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The Season Begins: Week 1 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Alright, first things first: our absence… Adam and I sincerely apologize for not having more updates recently here at Vikings Territory. Adam, as most of you probably know, is in the process of hauling his entire life (and family – which includes his newly born daughter) across the map. I on the other hand have been somewhat out of the loop because I’ve been dealing with some family issues. I told Adam I would do the best I could to keep the site updated with fresh content during his move… Unfortunately, some things came up that also required me to travel. Coincidentally, I am currently in Minnesota. What makes things even more frustrating is that I will literally be a few miles from from Mall of America Field as the Vikings kick off the season against the Jacksonville Jaguars and unable to attend the game. Do not fear, though, because I WILL be watching from somewhere else surrounded by ecstatic purple enthusiasts.

So, with all that being said, we are incredibly excited about this season and the things we have planned here at Vikings Territory during the year. Our lives should be back to normal soon which means consistent, new content. We thank you for your understanding as well as keeping the site pumping with some good conversation through comments.

Now, let’s get to the game.

I’m sure most of you have heard the story lines heading into today’s game. Two quarterbacks in their sophomore year, drafted very close to each other in the 2011 draft; both trying to show that they have made developments during the offseason and are capable of being the future of their respective franchise. Two running backs who were out a majority of the offseason (for their own very different reasons) potentially getting limited playing time. Those are definitely things everyone will be watching.

What I’ll specifically be looking for in the season opener is a little more general though.


Much has been said about the effort this team has made during the offseason to improve on multiple fronts. About how this is a very new,Β  young, raw team that has great potential but very little experience. About how this team is a better team at multiple positions. Personally, I’ve made a big to do about how this team can be much better than people expect and even has the potential to surprise some this year and maybe finish on the better side of .500 (slightly…).

I’ll be looking for improvement.

And, really, that’s all you can ask for at the beginning of a fresh new season. “Is this team going to be better than it was last year?”

I wholeheartedly believe that that answer is “yes” and I cannot simply wait until 12:00pm tomorrow to see it.

The season has officially begun. And even if the outcome of today’s game isn’t what we want it to be, I can still find comfort in knowing that there are 15 more opportunities soon to follow because it is football season.

I hope everyone enjoys the game. There will not be a live chat because of me and Adam’s situations. But, expect them the rest of the games this year. Please feel free to use the comments section of this post as a makeshift chat discussion during the contest.

Skol Vikings!

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Brett Anderson

Brett Anderson (Founder) is a passionate Viking fan hailing from Sin City, Las Vegas. He can remember, as a child, scraping his knee on the playground and his friends being completely shocked by the purple blood trickling from the wound. When Brett isn't scouring the Internet for some semblance of Vikings news, he enjoys blindly putting money on them to beat whoever their opponent may be, and daydreams about being their next Tight End. Brett graduated from UNLV with a degree in Architecture and specializes in web/graphic design; he hopes to provide this site’s visitors with the best Vikings experience on the net.

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  1. can’t wait for the season to start, unfortunately i won’t be able to watch the game live, but I’ll watch it on review as soon as possible

      1. I’m in the army now πŸ˜› Litterarly, so i will only have time to stop by in the weekends.. But man was that a WIN ? HUH finally things going our way.. I was yelling and going creazy when Blair Walsh hit that 55 yarder… I though we were dooooone with 20 tics left

  2. Game Day! Only one time did the Vikes have 3 losing seasons in a row, the 1st 3 years of existence.
    The Vikings have lost their last two season openers. In the 51-year history of the franchise, they have never lost three straight.

    The Vikings are 3-1 all-time against the Jaguars and none of them have been close. The average margin of victory has been 24 points. The last time the teams met, the Vikings scored two touchdowns in the first two minutes of the game, on their way to a 30-12 win.

