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Vikings Hosting Bears: Open Forum

As much as I was hoping to host a live chat today, it unfortunately just isn’t in the works.  Instead, I’ve created this post as an “open forum” in the comments section.  I’ll do my best to check in and leave a few comments myself.

Here are the inactives  for today’s matchup:

Vikings:  QB Bethel-Thompson, CB Burton, LB Cole, OL Kropog, OL Asper, TE Reisner, and DE Reed.

Bears:  LB Urlacher, CB Jennings, WR Bennett, QB McCown, WR Sanzenbacher, OL Spencer, and DT Paea.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. Well, tough to imagine a better start. Peterson keeps the ball out of Ponder’s hands and the D comes up big!

  2. What was that play called? A Viking corner caught a pass, i don’t even remember what that is its been so long.

  3. Fantastic playcalling so far today. If we had played like this all season, we’d have two more wins at least.



  5. Ballard is playing better football this year than K-Will. Should see more snaps in the rotation.

    1. Yep, that’s a bit on Aromadude to tho…he coulda made a play on the ball! It hit him on the shoulder pad…T.Williamson…

  6. now that the scoring has slowed down, it’s time for our next bottle of scotch, right?

  7. Why are we putting Jefferson who couldn’t cover a high skillet, and 5’9″ winfield on 6’4″ Marshall. Where the swearword is Robinson.

  8. We need to pound Marshall at the snap, on EVERY play. Geez, the guy is killing us

  9. You can see the Ponder picks coming… just wait for him to have his worst footwork of the day.

  10. He just sucks! Webb could not do any worse. If Ponder stays in, Vikes will probably lose this game

  11. The Big Reach. He may have a noodle arm and horrible footwork, but he makes up for it with terrible decision making.

    1. quick, call ponder and tell him you’re his wedding planner and start asking him about his flower preferences

  12. Good stop D. Another non hold call…
    Oh, and please put….no I ain’t gonna say it again

  13. Harrison makes impact on the blitz. Wait, did I just say that a Vikings player blitzed? What year is it?

  14. Vikings coaches have proven that they don’t trust Ponder today… so why is he in there?

  15. Jenkins ran a third down route beyond the first down line? AND it was a completion? Somebody pinch me.

  16. Agreed Adam, they dont trust Ponder at all and I cant figure out why he’s in there?

    1. They must’ve got my muffin basket and my note to “let the foxes into the chicken coop.”

  17. Well, this was certainly a win to credit to the defense. Pretty good performance other than the misplay of some balls by our DB’s. Leslie, help these guys out! Ponder did little to win it, but I guess the best news is he didn’t lose it. This passing offense is going backwards, especially without Percy. Also:
    1. The league has to address offensive pass interference. There were some shameful look-the-other-ways today on Brandon Marshall.
    2. Brian Robison needs a goldarn haircut! Shameful as well.
    3. Leslie says “we won the way we were designed to win”. Interesting.
    4. At what point are we giving the ball to Adrian too much?
    5. When all the smoke clears, the Bears have a record one game better than the Vikes.
    6. The loss of Percy and Cook are even larger than we might have expected.

  18. “We won the way we were designed to win”. Yeah, very interesting Coach. So you know you have a QB that just ain’t gettin it, which means you have to play great D, run it most of the time, get a couple turnovers that turn into 14 points. Well, at least they knew that and game planned properly, plus they executed the plan.

    Packers better step it up, Lions came to play tonight.

  19. Hey…a top 10 on the comments now! Thanks Adam, Brett. See, that’s what I’m talking about. I feel all warm and fuzzy now.

  20. Well kudos to Freds favorite pro football team. What did we learn from today’s victory?

    1) Ja Marcus Sanfords still can’t catch a ball when it is put in his hands
    2)) Harrison Smith can catch a ball when it is put in his hands
    3) Christian Ponder is a really really nice guy, but, well, I guess that’s it.
    4) Our offensive line is great at run blocking, pretty crappy at pass blocking
    5) Phil Loadholts is damn big, Phil Loadholts can’t remember the snap count
    6) Adrian Petersen is a damn slacker. Only 150 ? Come on!

    Why does Freds feel the same this week having won the game as he did last week when we lost the game? Having Adrian is great fun to watch, but he is just not enough for us to win on a consistent basis. Dude just can’t do enough at his position to win games alone. Ponder was better this week, but doing nothing to win in a victory versus pooping your pants in a loss doesn’t make your old pal feel better.

    As for Freds, he is still pulling for Chris Ponder, he seems like a good guy.

    1. 1. What happened to Mistral Raymond starting?
      2. Kid is a beast John Lynch 2.0(with better coverage skills) I think so!
      3. A really nice guy who can get some tail.
      4. Yes, nothing to add.
      5. Phil Loadholt has turned into a decent player this year but making more mistakes, Dude needs to live up to his draft position.
      6.154 thank you very much

  21. today was great. as good as it gets for us right now. fun to see them get up quick and play tough football
    it is a privilege and a gift to be able to watch AP
    qb does nothing and we still win. pffft

    lions suck

  22. I think it should be noted that our own Brett predicted the outcome of this game within one point, calling for a 20-14 Viking victory. Nice going Brett, although I’m concerned that you lack faith in our red zone effectiveness by predicting two field goals. What might that be based on?

    Nice going, sir!!