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Stefon Diggs

Recapping the Greatest Moment in Vikings History is Serious Business

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On this AMAZING, record-breaking, life-affirming edition of the purpleJOURNAL Podcast the fellas discuss professional croquet! Kidding, of course, they discuss the greatest moment in the history of the Vikings’ franchise in the form of the Minneapolis Miracle against the Saints! Joe Oberle was at the game, in the press box, Luke Braun was also at the game in the stands and Joe Johnson was in his sister’s kitchen, avoiding reality.

Outside of that play, the fellas break down exactly what happened in the second quarter, their thoughts on the NFC Championship in Philadelphia, the field conditions, their defense, Nick Foles vs. Case Keenum and much, much more!


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Drew Mahowald presents the 22nd edition of the Skol Scale following a stunning Minnesota Vikings victory over the New Orleans Saints.

This team, man. This freaking team.

All season, myself and fans alike have felt something different about this year’s Minnesota Vikings. I’ve been searching for the indescribable quality that this team has that previous teams in my lifetime just haven’t had.

We’ve all recognized how special it is that so many members of this team have overcome incredible obstacles to make it this far. These Vikings have defeated the odds more than any team in franchise history, and more than many teams in NFL history. Obviously, Sunday’s eye-popping, heart attack-inducing spectacle was no different.

What is it that makes this team so special?

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Drew Mahowald and BJ Reidell provide film review notes of the Vikings-Saints divisional round win and briefly look ahead to Sunday’s conference championship games.

Episode 157 is proudly sponsored by BlackStack Brewing, SoCom Creative and Can Can Wonderland.


  1. Overshadowed key plays in win over Saints
  2. What went wrong in 2nd half
  3. Look-ahead to Vikings-Eagles
  4. Look-ahead to Patriots-Jaguars
  5. Twitter Questions

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Minnesota Vikings pull off a near-impossible victory over the New Orleans Saints in the Divisional Round of the NFC playoffs.

The Vikings needed all sixty minutes to earn a victory over the Saints on Sunday. With ten seconds left in the game, Case Keenum connected with Stefon Diggs on an improbable 61-yard touchdown pass that will forever be remembered as the “Minneapolis Miracle.”

On a long sideline pass designed for the receiver to go out-of-bounds to stop the clock for a last-second field goal attempt, things fell in the Vikings favor. Saints safety Marcus Williams charged forward to make the tackle, missed Diggs completely, then the receiver turned up-field. The rest is history.

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Vikings Lift the Curse
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Fairytale endings don’t exist in Minnesota. It’s where the Big, Bad Wolf eats Little Red Riding Hood; where Hansel and Gretel don’t escape the witch’s grasp; where Humpty Dumpty is never put back together again.

Until tonight, when Case Keenum and Stefon Diggs rewrote what could be the final chapter of the Minnesota Vikings’ storybook 2017 season.