Vikings Territory… Job Creator

When it comes to most things in life I have the patience of a chopping block.  However, when it comes to computers not doing what I want them to, I have the patience of a 13 year old girl waiting in line at a Bieber concert.

So, I recently came to terms with the fact that I suck really badly at this whole creating a website thing and decided take the next logical step one would take after realizing they suck, and I brought in some help.  So, everybody, please join me in welcoming the newest member of Vikings Territory.

Benny Sapp.

Wait, that seems to fit, but it doesn’t.

Everybody, please join me in welcoming the newest member of Vikings Territory, Brett Anderson.

Brett will not only bring his vast knowledge of the Vikings to the table in his writing, but will also help me with the technical nitty-gritty that has been bogging me down of late.  We have talked extensively about the “vision” for the site (robust yet simple) and I think he is the right man to make this happen.

It won’t all happen at once, of course, but I have great faith in Brett and his ability to make this the best damn Vikings site around.

As always, we want your help in making this the best site for you, so feel free anytime to send us feedback, concerns, questions, comments, or ideas by clicking the “contact” button on the top bar.

To read more about Brett head on over to the “about” page.