didn’t matter in Sunday’s win. Guess that bomb that landed on Aroma’s shoulder pad and fell incomplete was his fault too. And why in the world did he take those sacks instead of throwing a couple pick sixes like the veteran Jay Cutler did? C’mon Christian, throw it no matter what!!

    Yeah, everybody get in line and throw an egg or two at Ponder. The whipping boy is now served.

    1. OK OK, I’ll try to say something nice about him.

      Ummmmm…HEY, if you include his interception, he threw for well over 100 yards!

      Atta boy Ponder!

    2. I think Bud may be getting senile at his old age. Ponder is awful, defending him is like defending Obama (just kidding… Not really). Saying he did good because he had 2 passes a NFL quarterback should make, and didn’t do as bad as the other guy is nuts. B.Grant are you really Christan ponder in disguise or maybe Samantha Steele?

      1. My state of mind is just fine, Skol. There is a mob mentality going on in the Viking fan base that is frankly getting more than a little annoying. Yes, I know full well what bad QB play is, and I don’t know if CP will pan out or not, but are people not able to see the rest of the issues with this passing offense? And are we not able to understand how those issues affect a QB? And are we not able to understand that the entire team, including the QB, is still in a stage of redefinition? And did we not say this would be a year where 8-8 would be successful? Finding multiple and ever-more demeaning ways to insult Christian Ponder is frankly getting a little old, and in some cases offensive, so I decided to express it. Matt Stafford is probably ahead of Ponder right now in his development (throwing to Calvin Johnson but losing), so I suggest people go be a Lion fan if that would make them happier.

        No, I am neither Christian Ponder, Samatha Steele, nor senile.

        Merry Christmas to all!

        1. People are not happy with his play. This team is winning more games than most thought possible. (I did, however, predict 8 wins) It’s frustrating to see some of these guys play their hearts out and be successful only to lose. And the most glaring weakness is the passing game. Yes, the receiving corps is at fault as well.
          After looking at a few evaluations of Ponder from the last game-
          1) It wasn’t as bad as it seemed
          2) He did pretty well on third downs
          3) And I said this before. Aromadude could have caught that pass
          The last few weeks I don’t know how many times I’ve said- Get him out of the game..NOW! Then later think- Well, the only way he’s gonna get better is for him to play. But, for me, at this point….Webb gives us a better chance at winning, period. And I believe he could be better in the long run, given the chance to develop like Ponder has.
          That being said, I see your point. Ponder is the QB, and it is gettin’ old. The insults…

          1. Speaking only for myself, I called him Big Reach since the day of the draft, so no bandwagon insulting from me, I’ve been consistent from the get go sans any mob. Granted, I’m still a little butthurt I didn’t get my guy, so I may be a littler harsher on Ponder than is natural, but being a Vikes fan, I’d obviously love for the bastard to succeed. My main problem is that he seems to be getting progressively worse instead of better. I think leaving him in right now may just be the path to a future Harrington. Perhaps he needs more time studying the game instead of playing the game? Maybe, maybe not.

            Dunno the answer, but I wish I did.

            I don’t think the real “mob” problems are the insults towards Ponder so much as the crowd that throws actual insults (as opposed to the tongue-in-cheek from most of the veteran posters here) at those not throwing insults. THAT is always old. Doesn’t need to get personal. That counts for football, politics, or anything else really.

            There, now I’ll jump off my soapbox.

            1. Whatever happened to insulting with class?
              “He has Van Gogh’s ear for music.”
              “He had delusions of adequacy.”
              “I’ve had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn’t it.”
              “He is a self-made man and worships his creator.”
              “Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.”
              “I am enclosing two tickets to the first night of my new play;
              Bring a friend, if you have one.”
              George Bernard Shaw to Winston Churchill
              “Cannot possibly attend first night,
              I will attend second …………………..If there is one.”
              Winston Churchill, in response.
              My all time favorite-
              “He has all the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire.”

              1. That’s beautiful Cart…

                “I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure.”
                “I’ve just learned about his illness. Let’s hope it’s nothing trivial.”
                “He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lampposts… for support rather than illumination. ”
                “He has never been known to use a word that might send a reader to the dictionary.”

                  1. Wow, between you and Tomb, how can a mere mortal like the rest of us hold our head up around here when you two can can come up with stuff like that?
                    The only one I could think of was;
                    “I sure would like to get into your pants. . .I think I just pooped mine”.

            2. Tomb, just curious who did you want, I wasn’t around here two years ago. Plus take my jokes with a grain of sand hard to show sarcasm over the internet, I’m also a little sad I’m not considered a regular yet 🙁

              1. Thats because you say things like “grains of sand”
                Drives us CRAZY Man!
                Couldn’t see my sarcasm there, could you?

              2. Grains of sand are for measuring time, grains of salt for measuring literal translation, or more precisely, lack thereof.