    Both the Vikings and Jaguars will be opening the season with their third different starting quarterback – Brett Favre, Donovan McNabb and Christian Ponder for the Vikings and David Garrard, Luke McCown and Blaine Gabbert for the Jaguars.
    We are home, we should win this game!

    1. C.C.
      I told myself i was glad they got the stadium deal done ,And was going to be thankful for that…And enjoy the season regardless lol we will see !

  3. not a lot of wins between these two teams lately, but, hey, these are our vikings! very glad that the season’s starting

    let’s win this game!!!

    1. Cal,
      Gotta win these 1st 2 games…they are going to have their hands full with the 49ers and Lions in week 3 and 4….

    1. Yeah it was Charlie. Adam wrote a post about it in the forums.

      Vikes at home today and I like their chances.

      1. Thanks Johnny,
        I need to pay attention more to the forums, Need a injury free flat out awesome game bro !

  4. Yup, AP is starting. Let’s get this out of the way immediately… Any player can get hurt on any play, so regardless of what happens today, the decision is made and has to be lived with. Apparently, the doctors and trainers have arrived at the conclusion that AP is no more likely to get hurt today than at any other time in his career. I say we have no “I told you so’s” here. The decision is made, go get ’em Adrian, and best of luck to you!

  5. I am READY for some football. I picked enough tomatoes yesterday for Mrs. Grant to be canning into the evening. She’s doing what she likes and so am I!

    Kalil and Smith. Two high picks, one on each side of the ball. Let’s hope this is the start of two Pro-Bowl careers!!

  6. As Freds predicted our linebackers can’t cover and are lost. They are getting killed.

  7. I could eat up number 98 with a spoon! I love a man who is big in the hips.

  8. Hey friends! Like Brett said, sorry for the absence. My family has officially lifted its Alaska roots and we are currently in Chicago where the wife and kids will be for a lil while. I am driving to Ohio in a few hours to get our life set up over there (i.e. find a house, buy furniture, start my new job, etc.) If I have missed your comments or notes here recently, I apologize… my life has just been insane the last few weeks. New baby, relocating, starting a new job…. well, it has been right on the cusp of too much πŸ™‚

    Enjoy the second half everybody, I still think the Vikes will pull it out!

  9. Hope things go good for You and the Family… You have nothing to Apologize for, You and Brett have been Great… Relocating is not a easy thing, I know. And i didn’t have 2 little ones bro…

  10. asiata stopped after that catch, needed to just keep running outside to the pylon on that catch

  11. closer than it should’ve been, but very good to get a win. the kids are all right (for today)

    1. Cal,Ole,
      We probably will have their hands full next week But a win! Blair Walsh is the man today Chris Cook

  12. I went on a blind date last night and guess who showed up? Fred Evans!

    We went to the Stearns county demolition derby then ate hot dogs the rest of the night!

  13. Where was Winfield???????? Didn’t his name called once. Saw him miss several tackles. Cook was much better then Winfield.

  14. This can be a tremendous mental lift for this team. Yes, they blew it like several games last year, but they stayed focused to get the tying FG. This puts Leslie in a great position as a head coach. You have a team that got a lift from a late win, yet they know there are significant mistakes that need to be addressed.

    Gabberts choice of a receiver on 4th down completely negated the rest of his day. That was nothing short of boneheaded.

  15. I will take this win. Good gut check, learning experience. The might teach this team that they can win close ones. Give them some confidence.

  16. Ponder.. 20 of 27, 270 yards. BIG thing no INTs. Nice game PONDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Good game by GREENWAY. Just wish he could could catch some of those batted down balls.

  18. Jared Allen and Brain Robinson are beasts. They will give QBS fits all season.

  19. OH YA, I have to give a shout out to the NDSU BISON, which just beat a FBS team. Colorado State U.
    Way to go BISON.

