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Peterson’s Arrest Charges Dropped In A Bye Week Victory

A headline that utilizes both the word “bye” and the word “arrest” isn’t usually a good thing for our Vikings, but on Tuesday Adrian Peterson left a Houston court room victorious.  Charges stemming from his offseason arrest for resisting arrest have been dismissed by a grand jury.

The best account of the proceedings can be read right here at PFT, for those interested in the details, and it is actually pretty interesting.

Not only does the settling of this legal matter make life easier for the NFL’s leading rusher, but it should also serve as a reminder to all of the other players on the roster during their off time to keep their wits about them and stay out of trouble.

We don’t want those words to appear in any more headlines this week.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. The PFT story is seriously lacking pertinent facts

    not mentioned in Florio’s hack piece
    “Peterson testified before the Grand Jury that the police officers witnessed him using a 12” bowie knife to carve “Eye *heart* Dugan” into the top of the eucalyptus wood bar”
    “After convening for five minutes, the grand jury conclude that they *heart* Dugan as well”

    And they all lived happily every after.

  2. Time to press charges against the two cops. I think false arrest is still a crime but who knows these days.

    1. With Peterson’s fame, and this story receiving national attention, you’d think I.A. would have at least snooped around on this…