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REPORT: Robison Hit Incentives

Brian Robison expressed gratitude when he was the lone Vikings to receive a pre-lockout contract extension that not only gave him a pay bump, but nearly guaranteed him a starting role in the Vikings defense.

That deal was reportedly worth $14.1 million over three years.

The contract included incentives, and according to this report from the Pioneer Press, Robison hit an incentive in 2011 that will increase his 2012 salary from $700,000 to $1.4 million.

The incentives Robison hit were nothing super unattainable as long as he could stay healthy enough to play, which he did.  The report says that the salary bump was triggered Robison’s ability to at least double his sack total from 2010 (he had two in 2010, and eight in 2011) and also play 33% of the defensive snaps.

Robison had his ups and his downs this season, like all the Vikings players, but his contract is nothing the Vikings should be regretting at this point.

Unfortunately for Robison, his first year as a full-time starter will be best remembered for one of the most unsportsmanlike actions ever taken by an NFL player.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Yeah, I was surprised that he would do that, Thought he had more class than that…

  2. Geez Robison doubled his salary this year, unbelievable. He should’ve had a paycut.