  20. Good win, especially since all questionable calls by the officials seemed to go against us. I’m watching the Packers now and of course they are freaking out every time anything doesn’t go there way whether the call was right or not. Nice to see Ponder rebound after a rough 1st quarter, maybe next week they’ll look to Percy a little earlier. Things really turned around when they focused on getting him the ball. So glad to see AP get through the game without re-injuring himself…the fact that he played so well is just a bonus to me. Blair Walsh better get the special teams player of the week after that performance! He and Kalil (on offense and ST with that blocked PAT, one of his talents from college that we haven’t talked about much) really played well today. I didn’t like how either the offense or defense started things today but finishing the way they did is an impressive accomplishment for a young team. Hopefully it carries over to next week.

  21. It was sure nice to see the safeties make some plays. I think they made more today then all last year. I wish the offense could get that 1 first down that would run the clock out and put all the drama to rest. With 1:51 left on the clock they only ran 21 seconds off the clock, that’s just not acceptable, could’ve easily lost them the game. None the less a big win, yippee!

    1. Johnny,
      Going to be some growing pains, At least the 2nd half was better than the 1st. Good ole Adrian Wow he looked good today… Oh and the packers lost YEAH!

    2. Yeah, johnny, and part of that was due to the Jenkins chop-block penalty. Shame on a veteran like Michael to let that happen. Could have been the game.

  22. Wow, what a great game. I was sure relieved to see AD get out of it uninjured. Never would have expected such a stellar game out of him from the gitgo. The guy is an absolute beast.

    Ponder looked ok and hopefully pulling out a late win will help this team’s confidence.
    Man I don’t know about you guys, but when Blaine tossed that TD with 20 seconds left, I just about died.

    Adam, good to hear you’re getting things sorted out. Say hello to the family for me.
    By the way, my Blueberry wine won the entire Berry wine division at the State Fair this year.

  23. Frans,
    I was drained after that play lol. Was glad to see they pulled it out, AD was Unbelievable! after just 8 months and Good for B Walsh! some good kicking there…

  24. A perfect weekend is a Viking win, a Packer loss and a Cowboy loss. Two out of three is pretty good – I’ll take it. I said that I would make a decision about Blair Walsh after he kicked at the end of a game. Congratulations young man, you are an NFL kicker. Kalil’s blocked PAT was the play that allowed overtime to be possible. Good game for the youngsters.

  25. Yikes! That was too close! With a five point lead, the ball and under 2 minutes…we should have been able to run down more clock….something I worry about with us. Oh, well! Great execution by Ponder and the offense at the end! What a great day by Walsh! Awesome! A loss would have made for a grumpy week….but a win…’s time for a Happy Dance! Mr. ABV is smiling! Skol!

  26. The Vikings defense is horrible. They made Blaine Gabbert look like Peyton Manning. It makes me shudder to wonder what it will be like when they play a team with a real QB.

    1. Norse, I really believe it’s the scheme. There’s way too many recievers that are way too open. How many times do recievers catch the ball and there’s no defenders within 5 yards of them? Idk but it’s way too many compared to good defenses. I’d argue the best defenses don’t run that soft cover 2. I’m guessing it’s a personell thing.

      1. I agree, johnny, but to be honest, I don’t think they have much choice. As you can see near the end of regulation, these guys are just too inexperienced to be left alone one-on-one on a regular basis. I saw Cook try jamming his man a couple times, and he was beaten badly every time. Until they get some games under their belt, I think they have to take the keep-it-in-front-of-us approach. However, I do hope they are able to become more agressive later this year and into next year.

    2. And I think I’m pessimistic… I think our defensive backs are very good players but not constant enough yet. Our linebackers are the biggest problem I can see. Also, can anyone on the right side of the center block? Fusco and loadholt were terrible… Thats not enough they were Terriful terrible-awful, they get their own word. Wr was weak but simpson should help that.
      I was impressed with ap and ponder(after the half.) And Blair walsh. Dont need to say any more than that.

      Next week should be a close game, skol vikes.

