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How The Draft Gets Better

It is no secret… We fans love us some NFL Draft.

We love it so much that some of us take time off from our jobs and family to watch.  We love it so much that we want to gather into a virtual chat room to discuss with others.  We love it so much that we spend roughly 11 months and 30 days discussing the next one.  We love it so much that we go to extensive lengths to try (always unsuccessfully) to predict the outcome

Here at VT, we love the NFL Draft so much that we put a ridiculous number of hours into making this your one stop shop for everything related to the event.

I love the Draft (as if you couldn’t tell) but if this report from PFT comes to fruition, I will love the Draft even more than I already do.

The NFL Network and ESPN, who both broadcast the live event, are supposedly in discussions with the league as to how they can eliminate the anticlimactic spoilers that come in the form of some announcer telling us who the pick will be prior to the official announcement or in the form of a cameraman capturing a prospect receiving a phone call five minutes before the pick is announced.

I have always hated the hell out of that trend, trying to be the first to tell us who is being drafted, as it just plain and simply isn’t as fun as the suspenseful walk to the podium and listening for that name you want to hear.

The Draft is always compared to Christmas amongst football fans.  Ever since this pre-announcement spoiler thing came about, it was still like Christmas… except Santa wrapped all the presents in see-through plastic wrap.

I really hope that the networks are able to come to an agreement for the sake of an improved viewer experience.

If they do, that is just one more reason to love the Draft and everything that comes with it.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. Showing the player on the phone in the green room is a dead give away, not showing that is a step in the right direction.
    I don’t mind them discussing it as long as they’re not getting a tip on who is being picked, That would be great!

  2. May never happen but if it did they could call it the Childress redress.

    Viking move the 3rd pick to the Buc and move back two places receiving the Buc 1st rounder (5th overall pick and Buc CB Aquib Talib). With Viking 3rd overall the Buc pick Trent Richardson – RB.

    Cleveland has next pick and choice of Claiborne or Blackmon among others. Brown choose Matt Kalil. Viking on the clock.

    Now, confusion breaks out as Cleveland begins an auction for Kalil asking 3rd overall selection value of at least 2000 draft points. Viking have no choice but to enter bidding as Kalil is their primary target after all. But they’re snookered.

    Viking can’t execute the trade. Just after clock expires with Viking choosing Claiborne the Brown announce their trade of Kalil. Browns trade with another (__ name team here____) for their 1st round pick plus full 3rd overall pick draft value (= 2,200 points).

    ESPN camera’s catch Childress looking smug and content as Brown select Ryan Tannehill later in the 1st round.

  3. About time, I’ve always thought it was a bit weird watching the pick get the call before it was announced…

  4. I love when it’s a surprice.. Rich Eisen has been trying for year now to get coaches to stop calling these players..
    this year if they do it again it would be a horrible, simply horrible first round..
    with 26 young hopefull men sitting in the green room waiting for their name to be call the first round, if they tell everybody on forehand, the first round will be ruined.. I REALLY reaylly hope they change it so everybody will know it when the commisionar announces his pick

  5. Also I’ve seen other teams starting to do OTA.. Anybody know when vikings will begin theirs?

  6. You better enjoy this draft, this could very well be the last draft by the Vikings courtesy of the state of Minnesota.

  7. One has to wonder, with the Vikings playing in a different city a very real possibility, if their draft strategy will be altered. The could continue to trade down or for future picks to avoid spending any more money than they have to.

  8. I was really stoked about the draft and since I shift work, I take vacation just so I can soak it all in. However, the recent developments IRT the stadium have tempered my enthusiasm this year. Hopefully, some good news will come this week before the draft and we can get to the task at hand. But then again, some “barley pops” before the draft starts could be invaluable.

    1. I really think Kalil will be the pick now more than ever. However, even if the Vikes hit a home run on every pick and really gets some serious talent. The stadium is like a black cloud over the whole draft unless something positive happens this next week. I really don’t see the Vikes trading down in the first round but I definitely see them trading down in the 2nd IMHO.

    2. Brendan,
      I have a feeling there is a bunch of guys starting to feel that way as the draft gets closer…

      1. I look at it this way, nothing could be worse than the draft 2 years ago. That was excruciating!

        1. We do hold the record for draft day blunders.
          I remember Tice and company K.C. and Dallas Ryan Simms …

          1. Does this name ring a bell? Dimitrius Underwood. Drafted 29th overall, signed a big contract and walked out on the first day of training camp, Vikes released him within a month.

              1. I still can’t believe they still mention about the clock running out on the Vikings.
                1. The team they had a trade with pulled out at the last second.
                2. They ended up with Kevin Williams who has turned pretty good last time I looked.

                1. This gets Old… We need a different team to screw up so the Vultures have someone else to pick at…

  9. I see Mayock is even saying Kalil is the pick at #3 and I think him and Ricky are pals. Only a week to go and we’ll know for sure. Norse is right certain beverages are invaluable, nerve calming musts. The stadium deal is a real downer but damnit we have too much invested in our hopes and speculations to not see it through to the end.

      1. Oh hell yeah Norse. How about you? The Johnny fridge is always well stocked. I wish I could tell Freds it was full of Colt 45’s but they arent available locally. Damn shame for sure.

        1. Yes sir indeed! Gotta fridge full of “barley pops” and a bottle Johnny Walker standing by not to mention some Jagermeister in case we have a rough draft.

          1. Well Norse I sure hope you dont need all three. At this point I’m not sure this team is worth that kind of hangover, I know Ricky isnt for sure. But hey at least we don’t have Childo in the mix this year throwing his dribble around.

            1. I always try to be an optimist but I also prepare for the worst. Sorta like the Doomsday Preppers.

              1. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best, on second thought you better have the barley pops, Johnny Walker and Jagermeister well stocked. It could very well get really ugly next Thursday night.