How The Draft Gets Better

It is no secret… We fans love us some NFL Draft.

We love it so much that some of us take time off from our jobs and family to watch.  We love it so much that we want to gather into a virtual chat room to discuss with others.  We love it so much that we spend roughly 11 months and 30 days discussing the next one.  We love it so much that we go to extensive lengths to try (always unsuccessfully) to predict the outcome

Here at VT, we love the NFL Draft so much that we put a ridiculous number of hours into making this your one stop shop for everything related to the event.

I love the Draft (as if you couldn’t tell) but if this report from PFT comes to fruition, I will love the Draft even more than I already do.

The NFL Network and ESPN, who both broadcast the live event, are supposedly in discussions with the league as to how they can eliminate the anticlimactic spoilers that come in the form of some announcer telling us who the pick will be prior to the official announcement or in the form of a cameraman capturing a prospect receiving a phone call five minutes before the pick is announced.

I have always hated the hell out of that trend, trying to be the first to tell us who is being drafted, as it just plain and simply isn’t as fun as the suspenseful walk to the podium and listening for that name you want to hear.

The Draft is always compared to Christmas amongst football fans.  Ever since this pre-announcement spoiler thing came about, it was still like Christmas… except Santa wrapped all the presents in see-through plastic wrap.

I really hope that the networks are able to come to an agreement for the sake of an improved viewer experience.

If they do, that is just one more reason to love the Draft and everything that comes with it.