      1. sad thing is, the jag offs are crap and we should’ve beaten them easily, if we were a better team

        1. Pass protection. Vs the run, we all know loadholt is strong fusco is above avg, but neither can block a pass rusher for more than .75 seconds

  27. It’s a Monster?… It’s a superhuman?… It’s Adrian Peterson!
    (Sorry my english, but i from Italy)
    Bad the 1/2 quarter, 0 ideas, except for the last drive.
    After the half time Ponder and Harvin have ground yards.
    I love Rudolph, great Thigh End.
    Not bad rookie Kalil, Smith….and especially Walsh, wow excellent debut!

    Come on, let’s go Indianapolis for 2-0! I want to believe!

    Skol Vikings from Verona!

      1. Well…many reasons

        Italian Soccer is become boring! Then i searched new sport and… American Football has found me (while i reading a comic book Eyeshield21)
        So i watched my first game NFL…Love at first sight!!!

        Why i choose Vikings? Well…I like Scandinavia Area and Nord America (then Minnesota), love Purple, i watch this team in a episode how i met your mother, beautiful logo…and random choose πŸ˜€

        In Italy there aren’t many to support the Vikings.
        There are so many Steelers, Cowboys, Packers, Dolphins, Patriots and 49ers fans πŸ™

        1. Are the Cowboy fans arrogant and the Packer fans obnoxious in Italy like they are here, Clown?

          1. Naaah, in soccer there are many fans arrogant…but not in american football.
            Obviously there is some obnoxious fan, but in all teams.
            Of course we remain competitive with divisional rivals.

            1. Well if you ever come to the US and see someone with a large triangular piece of plastic cheese on their head, or a white cowboy hat with a blue star on it, be advised to avoid those people at all costs. You will be exposed to arrogant and obnoxious in ways you could have never imagined.

              On the other hand, if you see someone wearing purple horns, give that person a big hug.

  28. Maybe its because his name is so hard to spell, but a guy who is not getting the credit he deserves for a role in the win is Devin Aromashodu. If his name was Randy Moss, everyone would be gushing about his 26 yard reception in the final 14 seconds of regulation, as well as his long reception in OT to set up the winning kick. Getting open in times like that can go a long way toward giving the coaches some pause about who walks when Simpson comes on the roster. I like the guy.

  29. good point, coach, as usual…..who would go if Devin does stay? Burton? Wright? or some other position?

    1. I didn’t agree with Aromashadu getting a roster spot but must say I was impressed by his performance on Sunday and hope he can keep that consistency he showed Sunday throughout the rest of the year. Burton would seem to be the odd man out if it’s a WR, but to me Larry Dean is a guy that didn’t show anything on Defense in the pre-season and didn’t make any noise on special teams this past week. He could get cut if Mitchell comes back healthy…of course this is all assuming we don’t have any major injuries the next two weeks because they could move someone to IR to free up a roster spot for Simpson.

  30. Didn’t care much about going into a shell with under two minutes left. 3rd & 7 and you run it again? That’s playing scared. Get that 1st down, you pretty much win the game. If you don’t have the confidence in your QB to make that play…then switch QB’s.

    I liked how Ponder came back after a slow start, the kid did a nice job. And they got the ball in Percy’s hands, smart stuff. Greenway had a good game, young secondary played pretty well. Lot of upside on this team. Coaching staff is doing a good job mixin’ it up, but game management is a concern…

  31. Oh yes…AP is AP once again. Dude is amazing! Still would be a good idea to let Gerhart get some of those carries. I’m sure they will.
    Peterson is now Vikes all-time leader in rushing yards! As he should be…

    1. C,C,
      I hope they use Toby allittle more myself, It was Awesome to see A,D, back on the field!

  32. The traditional trophy for a star player in a single game has always been the game ball. Apparently, the tie worn by the owner during the game has reached a similar status. Wilf gave kicker Blair Walsh the very tie off his neck for his late game heroics.

