Coach Childress Gets His Name Out There

Mike Florio recently ran an item over at PFT that discusses the notion that Brad Childress will be considered for a head coaching position this offseason (or maybe sooner) as a result of the Vikings struggles after his departure.

Florio goes on to opine that the Vikings current struggles are a result of Childress and his time spent in Minnesota, not because of his absence in Minnesota.  I, at least partially, have to agree with that assessment.

Florio goes on to list a bunch of reasons that Childress is a poor head coach, and I’ll refrain from dredging up all of those reasons that you all know far too well, but I will mention one new one that should at least get a grin out of most of you.

Florio says that Childress proved to have far too thin of skin for a head coach and provided a personal example of what he meant.

“He’s too thin-skinned,” wrote Florio, “as demonstrated by a pissy email I received earlier this year after mentioning that Percy Harvin’s migraines cleared up completely after Childress left town.”

So, for all of you that have asked in recent months what Brad Childress is up to, there lies your answer.  He is doing exactly what you all are doing:  reading about football on the internet, disagreeing with Mike Florio, and counting his millions.

Okay, that last one probably doesn’t apply to you… if it does, please email me regarding a great investment opportunity involving a little-known blog.