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Vikings To Sign Veteran Cornerback

Jason La Confora reports that former Ravens cornerback Chris Carr will sign a one year deal with the Vikings.

The 28 year old veteran has played in seven NFL seasons after being signed by the Raiders as an undrafted rookie in 2005.  Up until last season, Carr never missed a game in his time with the Raiders, Titans, and Ravens.

Last season, however, Carr fell out of favor when injuries limited his action and younger Ravens cornerbacks emerged.  He was cut earlier this season as a result of being out played by younger and less expensive talents.

He has 27 career starts, seven forced fumbles, 24 defended passes, six interceptions, and is a fairly dependable tackler.  He is a smaller corner at 5’ 10” and 182 pounds.

The return of Antoine Winfield and Chris Cook to the Vikings lineup, combined with the free agent additions of Carr and Zackary Bowman, suggests that the Vikings may not intend on targeting cornerback help early in the Draft later this month.

That doesn’t mean the secondary couldn’t stand to see some more improvement, however.

After all, Jamarca Sanford is currently this roster’s best safety… and I don’t mean that as a positive thing.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. That’s good news. Gives them a chance to go after Harrison Smith in the second round.

  2. Agreed Norse. Finally a signing I like and yeah it’s time to target the safety position, still clearly the weakest link. Can’t help but wonder if the positive stadium news has Zigy more willing to spend?

  3. If we compare the starting group at the end of the season to those who maybe will start next year we are in a way better position.
    last year: Cedric, A. Allen, Benny Sapp, M. sherels.
    this year(as of right now): Cook, A. Winfield (mostly playing slot corner I’ll think), Chris Carr, Z. Bowman
    – that should be a upgrade.. Not a GREAT upgrade, but still way better than last year

  4. Guys,
    Lets say they would go with Harrison in the 2nd round, Who do you think at WR would be left to pick in the 3rd???
    Nobody knows for sure. Who would you like ???

    1. Here some that may be available:
      Marvin Jones, Nick Toon, Reuben Randle, Marquis Maze, Brian Quick.

  5. With his injury history, the one year deal was the correct way to go. I think they will draft at least one of the receivers they coached at the senior bowl. Brian Quick from App. State offers a lot of upside if he makes it into the 3rd round. McNutt could also be in play and I would definitely keep an eye on TJ Graham who would fit the vertical threat need.

  6. Well hopefully he stays healthy this year, I noticed a few mock drafts have them taking Randle from L.S.U. in the 2nd…

    1. I’m not a huge Harrison Smith fan. I’d rather us look at Jeffery or Hill in the second and look for a safety in the 3rd or 4th

      1. Coach better have a damn good reason for his absense. His knowledge and perspective are dearly missed around here.

  7. I was hoping Vikings would go after this guy in the third round…………..Trumaine Johnson, CB, Montana, 6-2, 204.

  8. wats this a signing that actually makes some sense? this is nuts…well hopefully will work out

  9. i s’pose if we sign enough of these bargain bin guys one of them might have an impact. this is all fine and good as long as our draft is real good, but we’re probably only gonna get one starter for this year’s team from this draft, so i look for modest improvement no matter what happens from here on out

    in a best case scenario, ponder has to improve a lot to yield better results, and our other young guys need to improve, too. we lost a lot of games last year by 7 or less, maybe this year we win some of those. just need to build for our future now