    Blair Walsh has passed the “kicking under pressure” test. Now we will see if he can pass the “dealing with success test.”

    1. Amen to that, Charlie.

      One more detail from Sunday. Remember the days when we would score, kick off, and between Longwell’s old leg and poor coverage, the defense only had 60 yards left to defend? Walsh’s kickoffs are a weapon. Scobee’s weak kick-off after the last Jag touchdown helped the Vikes get in position for the tying kick.

  33. Buds,

    Perhaps you can explain to your old pal Fragile why the old calf roper was invisible most of the game? Certainly wasn’t the fact he was being double teamed or chipped by the tight end, they didn’t need to. Jerry Allen got handled like HE was the rookie. We will need our guy to step up and apply a bit of pressure.

    Brian Robinson looked good, Casper Brinkley looked bad, offensive like looked good, Erin Hendersen looked bad, Percy Harvin looked good, Viking coaching looked bad, Lyle Rudolph looked good, Ziggy’s dress attire looked bad, kicker guy looked good, the announcers for the television game were bad. Ponder looked pretty good, Jacksonville is pretty bad.

    All in all Buds, you know the old saying. It’s always better to win than to lose…. or was that, it’s better than a sharp stick in the eye…. or was it…don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes…or better dead than red… or…the only thing we have to fear is fear itself? Hell, you get the picture Buds.

    1. Actually, Freds, your picture is a lttle blurry. Perhaps Herm Edwards summed it up best. “Hello? You play to win the game.”. No, I am not able to explain the invisibility of Allen. He talked afterwards about how much better the defense needs to play, but I wasn’t sure if he included himself or not. I am curious to hear why you thought the coaching was bad. (Insert Jerry Burns rant here.) I can’t even find the words to describe how happy I am that we drafted Matt Kalil.

  34. Hey Frans,

    “Blueberry wine won the entire Berry wine division at the State Fair this year”. Congrats to you. You never fail to amaze Freds with your vast array of talents. I bet the Vikes look better after a few tasters of your product.

  35. I saw where Mularkey’s biggest frustration was the blocked x-pt. C’mon coach, it’s only one point. What’s the big de….oh, yeah, that tie game thing. I think there’s a stat out there about how many times a team that blocks a kick wins. We used to do that a lot.

    1. buds, if ya get up just a little bit earlier, you can make it down to the bar for last call

  36. Its a great time of the day, Cal. I highly recommend it to everyone. And contrary to common lore, being the early bird does not give you worms.

    1. oh, i know, i’ve gotten up at 2:30 am to go out to the desert for work in august to beat the heat, but isn’t that called night?

  37. I’ve always considered the line to be 4:00 am, Cal. Before then, you’re “up in the night”, but after 4:00, it’s “morning”.

  38. You know who else was up past 4:00 a.m.? Fred Evans.
    We had our second blind date last night and I learned something. Fred isn’t blind!

    It was all you can eat Taco’s at the Curious Bison truck stop. The food was good but the service was terrible. Those car hops in the short skirts spent most of the night hiding out in the Winnebago with the flat tire. Fred finally went to the Winnebago himself and got our tacos. It took him over 20 minutes!
    What’s worse, I saw Fred give one of those terrible waitresses a $25 tip.

    For our third date, I’m taking Fred skinny dipping at the Hennepin Avenue YMCA

  39. bears suck. can’t score on the phackers d? they called them an explosive offense. ha!

  40. Ok, I’m starting to get seriously concerned about Adam and Brett. Only some pretty serious stuff would keep these guys away this long. Adam I can understand a little, but Brett said family problems, and that’s been quite few days ago. Hope he’s doin’ ok — my best to both of you guys. Hang in there no matter what you got going.

