Vikes Missed On Three Free Agents

The Vikings have had a slow free agency.  Some have theories (some ridiculous theories, some not as much) about why Rick Spielman is being conservative with the free agent offers, but reports are now coming out that suggest the Vikings, while not real fruitful, have been more active than originally thought.

Specifically, I have found reports of three different free agents that the Vikings pursued but eventually pulled out of the bidding as the price got higher than they were willing to spend.

PIERRE GARCON, WR:  The Vikings were reportedly one of the final three teams bidding for the services of the young, speedy receiver.  He eventually signed a five year deal with the Redskins worth up to $42.5 million, with $21.5 million.  It is easy to see why the Vikings had interest in signing the 25 year old standout from a miserable Colts team, but it is also easy to see why they weren’t willing to top Washington’s offer.  The Cleveland Browns were the other team involved.

DONNIE AVERY, WR:  Donnie Avery made headlines recently by claiming he ran a 4.25 forty yard dash on grass.  If that is truly the case, then he could be the steal of this year’s free agency class, if he can manage to stay healthy.  Health has been Avery’s problem following his very solid rookie season, but apparently the Vikings were still intrigued by his upside.  The Vikings, Chicago Bears, and Miami Dolphins were all in conversations with Avery’s agent when Indianapolis called up and asked, “What would it take for you to sign and give me a verbal commitment on the phone?”  That level of interest from the Colts piqued Avery’s interest and it didn’t take long for him to make that commitment.

COREY GRAHAM, CB:  As we discussed on Monday, the Vikings signed Bears cornerback Zackary Bowman to a one year deal.  Apparently, however, he wasn’t the only Bears corner of interest.  Corey Graham, a special teams ace, was of interest to the Vikings and the Detroit Lions.  He ended up signing a two year deal with the Ravens.