                You’re considered a regular, just not a crafty old veteran. A lot of us are from the original Access Vikings site, before they sucked.

                I wanted Fairley when he fell to the 12th slot. Still wish would would have nabbed him. I would have taken whomever was available in the second round, be it Ponder, Kaepernick, Mallett, Dalton. I group ’em all together as possible pan outs.

                1. Hah it was salt, Swype can be sensitive. I have been around since Vikings gab, what ever happened to that? In 11 i wanted amukamara at 12 and mallett later.

        2. Criticism of Ponders obvious poor play, bad decisions and weak and inaccurate arm dont seem like insults to me, it comes with the territory Coach. Calling him stupid, a bastard or a son of a bitch would be insults. I suspect qb bashing is as old as the game itself.

        3. Ha Bud, hope ya didn’t take it personal I was just razzin ya if I didn’t like and respect ya I wouldn’t. Like Tomb I have been anti-ponder since day 1, not because I wanted him to fail but because I thought he would. Contrary to my predictions I wanted him to be the next Payton Mannning I just didn’t see it from his time at Florida State. I did warm up to Ponder at the start of the year like everyone(Tomb did you start to believe after the 9ers game too?) but alas I crashed back to reality hard.
          I believe Frazier has something to do with the Ponder hatred for keeping him in the entire time, if he gets pulled and Webb fails or succeeds I see nothing but a more positive result than leaving ponder in. Start Ponder the next week again and yank him if he is struggling it will either motivate him or let Webb take over if he constantly out performs Christian.
          The rest of the offense is at blame as well, the line isn’t giving him the time Peyton Manning has, but he still leaves the pocket early and likes to throw off his back foot which isn’t the lines fault. The WR’s are awful, but a good quarterback makes WR’s better than a good WR makes a quarterback better(see Sidney Rice). Blame goes everywhere but does come back to Ponder.
          8-8 at the start of the season also sounded great and would have been had the rest of the team not grown as much as they have. AP came back much better than expected, our line gelled nicely, our DT play has been better than expected, Robison and Allen have performed up to par, Brinkley is an upgrade over henderson, and Harrison Smith has shored up the secondary much better than even I thought.

          So yeah I think that covers most of it, and a Merry Christmas to you too B. Grant Skol Vikes and good luck to Christian Ponder.

  12. Buds,

    Freds is standing behind Ponder ( lucky for your old pal, he knows the difference between pole and poll).

    Ponder will be fine. He’s giving 110%, his problems are fixable, he’s just a rookie, his receivers stink, he’s a smart guy, he spends a ton of time watching tape, he enjoys playing on grass, he hands the ball off like a pro bowler already, he even did a jump pass this week. Ponder is improving on his quarter back sneak, he is a 68% passer on bubble screens, he has a rocket arm, he has a strong arm, he has an adequate arm, he throws a nice looping pass. Ponder knows when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, knows when to walk away and knows when to run. He never counts his money when he’s sittin’ at the table. He knows they’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealin’s done.

    Ponder will be just fine Buds.

    1. But Fred, every good quarterback knows the secret to survival is knowing what to throw away and knowing what to keep because every plays a winner and every plays a loser.

  13. Nope, nothin’ personal taken, Skol, just “matching your intensity”, as they say, and just saying that you don’t need to be crazy to understand and support what Leslie is doing. The game plans, the QB situation, the play calling… not nearly as blatantly wrong as some are suggesting. Consider the following info I recently saw in the Star Tribune:

    “(Frazier is) the first (Vikings) coach in team history to start five rookies in the same game. That’s right. In 832 games over 52 seasons, Frazier became the first when he started left tackle Matt Kalil, tight end Rhett Ellison, receiver Jarius Wright, cornerback Josh Robinson and safety Harrison Smith. The previous record was four, set in 1962 and tied in 1963, 1985, 1994 and last season. Also, if Kalil and Smith finish the season as starters, it will be only the second time in team history that two rookies have started every game in the same season.”

    Those are some very critical positions in NFL football, and Leslie is placing his bet (any maybe his career) on these and several other players, including Ponder. In spite of also having wondered about putting in Webb, which you can be sure he has considered, I think he is taking the correct approach here. This isn’t a one-year plan being carried out here, and we should all realize there is only so far we can advance with the receivers, guards, and now injured CB’s we currently have on the field.

    So, in spite of being in the vast minority on this, I am choosing to standing behind Denzel, his offense, and the personnel choices he is making.

    1. coach, les is doing a good job and deserves credit here, i like him. however, at this point, if ponder is the answer, the question has been skewed in his favor and written by speilman. ponder could still turn out to be a good qb, but his window is closing. how many 100 yd. games are they going to let him have? i think he’s pushing for a short engagement with samantha while he’s still employed

      1. Good point, cart. Kickers probably don’t count in this little comparison, but a good point nonetheless. I am thinking about whether or not the Vikes have ever gone with a rookie kicker. (Danmier?)