  41. Ahoy old friends.

    Been away for awhile, so business first: Adam, congrats on the new kidlet! Girls are a whole different animal. That old protective testorone kicks in when you’re protective daddy, yet the testosterone flags when you find yourself in a bonnet at a tea party. Daughers. Ugh. They OWN you. Go ahead and wrap yourself around her little finger now, as it’s going to happen whether you like it or not…and good luck with the move to…Ohio? For a four letter state, they do have a gaudy proliferation of vowels, no? Weirdos, I say….hope you fit in.

    Brett: I have no idea what’s going on with you, but I’m wishing the best. Family comes first, and I hope all is well, my friend.

    Vikings: I didn’t get to watch the last game, except on the silly ass redzone. They damn near snatched defeat from the jaws of victory…purple ass nerds.

    Having said that, if (haha, WHEN) the Lions lose to the 49ers, and if our horned ‘tards can weasel a victory against the Colts, we will, for at least one week, be alone in FIRST PLACE IN THE DIVISION!

    Yeah baby, yeah….eat it.

    …and FYI, the Big Johnny’s Sister routine is weak. Let it go, whomever is doing it. Weak.

    Welcome to our new Italian friend!!

    Coach, did the Twins win the pennant? I haven’t paid attention, so I’m unsure.

    Party on, Garth.

  42. Hello Tomb, we’ve missed you (in a way similar to how I missed giving my dog a pill twice a day once they were gone.) Your eloquence with words remains a… it remains…, well, it remains. The phrase “purple ass nerds” is beneath you, however, and is not appropriate for VT. You have been served notice.

    FYI, the Twins continue their quest to obtain top notch draft picks in the next couple of years. I hope I live to the year 2018.

    I expect a definitive pick from you on the Colt-Viking game this Sunday. Please note it will be far more interesting if it is actually delivered to us prior to the game being played.

    1. I have to admit, I don’t recall ever being compared to dog pills. That’s unique.

      Not a fan of purple ass nerds, eh? How about horny geek squad? Better?

      Looking for draft position seems to be a Minnesota staple these days, regardless of sport. Unless you include the Lynx I suppose. Is women’s hoops technically considered a sport? I’m wholly unsure, and I’ll leave the debate to sharper minds than mine. If the conclusion is “yes, it is technically a sport,” I’ll scour the ebay for a Lynx shirt.

      Coach, prognosticating a game before it’s played is degrees of magnitude harder than waiting until after it’s played, and something I try to avoid–but if you insist, let’s go with Minnesota Horny Geeks 11, Indianapolis Hard Lucks 10.5*

      *margin of error +/- 1200%

      1. Nice pick; right in step with the election campaigning season. Come Monday morning, you won’t be wrong.

      2. Dissing women’s basketball? Politically incorrect doesn’t adequately describe that play. Keep going, you’re down to half of the human race remaining to offend.

          1. Oh, I see. Throwing a few greenbacks on the counter makes it OK. You wear that Lynx jersey into your local watering hole (as your most outer garb) on a Friday night (and through the entire evening). Then we’ll talk forgiveness.

            1. …a FEW greenback?. Whoa, I assumed I’d find one in the dollar bin…I may need to rethink this.

  43. It would be hard to imagine this year’s version of the Vikings having to deal with over-confidence, but I am hearing way too much talk about us being 2-0. As I always used to preach, a game is a loss until you do something about that. There is a fine line between confident and cocky. I am concerned that youth will quickly lead this team to the latter. Keep in mind, the Colts are aware that they, too, only have so many real chances to win a game this year, and this one, at home, is one of the best ones. They will be ready.

    1. Over-confidence from this lot? I’m preetttyyyy certain that’s not a concern.

      I’d say there’s a better chance of Freds attending an Obama rally than that…or Tebow actually being called a QB…or Sproles landing with the Vikes…or the Lions being the league’s best behaved team…or baseball being interesting…or seeing me hiking through bear country (bears are evil)…or coach Leslie laughing out loud…or Aaron Rodgers not liking the fellas…

      You get my point.

      1. …or me needing a comb. Yeah, I think I get it.