        1. Fuad Reveiz was probably my favorite kicker, just because I like saying his name.

          Fuad Reveiiizzzzzzzzzzz…yeah, still fun.

          1. Also…how could we forget Mike Mercer! He was a rookie in 1961…drafted by the Vikes in the 15th round. The very 1st kicker in team history.
            I remember reading what old Norm told him one fine afternoon-
            And I quote, “Mercer, you couldn’t kick a whore off a piss-pot”.
            The Dutchman was great.

            Oh…hey that was #100 baby! I still got it.

            1. You do, cart – its uncanny. And it wasn’t a cheap post either, actually informative. I would not have been surprised to suddenly see “homeskillet” sweep in and grab that post right out from under us.

              Ah, yes, the Dutchman. Not exactly Leslie Frazier in terms of style, eh cart!

              1. It was uncanny. I knew Carter has been around long enough to remember Homeskillet but the Dutchman too? Wow, that guy must be OLD!
                And of course Skol is wondering what the hell are we talking about. . .

                1. Isn’t Skol ususally wondering what we’re talking about? (Sorry man, that was a hanging curveball that I could not let pass.)

                    1. Wished I would have seen your words of wisdom yesterday, seems maybe I did push it a bit too hard as it’s real sore today. Doc said no damage start uses the crutches more stay off it. Just got 10″ inches of new snow and my little Kubota is setting out there with 50″ snow blower on and no operator.
                      First big snow we’ve had all year and I can’t get to it. The wife is heading as I write to fire it up.
                      Guess I’ll just have sit here on the couch and suffer thru. Happy Gilmore just came on so it ain’t all bad. Ha!

                    2. Going to give Tomb a field day with this but my ablve post should have been in a different thread above. Hey, I got good excuses, Perkacet and valium
                      (Thats the way you spell them in my condition)

                2. I do remember the man…but only as coach of the Falcons.
                  I almost wish I were a bit older to remember some of those glory years a little better.

              2. Van Brocklin would be the anti Frazier. He was one mean spirited dude, from what I’ve heard. Loved hearing and reading those stories. Kinda wish I could’ve met him…maybe not.
                He once told Tark, ” if you could throw, you’d be a real menace.”

    2. I love the youth movement and talented young guys starting, but starting untalented guys is not good for winning. I think ponder should start the rest of the year but at the first sign of trouble yank him before he becomes the deer in the headlights.

  14. You’re exactly right, Cal. Knowing how long to stick with a player is a very critical aspect of coaching. While Leslie really has no choice at this time but to stick with Ponder and support him publicly, you can rest assured that he is thinking “what if” when considering the future of the QB position, and Ponder has to convince Denzel that improvement is on the horizon. But really… if not Ponder, is it Joe Web?. My call would be “no”.

      1. If he can someday consistently land a football into the back of a pickup from 10 feet, cart, then he just might prove me wrong.

        1. Oh sure, Webb doesn’t get the benefit of blaming the OL, or the receivers etc.

          He gets the pickup treatment.

  15. Well just to let you guy know, just back from knee surgery and plenty doped up (More than usual) so I’be out for a day or so. Thattook me about 10 minutes to write.

    1. Ooooo…Take care Fran. Are you going with the Adrian Peterson rehab plan? If you do, you’ll be blogging as good as ever in 8 months.

    2. Take care Fran…right knee? left knee? Weinie? hahahaha!

      Guys, what do we do, put him on IR? Bring someone up from the practice squad? Someone check the waiver wire?

  16. I feel like AD this morning. I was lying on the operating room table about 26 hours ago, getting my Miniscus and PCL repaired and right now I am walking around by house, up and down stairs like nothing happened. Incredible! Can’t believe they can do suff like that nowadays.

    1. Yeah, Fran, I had three knee surgeries at three “stages” of life, and the progress over that time was pretty amazing. From a week in the hospital for #1 to not even staying overnight for #3. Don’t push it too fast though, old man.

      1. Well I did it again, I’ll catch it from Tomb now. I posted this same post in the wrong place again;

        Wished I would have seen your words of wisdom yesterday, seems maybe I did push it a bit too hard as it’s real sore today. Doc said no damage start uses the crutches more stay off it. Just got 10″ inches of new snow and my little Kubota is setting out there with 50″ snow blower on and no operator.
        First big snow we’ve had all year and I can’t get to it. The wife is heading as I write to fire it up.
        Guess I’ll just have sit here on the couch and suffer thru. Happy Gilmore just came on so it ain’t all bad. Ha!

  17. (sigh) Fran.

    Fran Fran Fran.

    I’m starting to think I should be happy you are at least commenting on the correct website. Though I have to admit, you ending up on a Pucker site blasting the Puckers is awfully intriguing. Your drug-addled misspellings will fit right in over there, as they are dumb gravy slurpers and all.

    1. What?? What do you mean I posted on a Packer site. Whatchu you talkin’ ’bout Tomb?