        When a hair hits my ear, its time for the barber shop. I don’t know what these guys with hair comin’ out of the back of their helmets are thinking. Sad.

  44. John Madden says RG III is the best player in the NFL. I never knew John to be quite so impulsive. It’s one week, John, let’s at least make him earn such talk. The New Orleans defense is not exaclty the highest test of a QB’s mettle. What a difference 4 days makes, huh Jay Cutler? Maybe the Colts are even worse than it appeared last Sunday.

    1. Give Madden a break. After Favre left the game, he was a broken man. He lost his one true love. RG III is just a rebound fling. When his wounds start to heal, he’ll begin to see that.

    2. So, you don’t like punters who speak, hair touching the ears, or kids on your lawn…

  45. One week is not enough to judge, Kid looked good tho. I hope them Colts do really suck…A win and a Lions loss puts us all alone atop the division! That would be great, even if for only one week.
    Oh yeah…#100 BABY!!!!!

    1. Oh geez CC, don’t start that # thing up again!

      And TOMB! Nice to see you make a rare appearance here on VT.
      But watch those “Cuss” words, sensitive ears around here, you know. . .

      1. No kidding, was it CC last time who started it? …or was it homeskillet? I know CC embraced the bejeebers out of the contest.

        Duly noted old friend, you can count on this ol’ dumb ass to keep himself in check!

          1. Hey Cal, not sure if you’re into the college scene, but if you are, how about the PAC-12 this year? Fun division.

  46. Sorry…just couldn’t stop myself. It was at 99…and well.
    Wont happen again.
    Hey, with a little bad Luck the we can beat them Colts.

  47. Ok, we don’t know what’s entirely going on with Adam or Brett, but we know it’s gotta be serious. Gosh, I just hope things are OK for them. Meanwhile, the Territory WILL thrive, so keep those posts comin’ guys and gals. Even if its just to say hi, we gotta let those guys know we are still here!!

  48. I believe one of the key factors in todays game will be pressure on Luck. If the Vikes defensive game plan doesn’t include various strategies to consistently be in his face, he may do some serious damage. C’mon Jared Allen, step up and be a star!

    1. So you’re thinking we should try to get pressure on the rookie QB?

      That’s why your the coach, with your outside the box thinking…I bet the Colts would never see it coming.

  49. I can’t believe the Defense, Luck has no pressure on him, Their back up center is in there….

  50. so, was this a trip to go see what a new stadium looks like???
    scored at the end, but where was the effort?
    didn’t expect this

  51. the two personal fouls didn’t help either. The near punt block by Sendejo was a weak (but legit) call but what is your major malfunction Jared Allen. Luck was runnin’ outta bounds, let it go. Those two penalties kept that drive alive and led to a Colt score. Looking back, these avoidable penalties cost us the game.

  52. Bad coaching and poor effort is a bad combination. Crucial and boneheaded penalties are killers.

  53. we got walshed
    our luck ran out, theirs stayed on the field

    had a bad feeling about this game, but they were ripe for the picking. our O and D lines should’ve done much better. dumb mistakes, too. we just didn’t want it as much as they did

  54. Terrible effort by the referee’s. Awful…the penalty on the punter shoulda been the 5 yarder. The one on Allen shouldn’t have been called. There was no hold on Loadholt, they gave us 4 timeouts. On the Colts personal foul in the 1st half they gave them a free down. It was 1st and 23, shoulda been 2nd and 23. At the end of the game the Colts were confused cause the ref’s were confusing…I could go on, but what’s the point! Get the real guys back Goodell!

  55. C.C.
    I sure hope so. Happening in allot of other games today…
    As Johnny said,
    Boneheaded penalties, should have won…
    They will have their hand full with the 49ers next week…

  56. Frazier is not an NFL caliber Head Coach. Don’t think he has what it takes to succeed in the NFL.

    The Vikes got a lucky break on the TD by Burton